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The Way After (Re-release) + BONUS TRX!

ABOMINANT The Way After (Re-release) + BONUS TRX!

List Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $7.99
You Save: $7.00
LABEL: Deathgasm Records

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Melodic / Technical Death Metal Re-Release CD with BONUS TRACKS and NEW Cover-Art! Foldout booklet features full lyrics. (2003)

"Absolutely, this was a landmark album for ABOMINANT. Death metal with a strong melodic edge that approaches black metal territory at times. This is just as good, if not better than a lot of the bands signed to those big labels." -- Metal Nightmare ‚ėZine

"Earth scorching speed breathes harmonious tremolo dominant riffs into massively memorable songs. ABOMINANT are masters at embracing all styles of pure Metal, from Death, Black, and Traditional, and creating a unique sound that rips out of the speakers." -- M. / WGM


  1. The Way After
  2. Taogehtssik
  3. Tomorros End
  4. Goddess of the Night
  5. The Beauty of our Savage Ways
  6. Desire
  7. Echoes of Sorrow
  8. Visual Conquest
  9. Severed Dreams
  10. Battery *
  11. Bloodlust *


The best death metal band [formerly] on Wild Rags has reached another pinnacle with this new CD. 'The Way After' takes ABOMINANT up yet another rung of the death metal ladder. The album is technical and complex yet remains ferociously harsh with growling vocals, blast beats, and cheese grater riffs. In many ways this disc takes the best the band had to offer on its two previous releases and combines it. Then much to the band's credit they build on it from there. ABOMINANT have carved a niche for themselves in the scene which is good but a lot of bands let a niche become a rut. Not in this case, there is improvement in every aspect of the band's sound. Any fan of unadulterated death metal fury is going to love this disc.

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