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AGRESSOR (Death Testament Obituary Cancer)
Spirit of Evil (feat. James Murphy!)

AGRESSOR (Death, Testament, Obituary, Cancer) Spirit of Evil (feat. James Murphy!)

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LABEL: Season Of Mist, France

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High-Calibre Blackened Death Metal from Season Of Mist, France-- with BONUS VIDEO TRACKS playable on your PC! Limited to only 1000 copies!


1. THE SPIRIT OF EVIL (Extented Version) Recorded & Mixed at LB Lab (Lille, Fr.) Oct. 17th, 2000
4. WANDERING SOUL - from ''MEDIEVAL RITES'' album, with Special-guest Lead-guitar by James Murphy (DEATH, TESTAMENT, OBITUARY, CANCER, etc.)
6. BLOODSHED - Recorded live in Marseille France, Sept. 24th, 2000
7. GOD FROM THE SKY - recorded Live in Gronigen Netherlands, on the 'European Rites Tour 1999'

+ Bonus Video-Tracks:

15 years of existence make AGRESSOR one of the oldest & most experienced bands in European Death Metal history. By evolving from their 1987 Thrash Metal debut (the now-classic split-CD with with LOUDBLAST) to the technical, medieval-oriented Death Metal of their previous album ('95), & by touring in the past with bands like Messiah, Coroner, or recently with Cradle of Filth(!?!), Agressor drew respect from their peers in Europe and abroad.

Their last full-length "Medieval Rites" is a résumé of what Agressor stand for. From fast, unrelenting songs (sounds just like their debut), to classical, medieval songs which are the trademark of the band. "Medieval Rites" is a diverse & mature album that only few experienced bands can offer. The "Spirit of Evil" MCD is an extension of that album, containing one new track, three songs from "Medieval Rites" featuring DEATH/TESTAMENT/OBITUARY axe-expert James Murphy (his appearance is absent on "Medieval Rites" itself!), three live recordings, & two VIDEO-tracks! "The Spirit of Evil" is limited to only 1,000 made!

Agressor are widely acknowledged as the godfathers of French Death Metal scene. Founded in 1986 they were one of the first bands playing this style of music and setting the standards for all other bands in this style to follow, in France as well as in Europe. Back in 1987, with the MCD "Satan's Sodomy", Agressor recorded the first ever French Death Metal album. The MCD was released by Noise Records and re-released later on by Black Mark Productions (1994). After their debut-MCD came two full-length albums: "Neverending Destiny" (1990) & "Towards Beyond" (1992). Thanks to extensive touring (together with Loudblast, Wargasm, Sinister, & festivals with Messiah, Coroner, etc.) & a worldwide distribution, the band soon became popular. At this point Alex (guitar/vocals) was the only one left of the original line-up. With a new line-up Alex started recording the third album, named "Symposium of Rebirth" (1994). With this release Agressor go forward in their style, being faithful to their roots, but also exploring new terrain working with the Lyon Philharmonic Classical Orchestra for the recording!

After their U.K. tour with Cradle Of Filth in June 96, Alex started working for Black Mark and also became an officially-endorsed Ibanez guitarist, & the 1st "Masterclass Guitar School" Metal teacher! Due to all these activities, Agressor was put on hold for a couple of years. But the urge to play came back, and Alex started working on "Medieval Rites", together with long-time partner Joel (bass). Many different musicians were invited: a flutist, a violinist, trumpeters, an opera female singer, plus guest appearances by well-known figures from the Metal scene: Mortem Nielsen (Mercyful Fate), Kai Hahto (Rotten Sound, Enochian Crescent), Krell & Christina from Bloodthorn, & James Murphy (whose tapes sadly arrived too late, his tribute appears here on "The Spirit of Evil" MCD).

A review:
''Memorable songsmithing devoid of the 'Swedish' contamination... Raging power! Death Metal with substance-- what a concept!'' Marty Rytkonen / Metal Maniacs (US)

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