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ANCESTRAL (USBM) / WEDARD (Germany) [Split]

List Price: $12.99
Sale Price: $7.99
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LABEL: None More Black Records, Canada

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In association with Nokturnal Transmissions Records, NMBR are proud to announce the split release of ANCESTRAL (USA) and Germany's WEDARD.
5 Songs, 42:16 minutes; full-length CD import from None More Black Records, Canada.
* Note: second scan above (at right) is of a WEDARD member.

ANCESTRAL deals with the bleak possibilities of a future, over-population of humans and its effects on the planet, extinction, 'pre-history', processes of deforestation and desertification, origins of agriculture and the processes of life, death, and decay. Depressive, atmospheric USBM with real live drummer, and tortured epic vocals reminiscent of the old LEGION / PERUNWIT split or Underground San Francisco Black Metal legends WEAKLING, but overall comparable to a BURZUM / XASTHUR blend.

Cold, depressing Teutonic Black Metal is the main focus of WEDARD. Three new emanations of melancholic sounds have surfaced and will bring about long repressed suicidal thoughts. These WEDARD tracks are a strong, mandatory follow-up to the essential 'Einsamer Winterweg' full-length CD on Regimental Records.


1. [intro] Humanicide (7:50)
2. Humanicide II [outro] (8:17)

3. Sinnbild der Kälte (5:09)
4. The Last Journey to heaven (8:40)
5. Leidenschaft [Re-mastered version 2006] (12:20)

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