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AVENGER (Czech) Godless

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LABEL: Deathgasm Records

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  1. Enter My Darkness
  2. Even To The Bones Marrow
  3. Before Storm
  4. The Return Of Apocalypse
  5. In The Darkness, length
  6. Execution Of The Soul
  7. Forever Against
  8. Godless
  9. In The Deaths Embrace

The beast called AVENGER was born in 1992 as one of the first (and few remaining) Czech dark black/death metal bands. Avenger was formed by just two sinister minds, PETR RAMUS MECAK and HONZA KAPAK, with the help of session musicians for live performances. The band spawned from the lust to worship the sounds of pure black/death metal in the fine tradition of Czech cult masters MASTERS HAMMER, ROOT, TORR, KRABATHOR.

First attack on all holy was spread wide among the fans in the form of a debut demo called "Minister of Madness". These 28 minutes full of hate for the bastard christ were recorded in March 1994. The demo already showed signs of the developing trademark Avenger sound; dark death metal calling for vengeance with all components of music... melodic leads, sad harmonies yet also with brutal attacks, double bass drum blasts, and sickening vocals. The second demo, "The Black Zone", was recorded in February 1995.

"Shadows of the Damned" was recorded during last week of 1996 and with supreme production from profi studio. It combinates in its 34 minutes features of all previous recordings like melody and brutality , death black and thrash metal breathing by darkness. Lyrics story, like everytime, is a heathen call for freedom, church hating blasphemies, circulating around the filth of inquisition.

In summer 1997 AVENGER got to sign a deal with Breath Of Night Records (owned by Ahkenaten of JUDAS ISCARIOT), an underground label from USA. In the same year "Shadows of the Damned" was released on CD. Also Ramus and Honza finally found a bass player so as a trio the band entered stages again, after more than 2 years of live shows break. In 2001 came the long-awaited reissue of "Shadows of the Damned" on Breath Of Night/Merciless Records, Germany. Later this year the band plans to release its second masterpiece, "Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy" and many live shows to come in the spirit of eternally honest and brutal dark death metal.

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