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What people are saying about BLACKMETAL.COM

Testimonials (updated 4/27/17)

What people are saying about BLACKMETAL.COM!
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Have something you'd like to say about BLACKMETAL.COM? We always welcome your comments!
As always we appreciate your ongoing support.

Hi D,

Just wanted to say I got my order a while back and all was great!

Thanks so much…


Praise and worship!
Greetings! I just wanted to drop you bad ass people a line and say how much I ADORE BMC! So easy to order and the customer interface is the best I've experienced in a loooong' time. such great deals and prices, you metal maniacs make it so easy to follow the left hand path it's terrifying! I will do my best to corrupt all of my metal music pals to your site as well! (I even liked BMC on Facebook, and I hate Facebook). REGE SATHANAS, AVE SATHANAS! THX, again Jeremy

I received my Burzum lp yesterday I want to thank you for the nice packing it arrived in beautiful condition and thank you for the Satanus lp and the BM sticker,if you ever find a copy of Vond Selvmord on lp please let me know. Again thank you William

I got my order and thank you for the free cd you guys are bad ass Juan Bautista

Hey Debbie,
Great meeting you last Saturday. I check out blackmetal.com and looked into Cause and Effect. It's really rad that you we're doing that kind of stuff back in the mid-80s! You said you don't have any of those original cassettes, right? Well, if you come across any, I'd love to hear them, especially the ones by artists I'm not as familiar with as Nurse With Wound, Merzbow, Controlled Bleeding, etc...
Permanent Records LA

Unholy Shit! Wow! Haven't visited this site in years, and I must say that I love the makeover. This used to be my place to find out about black metal a decade ago when I was first into it. I got burned out on the genre because of the band wagon jumpers who thought they were hot shit because they listened to Dimmu Borgir, as well as the elitists who were too close minded to expand the genre and be a Gorgoroth copycat. But I've been having the itch to come back to the music that played the biggest role in who I am today, despite this DSBM movement giving the old school a bad name. As I've got older, I've become very partial to the first wave of the 80's. Hellhammer, Sarcofago and Mayhem are my top 3. I also liked that brief period when bands were blending industrial elements into the mix. Bands like Thorns and what Gorgoroth did on Incipit Satan. I was hoping for some recommendations of newer bands with either of those styles. Nothing too raw sounding either. Not that I need nice production, I just want it to be listenable... By the way, Debbie, if you happen to be reading this, do you still make music? I remember hearing your band Master/Slave Relationship years ago and it sounded pretty good from what I remember. I better wrap this up since it's nearly 1AM and I need to sleep. I'm eternally grateful for this site and you will always have my support. -Jeff

Skaden and Massemord - EXCELLENT!
Greetings. I've placed 2 orders within the past year or so and was graciously given the new The Skaden cd and the 2003 re-release of Massemord, two bands I had never heard of. BOTH we're incredible! and I thank you for including them in my order. I can't stop listening. My question is whether you could recommend more of that old school, unique sounding, atmospheric black metal, perhaps those under your label. I would love to hear more, as these two albums have been a breathe of fresh air, as most of the scene seems to have gotten stale. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. In the meantime, I'll check out your streaming section. Thanks for your time! Royce Horak

Hi Debbie, Just wanted to let you know how much I love the new, updated BM.com website. It's awesome... you people have done a tremendous job of providing people with a great source of extreme Metal for many years. Thank you, Randy


Paul Nathan Jr. here!
I'd like to say that your label is great! I think the very 1st thing I ever ordered from it is the REBEL MEETS REBEL CD, sometime a few years ago-I still have it! It also surprised me to find an old copy of RIGOR MORTIS VS. THE EARTH on CD also , which I ordered from you/received in decent shape!

Keep up the very great work/ stay fucking METAL!
Paul Nathan Jr.
Buffalo, NY suburbs

I ordered 3 CD's from you guys (Behexen, ENOID, and Dead to the World). I was surprised at how fast they got here, but best of all they were everything that you described them to be. I am so glad that I ordered from Blackmetal.com you guys are Awesome! Thank You so much, I'm already looking forward to ordering my next selections......Randall

hello i recieved my 4 cd's yesterday and for black metal music they sound like black metal that's a thumbs up to me you have a great selection of stuff on your site
joe s., rome, ga


received my Record afew days ago. I'm very pleased! I also appreciate the Ultra Fast S/H.

BLACKMETAL.COM!!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!!!! THANKS - Cody H., Las Vegas NV

Just wanted to say a huge big thankyou!! i recieved my cds today (iv been away this week) so i was so happy when i got home to see them waiting for me. Thankyou for the really fast shipping etc...their such good albums! Im really glad i found you guys online...i will definitly be buying from you again...especially that Endless Blizzard everyone seems to be going on about! i liked the previews!
Thankyou again
From Elly, UK

I've owned the Endless Blizzard CD for a month and it's just as amazing as the first day I listened to it. This label is cool as fuck! Give Sykdom, EDM, Uvall a day in court and you won't be wasting your time. The label itself is very reliable and professional. Great, fast service! Accept no substitutes...RWP

Hails -- With a struggling economy and prices on gas so fucking high it's nice to know that I can get a great deal on music. Thanks for all the great service and prices. -- Zero-Sum from Virginia

I've just received the new Endless Blizzard CD and it kicks so much ass and is such a great find. I've listened to black metal since 1999 and I might run across an inspirational new act once a year. Endless Blizzard is definitely this year's find. And I received this disc within one week after ordering; it was packaged super professional. I will be ordering from this company again. Thanks from hell. -- PC

So Fucking Amazing, This ( Endless Blizzard Double Vinyl LP) Is By Far The Best Cult Black Metal I've Ever Heard! I Want To Thank You So Much Again For Having A Business And A Place Where All The Underground Is Available. You Do So Much For Us, Thank You. -Mikael

wow excellent service! my items arrived on time. keep up the excellent work. I'll definitely buy more items from your web site in the near future. BlackMetal.com is one of the best underground webstores that doesn't rob there customers like pr*m?t?ve_records*com which keeps your money but never sends out the items that you've ordered. I just have to say thank you for the excellent customer service!!!!!!!! Travis P., Carson City, NV

Got the merchandise. Thanks for quick shipping. Keep black metal burning! Artur D., Chicago, IL

Hey just wanted to drop a line. I don't give a rat's fu** about how evil you all are. All I know is that you guys set the standard on how fast someone receives their product. You get all 5 stars from me. Screw (competitor). Took over 2 months to get my stuff from them. during inventory phase. NOT MY PROBLEM, DUDES! Anyways as long as the customer is happy that is what counts. I am 100% satisfied and I am getting ready to order some more shi*. Laters and keep doing what you're doing. Can't go wrong with that. This scene is very limited to begin with and you have to take advantage of it. SCREW (competitor)!!! -- slayer1987, KS.

Today I have received CDs
The CDs have arrived in good condition.
Thank you for fast shipping and carefull packaging.
And I'm happy to get very rare Nokturnal Mortum's CDs at a low price.
I can't find them in Japan.

Best regards,
Masaomi Iwanaga
from Japan

Thanx for all your help with previous orders!!! You are a company we rely on and can trust for the best music in the world- Black Metal... You've always had pretty much every band we are intersted in and there has seldom been a problem... We love you guys... HAIL BLACK FUCKING METAL!! THE EXTREME UNDERGROUND!! Please as always RUSH our order ASAP... But I don't need to mention that, for you are the quickest on the web...You don't know how much that means to impatient people like us metal heads... I will continue to make those aware of your services... And again THANKS for the time and effort; and of course the goods!! -- T.D., Jackson, NJ.

Just wanted to say Thanks for great service, I'm impressed with your fast delivery and obvious care you handle the merch with. Horns, Roman.

You Fucking Rock!! Just wanted to say how pleased I am with you service. I ordered some cds on Friday, and didnt expect them for at least another week. But I got them in the mail today, along with a bunch of extras (buttons, stickers, etc.) The quality of everything is great! I'll be buying much more from blackmetal.com!! Thanks for doing such a kick-ass job! -- David W., Valparaiso, IN.

Hails to the best website... Thanks for keeping the Left Hand Path alive... -- Darrin B. (Canada)

Hello: Received the order today. Very very quick, and very happy with the order. Thanks. Sean Pittsburgh PA

Just a quick mail to say thanks! Just been home and my order has arrived! Not bad: US TO UK IN 4 DAYS! And 2 of those were weekend days. cheers! U ROCK! All the best! -- Dave P., UK.

That's great! Thanks for your amazing service once again! -- Anthony P. (Canada)

...Killer fucking website and label!!! Neal - Seattle WA

i can't believe how fast you were! thanks! hail satan! laters --eric

THANKS again!

I ordered a couple Endless Dismal Moan cd's from you a while back and I cant get enough of those 2 releases, I really look forward to his next release off your label, anticipation is killing me... AAAARRRRRR!!!!

In Darkness...

Gordon / DEFILER, San Diego

Thank you very much. Hail to you guys. -Jake L.

Anyways i love your store! And everything that has to do with your labels! And the musicians for your Labels! They are all FUCKING AWESOME!!! I look up to you as a veteran in our struggles! ... Unity and sticking together is how we have made it this far!!! Talk to you soon!!! - Jason I.

I was already impressed with you guys, but goddamn! Delivery time in less than a week, and going almost all the way across the U.S.! Finally got the CD from Century Media I was complaining about, it took almost THREE FUCKING MONTHS total! By comparison I ordered from you guys, my order would have gone out last Tues. morning, and here it is in my mailbox next Monday afternoon! Fucking excellent! I know of no other mailorder site which will allow you to pre-reserve items when paying by snail mail, which is the way I like to pay (don't like to put personal info on the Internet, Big Brother and all that...)

Thanks also to salesperson Lou Suffer who handled my order. Cheers!!

L. Stern

Hey, I've got something to say about you guys...I live in New Jersey and have used your site several times to order things. I'm not a big fan of black metal but your site does have a good selection of thrash, death metal and grind and those are more what I get into. I have never waited more than 9 days to receive an order from you and I live all the way across the country. By contrast, I placed an order with CM and am still waiting for it to arrive over two months later. Repeated calls to their 1-800 number have gotten me one excuse after another and complaints about what problems they are having updating their web site. How fuckin' hard is it to put some bubble wrap around a CD, stick it in an envelope and put it in the mail??? I never had these problems if I ordered something from blackmetal.com and after this I would never consider ordering through the mail to any site but yours! Cheers, and thank you for the excellent service... - Lawrence Stern

Debbie, Thank you for your customer service. And certainly not to forget the awesomnessss that is blackmetal.com. By chance on my next order could i get a sticker for my car? 1985 VolvoWagon i think it would look grand! Thank you in advance.....-Kyle Brock

"...we come to you guys because of your quick shipping and good prices." -- mooregirl2

Many hours have been spent savoring the heaviness secured through your sick noise site and service. Thanks for helping find those truly hard to find, depraved blasts of dissonance unavailable in "music stores" . Hail Heavy Music Forever! - Robert from SIEGE .

Gil here. I received the Belephegor CD yesterday . I can't understand why they signed a deal with NB? why not BlackMetal.com or someone else...NB is SO outdated. Anyhow, thanks again.

Thanks for the very fast service, i got my shirts [the BlackMetal.com Baphomet LS, + Ewiges Reich TS] today. I'll check your site ... hope to place another order soon. thank you. - JC, Halifax, NS. CANADA

Heys guys, my names Jayson, ive been a member of your sight now for some time, and for the first time in life, i have the ability to order things online! this is a very cool turn around for me, as well as much needed, you see, im in the army in Kirkuk Iraq right now, and everyone listens to little john and and some other ass clowns, I had one private tell me,that slipknot was "music to kill to"...........i need to know if you guys can do shiping down here ( bmc note: yes, we ship to Iraq), fast, i need shit like the berzerker, gorgoroth, cult of daat, BETHLEHEM!!!!(i also noticed your bethlehem collection is a little skimpy, is there any way yall could get ahold of more?) old dying fetus, and pretty much a whole lota neo classical black metal, real merose murder-romantic nihilistc etherial, enamore-entropotic ambiant doomy balls to the wall sloughter house shit. (enuff descrip for you?) I NEED YOUR HELP! i am surrounded by a whole lota cock dwealing nut lovin bubble gum gangsters and prissy nu metal shit for brains fuck-wit reki retardo asswholes. Let me know asaMFp!! THANK YOU!! Killing for your freedom - Jayson

Thank you so very much! You have made my birthday happier now :D Thanks for the fast and clear respsonses. -Josh

Ave, Thanks for answering my email so quick, blackmetal.com will always be the best! Thanks again... -Xavier Gonzalez

greetings blackmetal.com, If it were not for the people who make blackmetal.com an entity to be reconed with, there really isn't much else out there in terms of (quoting venom):" strong music about strong subjects". I can only imagine the uphill battle it must have been getting started; and probobly still is continually pushing the envelope of freedom of speech. To give all these artists with strong convictions who speek the "truth of whats on their minds'" and fuck the powers that be. The real fascists of p.c. Who have an agenda and have grown so powerful as to rival and destrtoy anyone who gets in thier way. People who have learned about life from watching network sitcoms. I just had to write this to thank you at blackmetal.com for fighting the good fight' which is the most important fight of all, the fight to preserve freedom of speech and which is the foundation of any itellectual forum. - thanks' lucky

Thanks once again for the great service and hellish metal!! ... BMC STILL RULZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!...Thanks for the heads up and the great service! Marc Cianci

Thanks Debbie I appreciate your quick and excellent response. You are a super customer service respresentative. It is very seldom I get to send praise like this and I sure enjoy doing it. - Joyce Y.

Thanks for another bunch of great CDs -- and thanks for the... Uvall CD! It's always a pleasure ordering from you, always exciting to find new stuff in your amazing inventory of old and new metal. But the real gems are your own releases! Dekapitator and Sin Origin (In the Presence) are still one of my favorite CDs of the past few years. Last time I ordered Velonnic Sin -- what an excellent album! And now I'm looking forward to exploring Uvall, Gosforth, and the new EDM.
Thanks again!
Gilad E.

My name is Jesus Romero, and the Terror Squad came in today! great thrash metal out of japan! Sick guitar solos, cool double base on the drumbs, cool production, what more could you ask for! If you like good thrash metal, then stop reading this, and buy the terror squad cd now! hails to the people at blackmetal.com for good fast servus, and for bringing a very good thrash metal cd! this is better then the lame music stores!

Dear Sir / Madam.
I would like to say a big thankyou for the prompt delivery of my order. I will definately be stopping by again!
Cheers \m/
Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

Thank you very much for the prompt fill of the order and delivery. I appreciate you having this material available and look forward to more orders in the future. ILDJARN changes lives, continue the morphing of the human race... into bleak nothingness

Hi, I was so thrilled to finally find "Kane Roberts" self tilted record! I have been looking for some time to find it. I checked all the auction sites and well what the selle rs were asking was a bit pricey. You guys had it at a great price. The album arrived well packaged and sealed. I couldn't ask for a better seller or service! You guys ROCK! I will be here more often...
Mandy "wildcat"

hey yall have some kool a** sh*t and yes i am from TEXAS ,f*ck it i love blackthrashingmetal upside my fu*king head thanks for sending me these nice things have a good day....... Henry M.

Shit, you guys ship out fast! Thats great news, I look forward to recieving the items!! Thanks a lot!! Thanks also, for verifying that, i was a tad bit worried, because i know the "Crushing the Holy Trinity" set is hard to find.

You are the G!
Thank you!

That's so nice having such a support


Just a quick note to say... You guys slay!!! Quick processing & lightning fast shipping. Excellent service!! -d. Black, SLC, UT

Congragulations on the Move! Hope your new digs help you sustain an already incredible business well into the future!!!! Rarely does a day pass without me checking your blog and the release by Dub Buk you sent me a while back kills!!!! Intense, with awesome riffs and just the right amount of folk elements!!!! I will be looking out for any releases from them or affiliates. later -tim

received the hoodie, very nice print. thanks! -- sic N saf (San Jose, CA)

Hi Debbie, Thanks For The Speedy Delivery I Got Sent Abigor-channeling the quintessence of satan, And ancient-night visit, And Absu-mythological occult metal 1991-2001 Cd's And emperor/mayhem demos split vinyl lp, and lucifugum [nockturnal mortum] on the sortiage of christianity blood-red splattered coloured-vinyl lp, and shining-suicidefixated black t-shirt, And The pACKIGEING wAS Exelent i will defenetly be useing this service again outstanding. - Lord Sieshan.

I appreciate your speedy process of getting my orders to me, you have served me for a couple of years now and I will continue to visit for all my grim needs. Hails to you... -Xavier 6. *Texas*

Nothing but awesome fucking service. This last order tops them all though. It took 5 days total, from processng the order, to having it in my mail box. The order was also shipped media mail (which is known for being slow). No complaints! I also really appreciate the Blackmetal.com/Antinomian reocrd label. Many good releases on there, bringing everyone a pretty wide variety of bands, from around the globe... inluding some of the more"small time" bands....which I think is great, as I feel the current participants capture the essence of the "scene", so to speak. Not only that, but it is also the newer/smaller bands that need the most support. I think the record label accomplishes this quite well. Picks of the week... I can usually find something I like in there, every time. Awesome job, killer site.

hi firstly let me say what a fantastic job you guys have done on producing such a quality web site, i ordered a cd for the first time on your site today and look forward to it, such a good price even with the shipping its cheaper than here in the uk.... kind regards, ben

Once again you have exceeded my expectations! I recently placed another order from you and before I knew it I had it in my dirty little hands. Stellar work!! A fellow metalhead at work doesn't understand how you can ship things so quickly. - Paul, Canada

Again, thanks for having such an amazing site. - Sterno

You guys always rock... thanks for the attention and quick response, i do appreciate it. it's why i keep coming back to you year after year. -chuck

Greetings. First off i'd like to say that i LOVE your website, i buy cd's by the shitload with you guys. ok, now that the BS is through .... thank you for your time and also for being one of the BEST black metal merchandise sources, keep it all up! - Tyler Westerman

You guys kick ass! I just wanted to say that I love your site. I've been ordering from your site for I think three years off and on. I haven't ever had a problem with anything I've order. I love your selection too. I've found titles on your site that I haven't seen anywhere else. Though I haven't really been looking. LOL! I don't have too. Any ways. Keep it extreme and it's not good unless it's loud! - Drknss38

Hello! The 3 LUCIFUGUM lp's arrived today! Absolutely perfect packaging, the records are still in superb condition. Thanks for having released "On The Sortilage of..." on vinyl, it's an absolutely essential album without one single filler!!! I had that one on CD only and I think that many fans don't realize that this is one of the absolute highlights of the genre!! I own more than 3000 vinyl records, but, musically speaking, this one of the very best of my collection. All the best and take care.
Pierre *(Switzerland)

Once again, still impressed with how fast you guys get the orders to me. A thousand thanks to blackmetal.com, you guys rock. And also, thanks the new Eikenskaden owns! --John O., California

...Also I noticed the great new releases available on Cybertzara! Freakin' awesome, I can't wait to hear them. Needless to say, much of my listening recently has been those CDs you guys have released... - Funeris ( Sin Origin)

I ordered 3 cd's on Wednesday night, they shipped out thursday, and i received them monday. Fast as all hell, thanks! (And during the holiday season, too) -James

Thank you Debbie. I'm having a difficult time NOT ordering a hundred things from your incredible selection. My wife would kill me, however, and then you'd be minus a customer. So I suppose I'll have to limit it to a dozen or so. I must congratulate you on your site. I do web design for the state of Arkansas and I've never seen such judicious use of real estate on a web site. Getting all that information on screen and making it LEGIBLE is quite a feat! Very impressive. Plus your selection of Black Metal! Sheer perfection!! - Sterno

Hailz, My name is Tony, I ordered 2 CDs a couple of days ago, they are Luger-Kill, Worship, Die CD & Amputator-self titled CD. I am so amazed about how fast I received them in the mail, It took about 3 days for them to arrive. Keep up the good Work and stay EVIL. Ave Satanas - Anthony Meagher

Thanks! Great service like I have come to expect from you guys. Cheers! C. Matheson (Canada)

Thanks for what you do and for your professionalism. Cybertzara/Antinomian stands elite among the multitude of wannabe labels/distributors. - Nathan F.

...thanks and you can bet I will order "demonic battle metal" when you get in! Thank you again Debbie for all your help on blackmetal.com
Loyal bm.com buyer since 1998, Pete Tucker

Hi Debbie. I got the order on Friday. Thank you very much for the superb packaging. The LP's look great. I can't say enough about your website and have recommended it to all my metal buddies. Keep up the great work and look forward to another order soon. Blackmetal is my home!!! - Brian B. (Canada)

Thankyou for taking the time out to respond to my question. I do hope that soon you will get the time to order some more. I know I'd buy one and I know of a lot of others who would do the same. killer website btw - LB

[M/SR 'MFASS'] "...Very good music, but too dangerous to listen to while driving a car-- I was so mesmerized I ran a red light!"
*(from a film-maker who will use 6 tracks from "MFASS" for a forthcoming film about cult fanaticism)

...the Mystic Forest album came today! It sounds great!... Nice Job Debbie!... - J. Romero

I placed an order the other day for the first time. I checked back that night and was shocked to see it had been shipped already. I can't wait to start driving the neighbours nuts with the latest black metal thunder. If I would have ordered this stuff from my local store, I would be waiting up to 2 or sometimes 3 months. Blackmetal.com is my new home!! Thanks from Canada. Keep Smashing!! - Brian Broersma, Canada

hey debbie! my name is matt and i was lookin at blackmetal.com (for the billionth time!) and i saw you had a website. i got to know more about blackmetal.com and about how you started it and all and i suppoprt you 100%. i have been a blackmetal.com fan for well over a year now, almost 2. while out o deployment (im in the navy) i have ordered cds to help keep my sanity while out blowin shit up. thank you for all you have done and i would like to start and maintain a decent friendship with not only blackmetal.com but you as well... for you have awesome taste and diversity. i like the photos as well, you are quite attractive, actually hot would be the word!! Matt Cooke

OK, I'm blown away. The CD's rip, roarin' awesome, and your service ain't so bad either. Un gros merci, les amis! You'll be recommended. - Francois Ouellette (about the MSR "Music For A Sadomasochistic Scene" CD)


Everything went smooth, no problems. Thanks a lot for your help! Greetings,

Hey Black Metal,
I just want to drop you a line expressing my sincere thanks for a speedy delivery and an intense cd. I didn't realize it was a 2 cd set! I bought it to get Bone cracking fever. I never expected such brutaldeath/Black Metal. You desrve a 5 out of 5 Skull Fracturing Nightmares! Woooo hooooo!

F**king Awesome site.
Thanks and regards
Craig Radcliffe

Subject: Ganzmord!!
Heard you signed him to do a CD for Antinomian!! FUCK YEAH!!
Mike Demattei

Greetings antinome,My order arrived as allways,fast and in perfect shape....Hails to Everyone at BlackMetal.com You RULE!!!!!! darkself

Killer! Thanks Debbie, your site is top notch! - MIchael T.

awesome thanks....i just added your link as well... your site rules.... BLACK DEATH FOREVER!

I received the Marduk Boxset, and the invoice inside the sealed cd- nice one, and the boxset was very well packed, thanx allot.

What can I say but.. Everything was fucking killer and I found each release to be of unique and outstanding contrast and presentation... Fucking great! .....Uvall, was bleak, harsh and yet twistedly atmospheric filling the room with droning and grimly layered guitar passages combined with the outwardly disturbed and hatful screams of anguish and despisement from the vocals... Very bleak, extremely of the minimalistic vein, but not a copy of anything.. This is a cool release, I know Uvall will do well with the time to come....

Velonnic Sin, ...Fucking Christ its changed.. I remember what the Velonnic Sin material was like on the Sin Origin spilt, but this ?? ..Holy shit..This material was brutally edged agressive, catchy, evil and quite destined to be of the Orthodox Black Metal ranks from United States... I've heard this release only once and it was late last night but I can assure you through out the coming evening I will play this again and again........Velonnic Sin has come quite a ways from what I remember and account from their last spilt.. This is really fucking evil, agressive catchy and well played blackend spiritual reverence...

As for Gromm, Gromm I've found to be very very unique, not alot of extremely evasive guitar work, however what Gromm doesn't have in complexity it has in atmosphere and vocal work.. I would have liked to hear more of the classical folk guitar editions alot longer than what he allowed them for though, I've always liked accoustic guitar work in black metal and here it was no difference, ..You've done well in chosing te various bands and musicians that you've added to Antinomian Records.. Each release I've heard has had its own unique style, presentation and structure to the bands' music and atmosphere, but then again I can always attribute that characteristic appreciation to the knowing, attentive decision making of your self and Cybertzara in these matters...
Nos Dominari Noctus
Blood Moon Ausar

Hi, my name is Gord Kirchin... otherwise known as The Piledriver (Metal Inquisition, Stay Ugly). I would like you to fix up some mistakes about my music on your website... if only because the fans deserve to know what's right!!! The album Metal Inquisition was written, produced and performed by Leslie Howe (One2One, Artificial Joy Club, Sal's Birdland, Alanis Morrisette) and myself, in Ottawa Canada in August 1984. It was released that October. The album Stay Ugly was written, produced and performed by Dave DeFeis and Eddie Pursino of Virgin Steele, in New York in 1986, and of course I sang. Please fix these facts on your site, as I would like people to know which albums were done by which writers. Also... you should know that I have gotten together with the old freeks, and we are recording Piledriver's comeback album, Metal Manifesto!!! Are all you f*ckers ready???? It should leak out of the dungeons later this year!!!
All my blood,
Gord "Piledriver" Kirchin
(You have a great site, btw!)

Hiya, this is DJ Lindsay from Millbrook, AL I just placed an order with you earlier today before I went to work. I came home tonight and just for shits and giggles checked on the status. Man, ya'll dont fuck around do ya? NICE! I was pleasantly suprised to see that it has shipped, and damn, thanks. I was away from the tunes for a while, and now that I'm back into them, rest assured I'll be ordering more from you. Thanks for the prompt service, and you'll be seeing my name come up quite often. take care, and have a great day. DJ

I would like to thank you ever so much for the VELONNIC SIN "Ritual album, it has been for me a true honour to work for such a high calibre band and i am open to work with more talented bands as CULT OF DAATH and SIN ORIGIN. I always have worshipped and adored the US black metal scene and working in the past with such bands as ABAZAGORATH, KRIEG, DEMONCY, AVERSE SEFIRA has been a true delight for me and i am really looking forward making lots and lots of new contacts. BRINGING Sin origin and Velonnic Sin to Europe is one of my dreams and i would just adore to realize it. I truly want to tell you, You, guys are BAD ASS! Christophe

Wow, I received my package today! Thanks for the amazingly fast service! I will surely be or dering more in the future from BlackMetal.com!
Paul S. (Calgary, Canada)

Today was my first visit to blackmetal.com. I'm very impressed with the site. Navigation, the cyber basket, and overall quality and color are all great. Also, reply and order confirmation is very professional.
I look forward to doing more business with you. Thanks. Vito Giurlanda

You did a great job getting my order (BMC70244) to me quickly. I ordered it Tueday, April 19, and got the CDs Friday, April 22. They arrived more quickly than if I had local record stores special order them, this being pretty much the only way outside the mail to get underground black metal in St. Louis since stores here don't stock such music. I am looking forward to hearing the discs. Thanks,
Joe Schweizer

Hails! I received my order today! Everything looks great and exactly as I had ordered. Thanks for the quick order. -- Paul (Calgary, Canada)

Just emailing to let you know that items have been received! ...They where securely packaged so I'm sure all is well. Thanks again for the great deal, and service to diehard metal collectors and fans! --Rob / Wyoming

I have been dealing with blackmetal.com for about 4 yrs. They fucking rule. I know a great selection of cds when i see one. Blackmetal.com is top notch. Great choices and great prices. What the fuck else could you want? Give me my black metal. Give me blackmetal.com I took the picture on the new Uvall cd "Obsidian Torment" on the back tray. I was told they were very helpful and great distribution. Hails blackmetal.com - T.G. Anderson S.C.

I'll start things off by saying I'm a huge fan and that you guys kick ass (though that was implicit seeing as how i said i was a huge fan...)...

Just wanted to say thanks for sending my order out so fast. I put it in on the 30th and received the package today, the 2nd. All in excellent condition. I often order from overseas, so it can take up to 2 months to get to the US. This was a really refreshing change. Plus it's fucking awesome you're carrying the Endless Dismal Moan cd in the first place.
Again, thanks.

I ordered my first cd from blackmetal.com on fri. and it arrived on Mon.!? Difficult to find 'Katharsis.' Thanx and Cheers! - Robx

I want to Thank You,
Thank You!

Blackmetal.com, you are the best of the best in the world thank you for everthing. Randy H, AZ.

Hi Debbie!
...thanks for keeping such a great stock of metal!

blackmetal.com has been great over the years! I've been shopping with you for several years now. I love you guys! Great priced CD's, and the news section of your email newsletter goes great with my morning coffee! - mw

Hails, Elden! I'm very glad to inform You that [my order] has arrived Yesterday in absolut PERFECT condition, so now I look forward to a NOISY Weekend starting Tomorrow! The best wishes and Thank You! -- Kim L. (DENMARK)

"Back in 1984-85... if you wanted extreme metal, you had to know someone with a car, who could take you to a store that specialized in the shit... usually 60 miles away (i went to Private Eye in Pomona CA when i could) and i lived in LA... we had a tight tape trader network, but shit... getting the real deal... the obscure shit... impossible... Now all these years later, my interest in extreme music hasn't waned a bit yet... but i have BlackMetal.com ...not only do they get the latest (i learn about shit directly from this site) but they get the classic shit (often unobtainable ANYWHERE else) all at extremely reasonable price... that its dropped on my doorstep often within under a week makes this site even more crucial... it was one of the SDK guys (who have a long understanding with the devil) who hipped me to this site some 4 or 5 years ago... the speed that orders are dispatched... the selection alone... all the rare vinyl shit... limited editions... You're a fucking idiot if this isn't your first stop for extreme metal... be it Black, Thrash, Death or whatever... if you cant get it here....you were not supposed to have it in the first place. I remain convinced..." -- Monger

I just got my order today and i'm fucking pumped. Fast shipping and excellent packaging, plus you guys carry quality stuff from labels like Northern Heritage and NED. It's nice not having to order from overseas, which always ends up costing more. Ryan

hey guys, just wanted to say i love your site. you have excellent customer service, shipping is relatively fast, with a number of different payment options. really dig your selection of music, and books too. big fan of the antinomian (sub?) label. suprising number of very good bands on what's listed as a demo label. also your main label has great stuff as well. plus i am always keeping an eye on the import labels (like northern heritage). never been disappointed yet with anything i have purchased or any of the services i have received. looked over your testimonial section, glad to know that there are others out there enjoying it as much as i. keep up the badass work. andy

Hey I just wanted to say that I received my order today. The packaging was great! Also I wanted to say that your website doesn't do the clocks justice! They are stellar pieces--very high calibre! I'm going to have to order the rest. Very amusing decription of the Anton La Vey's clock by the way (Emperor Ming? heh heh heh...) Thanks for the promo CD and stickers too! - Funeris of SIN ORIGIN

Thank you so much for getting me into underground Black Metal! I first ordred Sin Origin's Demo "Night Aeternal" and then there split with Velonnic Sin from you. very grim, and atmospheric split! perfect to listen to whilst you roam through the forest at night. Thank You for being so fucking awesome and sending packages of evil throughout the world! - Bill Hurley

I've been ordering from you guys for a while and just wanted to say thanks for kicking some major ass. ~~~Kevin Athearn

Thank you for getting my 12 cd's to me so quickly and also a big thank you for the free Sin Origin cd and Incantation sticker. That was very cool and I appreciate it. Very cool that you are getting so many great Black metal bands from France in these days. I consider them all to be elite Black Metal. Also, please reissue the first 2 Clandestine Blaze cd's, there are many dark souls paying big bucks on ebay for those. It would be great to see those 2 elite titles reissued. I will review many of these new titles onwww.allthingsmetal.net out of St. Louis. Christ raping unholy Black Metal forever, Metal Chris.

Blackmetal.com fucking rules!!!! I just wanted to tell you that I was stunned by your selection of blackmetal material as well as your more than fair prices. A friend of mine turned me on to your site and after months of searching for CDs like WAITAN and XASTHUR online and in stores, here is where I found them and for 13$ no less! Imports and Ltd. Ed.'s for under 20$!! Thank you for providing a resource for all the music that other sites and stores are too ignorant or afraid to sell, and for not raping my wallet while you do it.
Cheers' and stay EVIL,
Marc J. Cianci

Hails! This afternoon, i had just recieved my order from you, just a day after it was said to be shipped... wow that's fast! Massemord Skogen Kaller is AMAZING!! Thank you so much for shipping it to me with care and importance! Massemord is one of the best norwegian black metal bands since Immortal, and that's saying something! Thank you so much. Hails BLACKMETAL.COM!!
Your customer,
John Owen (Walnut Creek, Calif.)
rock on \m/

Hails, I rec ieved my order a couple of days ago and wanted to let you know I'm very happy with it. It arrived quickly and packaged securely and in mint (new) condition. I'm very, very pleased with my blackmetal.com order and you can be sure I will use you in all future metal needs if you continue up the great service. Thanks again. -- Mick H.

I got my two puppet master king diamond vinyl's today many thanks to you, fast shipping and items were sealed i couldn't believe that thanks again KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE KING DIAMOND DECADE OF HORROR 4 LP PICDISC BOX; TOP$$$$$$$$PAID!! STAY HEAVY UNDER THE INVERTED CROSS OF LIFE YOUR FRIEND BRIAN SILE

Received my first order with you guys - just thought I'd let you know, you did a great packaging job. Many on-line companies are horrendous and damage the merchandise (expensive) resulting in damaged goods. Nice to see you care.
Dave Haskins

I want to let you know and say thanks because today I have received my parcel, all cd's in a very good condition!!! thanks for all your support and patience, you will hear news from me very soon (to ask you another package) just let me dark my soul with this new stuff!!! Thanks again guys!!!! Please receive a great hail from here!!! Hails!!!
JosÈ Luis Guerrero

I sent away for a copy of the 'Deathcrush' re-issue pic disc and got it really quickly. The packaging seemed nice and sturdy and had 'fragile' stamped on it. I was worried cause I live in Maryland, and am always hesitant to send for stuff so far away or without insurance. The pic disc from your place in CA , got here before two other orders I made, one from Florida an the other from Pennsylvania ! I fgured I should send this appreciation, because if there were a problem I'd probably be sending one to check up to see what the hell was going on ! Thank you! - a d

Hails! Received my order of 2 digipaks in perfect condition in like 5 days ! As always, super quick turnaround! Makes me want to order more as soon as I get them. Just wanted to say Thanks! It's appreciated.
Adam Luedtke

Hi There!
Thanks for the Jack the Ripper vinyl which I received in an excellent condition. Another GREAT TRANSACTION!!! Many METAL HAILS from Down Under!!!
George Trapezanidis

HAILZ - Received my order yesterday. Once again, thanks for the great packaging and fast shipment. Also, loved the Vinyl EP! Excellent job with the release, etc., etc. AVE! -- G. Stewart

Hello Debbie,
Thank you for the quick response and shipment. The disk is beautiful and the free poster is framed on my wall. I really look forward to placing more orders with you in the future. Have a wonderful day.

Blackmetal.com rules! I have ordered from you several times and I must say, your professionalism has been very consistant. Excellent, hard to find products at a decent price, and always swiftly shipped. Keep up the good work, I'll keep ordering! You guys rock!
--Magog (frontman of FUNERAL FORNICATION)

thank you for your info on all the great selections you have there are a whole lot of variety and i like that. Thank you very much keep up the good work. Keep them coming - Gaona

I have always found something insanely awesome on your website. Thank You for all the hard work you guys do in maintaining the best black metal store around! -- Jonathan W., TN.

Just received EMPEROR - Anthems and SATYRICON - Nemsis Divina. Thanks for another great shipment! Nice and fast. Thanks for the free BAPHOMET sticker, too! -Charles

Wow! You all ARE awesome!! Thanks so much! Expect an order from me soon! I must say that I've been continually impressed (and come to rely on) your quick and friendly service. Hail to BLACMETAL.COM!! Keep up the good work.
Ken Fulfs

10 fuking horns up! I just received the new Massemord disc, "Obscura Symphonia" and this is truly incredible! Dark, cold, fast, great production and pure blasphemy! I can't thank BlackMetal.com enough for their great work and fast delivery! Hail! --Nick (guitarist of THROCULT, Blackened Death Metal)

Thanks Black Metal
Received CD and am very happy with it, I will be forwarding your details to future prospect buyers, metal head mates and the likes, and will be letting them know of the excellent service offered by you lot and also the promptness in handling the orders.

Thanks once again, and looking forward to dealing with you again in the near future.

George Trapezanidis, from 'Down Under'

Great!!! I was very impressed with your FAST shipping on my previous order. Thanks for the great service. - Richard

I just wanted to let you know that MASSEMORD "Obscura Symphonia" kicks ass! Thanks again for the recomendation.

Your webstore offers the best selection, best prices, and fastest service of any place I've dealt with. You've always maintained these high standards. I just wanted to thank your kind staff for their service, on behalf of metal motherfuckers everywhere. Yours cordially, Peter J.S. (A customer)

Blackmetal.com will always be my #1 source for true extreme metal. I would also like to take this moment to mention how much I liked the new Massemord CD. "Obscura Symphonia" is an instant classic in my opinion. Thanks again.
Jereny Tackett

Hey Debbie & Elden,
Thanks once again for the great service you provide. Just got the Nocturnal ("Thrash With The Devil") and Krieg ("KIll Yourself") CDs as well as a bunch of Nunslaughter and Sabbat seven inch singles as well. Thanks for the free zine (Winter Of Discontent) and the great prices on the merchandise. A present (thanks, Mom) of a $50 Gift Certificate got me six great releases, and using the certificate online was a seamless process. I've had some customer service nightmare tales to tell from some other "major" retail websites, but everything with Blackmetal.com is so easy it's hard to believe. Keep up the unflagging killer service and hails to the entire Blackmetal.com staff. You guys are the most professional outfit the metal underground has to offer.
I Wonder Who Else The Darkness Has Consumed,
Michael Grefski

Ave satanas!! Thanks for the super fast service!! The Mayhem video is killer!!I I've been into them since the early 90's so its awesome to see them live!! I will order more stuff from you soon. I will also keep you posted on my studio project-NOCTURNAL FROST. True Necromelancholic Black Metal. Infernal Regards, Necro

Hi, i'd like to thank you for your taking care of my order very quickly. I must admit it's the first time an online order comes here (France) so fast. And as seen in all other testimonials, the prices are quite low, the packaging is excellent and i'm confident that my next orders will arrive safely and in great condition! Thanks again, i'll order again from your shop soon. -- Shaun (in France)
PS: maybe you should add some sort of tax for people paying through paypal (like me) so that paypal doesn't rip you off with its fees.

Hi You guys ! Great site! Keep up the good work. Hail the Hordes ! Quorthon (BATHORY)

THANKS FOR YOUR RECENT SEND!!! Those 5 ANTINOMIAN cd's are just BRILLIANT!! Thank you SO MUCH for sending them! My listeners are totally diggin' them and I get a new call every time I play any of these cd's. Also, I finally checked the 'About us' part of your website... I DIDN'T KNOW YOU GUYS KNOW PATRICK (Red Stream)!!!! WOW!! I hella love you guys....thanks \m/ metalgina IM: metalgina666

I'm a DJ/ programmer at a Radio station up here in Canada. I've ordered from a shitload of other distributors, sometimes waiting five weeks for my order. But I finally ordered from you maniacs for the first time -- you were the only company with the Abscess CD I wanted -- and got my order inside of a week, the fastest ever! You rawk! Thanks for the stickers, too! cheers, Hamish McFeedback/ BARRAGE SALE/ CJLY 93.5fm, Nelson, BC www.kootenaycoopradio.com

I just wanted to say Thanks for such a speedy and reliable service. I recently ordered an LP and a CD and I was pleasantly shocked at how quick the order came through (I live in the UK) as well as how well it was packaged. This was my first order with yourselves but rest assured I shall certainly order more stuff from you. many thanks, Martin

Thanks as always. I know most of my orders were not made under my "login" (I have had many more) but you never fail to amaze me over the years with all the great cult blackmetal you provide! Hails! --Garett F.

I just wanted to say that it is good to see so that Thrash, Black and Death Metal and most metal genres in general are still alive and (reasonably) well, and that you guys play a great part in that, since you are responsible for supplying us, the fans, with these great CD's. Keep up the great work in the coming year(s) and sincere hails to the Blackmetal.com Team!!!! Greetings, Roel F. (Netherlands)

Thank you very much, been looking for this cd for awhile now... you have great prices, look forward to using your site more often... -- Patrick D., IL.

Hi, THANKS! I just received my order in record time; you rule! Wayne Weldin


You all are my saviors. Living in Tampa, I can never find any black metal albums in the stores, so I get all my music from you all at blackmetal.com. Just thought I'd thank you all for being there for those of us who can't get our music in the local area. Thanks again, and keep up the good work! -Seth Ellis

Hello Debbie, Elden and the rest of the BlackMetal.com team! How are you doing? I wanted to say how much I like the new site up-date! You guys have definitely set the industry standard for online music stores. I have been a customer from you since I fell in love with Black Metal in 1996 and everything you say on your site is true about There are no shortcuts, no exceptions. You remain important to us and always will...  You are a great roll model and it has been fun seeing BlackMetal.com grow over the past years. Are you excited Dimmu is coming back to S.F.? I loved seeing them at the Great American Music Hall! Are you going to have the BlackMetal.com store open around that weekend some time? I have always wanted to stop by and check out Black Metal H.Q. (hehe=) Thanks again for all the years of metal mail-order dedication, I think you guys are the best! Talk to you soon, and hopefully see you soon & -Megan BlackMetalRadio.com megan@blackmetalradio.com

I am very happy that you guys have signed up a band such as MASSEMORD into your label record. I am quite happy with their new cd. Because of this great success my husband has already purchased to copy's of their latest cd in order to have one in case the other scratches or whatever he might do to it. It would be great if this band Tours the USA. If that information is available, can you tell me when they might be coming to California? That would be a great surprise for my husband and for me as well. Does the site offer a Tour date section for various bands? Thank you for your time and have a great day.

Hails, By far you are one of the best places I have dealt with on the internet, totally professional and an exceptional selection of material with an easy to navigate site for my Metal needs! Hails and cheers to all at BMC! Regards, Ted.

I received my copy of MASSEMORD's "Skogen Kaller" in the mail yesterday and its fucking awsome! I haven't been that pleased about money I've spent in a while, it was definetly worth it. I've been looking at some of the bands on Northern Heritage that you distribute, but I was wondering who else you would recommend that really stands out like MASSEMORD does. Thanks.


I just got my first order from you folks today. I am so excited! Very fast delivery. I will be ordering from you for a long time! I ordered MASSEMORD based on comments in the testimonials and it's great! Everyone should buy it NOW! Also got In Nomine Satanas from Ragnarok. Killer music. I've been searching for this for ages and it was well worth the wait. Thanks for being there! -- J.B.

Hails Debbie, I received my Funeral Mist cd this past Saturday. Let me tell you, these guys play the most evil, blasphemous, Blackmetal on the planet! When I saw it listed on Blackmetal.com, I immediately ordered it right away. Anyway, Thanks for providing us fans of extreme Blackmetal art. Sincerely, Randy Beltran


I Just want to thank blackmetal.com for releasing masterpieces like LUCIFUGUM, MASSEMORD or DEKAPITATOR... awesome cd's for a truly great label!! It's black metal without any compromises! It's just what we want! Unholy black metal! - Ronnie, Poland

Now being a broke student, I can't order from you as often, but I just want to thank you for your consistently excellent service over the past several months - you've been consummately professional and I can't recommend you any higher than I have. Thanks and hails! -- Russ (Canada)

Hi You guys ! Great site! Keep up the good work. Hail the Hordes ! Quorthon (BATHORY)


Blackmetal.com rules! Thank you guys (and ladies) for all your hard work and for being in business! I have been very satisfied shopping with you over the years! -- AMY D.

I bought the new Massemord album without hearing it. I took a chance and I bought it. I liked it a lot. You're description of their music I would say was dead on. Cool music in the vein of Mayhem, Emperor and Burzum. I eagerly await the 2nd album. Thanks and keep up the good work. I'm going to put the blackmetal.com sticker on my car so everyone can see it!!! --Warhead

Blackmetal.com rules! Thanks... very cool. You guys fucking rule! -- Tim

This is the best black metal site on the internet, I must've spent thousands of dollars on cd's and I will continue to spend thousands more. thank you. Legion, a loyal customer for life. Justin S.

As a matter of fact I have NO complaints whatsoever about your site! You guys are incredible! The FOUR HORSEMEN of the music business.

Debbie it is good to talk to you. I realy admire what you've done. A true Entrepeneur, not only that but you are a woman who started her own business which also eventually lead to a label, in a man's world with much odds against you because of your gender and also music interest! Usually you would get this type of praise from a fellow female. Sorry, this is not the case today. (I'm not gay or a stalker either, LOL!) I just have to respect the shit you've been through and give credit where credit is due!

Hails to thee, my BLACK QUEEN! -Cris "SETH"

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order on friday. Thanks for such lightning fast shipping!!!!! I will never hesitate to order from you again in the future. All the CD's are amazing! Northern Heritage puts out some of the absolute best black metal I have ever heard! Everything is incredible! I found out about NH, because I have been a long time fan of Mikko's power electronics group Grunt. Interestingly, I have admired the groups Master Slave Relationship and Allegory Chapel Ltd, since I was in High School. I remember my friend ordering a Master Slave Relationship video from Isolation tank catalog when I was 16. I thought it was fucking great! I have a ton of Allegory Chapel Ltd stuff on tape as well as compilation tracks and some great interviews in Degenerate and Descent. I couldn't believe it when I seen it was you two who run blackmetal.com, because, well, both groups are not black metal I guess? Anyways, thanks for the great transaction!!!! Thanks, David Rogers, Ohio

I would just like to say thanks...once again. My orders have not once in almost 3 years ever been wrong and I have always been regarded as an important customer no matter the size of my orders. Big or small, my orders are always packaged extremely well and shipped very fast. Thank you for continuing to improve as a buisiness and still maintaining the street level mentallity that is so very strong and needed in the Metal Community. --Justin K.H. (WA)

Received order (9 items with FREE shipping/handling!) very fast! Lots of great finds and items! I will pass the word on, and be returning for more good stuff! THANKS! -- GREG (Hammond, IN)

Thank you, My last order was great! --James Bell

Hi Debbie,
I am a very satisfied customer of yours from Blackmetal.com. I so love your site. I have been putting several plugs for it up on: http://groups.msn.com/DECIBALOBSESSED And I hope it generates more business for you, because you sure deserve it. Joint the site! I would love to talk to you. Just a short note to let you know how much I love ya'll. Nancy Anadarko, Oklahoma

I discovered blackmetal.com back in 2001 but didn't order anything until like 2002 so the only look I really recognize is what you have now and to see blackmetal.com back in 97 is like "whoa!". By the way, A couple of the items you had in stock back then made me cry like the Mayhem/Morbid split and The Zyklon-B stuff. You guys also had a killer Dissection shaped CD and a cool as hell Dissection picture disc. Brian W.

THANKS -- delivery from CA to Memphis, TN., in THREE days!! Excellent transaction as always!

debbie-- just wanted to drop a thanx for the cd's! got 'em fast and they kick ass! good to do business with you again. in darkness-- becca

Hails Cybertzara Crew!
I know you probably tire of hearing it all the time, but I must say it again: Many, many thanks for providing the greatest selection of Black & Doom Metal on the planet, and the fastest service and safest packaging in the business!
Hails to BlackMetal.com!
Ted S. - Goatswood, TN

Awesome message in 'State of the Cult" - Hail Black Metal . com !! r williams

Thank you once again for parting the fog of christian oppression, and showing me the grand path of BLACK METAL. Hails to you! -- Ian Knox

Greetings once again! Yes, I am registered with www.blackmetal.com (in fact, I just started this week) and I completed my second order with your guys today. My first order came very fast and I am very impressed with your service. I will for now on deal with only www.blackmetal.com as I appreciate good service. Hails!

Received order yesterday. Thank you! Much appreciation! --Andrew

Hails! Let me say I've been ordering from you for a few years now, and couldn't be happier with your professional and prompt service. Thanks! --John Gore

I just received my order today. I am so impressed with BlackMetal.com. It took less than a week for me to get my things. Needless to say, I am thrilled with each of these items (Darkthrone, Marduk, Black Dawn, Moonfog tribute to Darkthrone!) And I didn't have to drive halfway across the country to search for them! I am going to be a repeat customer. You can count on that. Thank you very much! -- LadyNightDweller

THANKS guys! The other order arrived fast, and really impressed me, you guys rule!!! The word to define you guys is PERFECTION. --David (Spain)

Without you I would not be able to keep up with the music scene. You literately brought the scene in to my home;I thank you. Terese Slay-Cantu

Hails! I just wanted to say that you guys are really great and I appreciate what you do (and how you do it) greatly. I just received my Marduk "World Funeral" CD and just wanted to thank you for the speed and overall care in how it's packaged. It's not thrown in there to break or crack during shipping. Complete class............ Awaiting the new COF to arrive, Joseph Falletta

Hello, my name is Dean, & i've been extremely satisfied with your awesome site! There is no place around where I live that even comes close to what you have. Thank you again, I appreciate any help you can give me. Hails, Dean:)

Hours of Satanic enjoyment and decadently cultivated militance have resulted from your excellent noise service. Rock Forever and Hail !!!

Hails! You guys have earned my trust and respect (my ordering history says it all). Best Regards! --Joe Frost


I placed an order recently and I just wanted to let you know that I sent my payment via priority mail. Thank you very much for your awesome service, you've made it so much more easier to buy underground music that otherwise would be a big hassle to get. Hails! --Dean


Thanks for the consistently great service! -- SH (Staunton, VA)

Hail Blackmetal.com!! I would like to send you praise for your excellent operation. Your service is excellent and fast. You now have a customer for life. Stay true and hails to all!! -- Ian McIntyre

Just wanted to thank you for the fast service!!! You made this Devil Worshiping Son Of A Bitch very happy!!!! Rev. Josh Haney - President, Evil Cheerleader Productions

Hail! Thank you for another recieved order. I will surely buy more on ce I get more money. --Alex

I really like this site; i've used it twice already (both times spending over $120 each order!) i Can't stop buying pure fucking METAL!!! Joe F. (APO, AE)

Hi, I've been a customer for several months now and your site is awesome I've gotten nothing but great service! Thanks! -- Greg

Debbie: I just got my package today. Superfast!!! Thanks for the incredible service. I'm always looking for good vinyl. Plus, i'm really interested in the RockDetector series. It took me forever to find the black & death metal. I'm glad you had the Thrash Metal. I'm already on your mailing list, so i'll know when you get the Doom Metal. Anyway, keep up the good work! Thanks! -- Sam C.

Hails BlackMetal.com! I received my latest order(s) from you today, and as always, want to thank you for the best selection of Black Metal anywhere, and honestly the most consistent and fastest shipping I have ever seen from any online shop. I like the way you carefully package the CD's, as well. And many hails for the cool BM stickers and ink pens! -- Ted S / karotechia

Debbie, This is Robert from Louisiana! I've won a few ebay auctions from you but never used the store (yet) many hails...fast as hell service and i got a few friends turned on to the store. keep me posted on any new Morbid cds and thanks again. Any first-timers reading this, don't hesitate: order now... you WILL NOT be dissappointed... the customer service alone is worth it! Regards! --Robert

i want to thank you for everything that you do. i'm an American soldier currently deployed to Kosovo and your website brings me closer to home every time i visit. THANK YOU! -- JLC (Death's Angel) Camp Montieth

THANKS a lot and good luck in 2003!!! --Adrian Bromley / UNRESTRAINED MAG

Thanks! You guys are the best Black Metal store in the world! --JEFF P.

i have got my order! THANK YOU! i must of missed the mail man yesterday! i am very happy with your company, and will be ordering alot of CDs from you! THANK YOU! --Audie Ray S.

Hello! My order shipped on the Jan 29th was well-received today in Geneva-SWITZERLAND, in Europe! (only 7 days!!) and very well-packed! Thanks a lot! Cheers! -- Patricia

I just wanted to drop a line to you guys, and let you know you are doing a great job and you will always have my buisiness for the hard to find albums that I look for. I mean a real human signature on my invoice WOW thanks for the time and commitment. I look forward to doing buisiness with BLACKMETAL for a long time. Sincerly, your newest member DANNY BOY

Hails Debbie, Elden M, & Crew!
After receiving my most recent order from you, I wanted to thank you again for providing the best Black Metal music availalable (and the best service) to those of us who live in the vast wastelands of post-consumer music shops where even the self-defined "extreme" shops have only a lame understanding of what "extreme" music really means.
I am so tired of certain online retailers claiming to have music in stock, taking your money, and then claiming that they do not have the CD in stock. Blackmetal.com has a superior inventory system that will not sell an item if you do not have it in stock - just another of the many reasons you folks ROCK!
And Debbie, SPR - Wow! Amazing!
After reading your FAQ, the geek inside me could not resist commenting on the fact that I am also impressed with your adoption of FreeBSD as your server platform - it truly is the most stable and secure server platform available! How appropriate that the blackmetal.com server side is being watched over by those little Unix "daemons" inside that make sure everything happens the way it should!
Hail daemons!
karotechia (Ted S.)

hi debbie just dropping a line to say thank you for the green vinyl edition of the impaled album,a great addition to my collection. A.Moore.

Thank you for having the old BAL SAGOTH cds that ive been looking for for a long time (years actually)-- THANK YOU! -- paulito

Thanx a lot!! The CD`s arrived.. A. Gabriel "The Cold Wind"

From: spidermetrix.com
To the Person in Charge of your Web Site,
The following message was posted today on our public forum by one of our members. It is regarding your web site or service and they requested that we let you know. Here's what they said:
The best selection of extreme metal cds i\'ve found on the web. I\'ve ordered stuff from them before and their delivery is always quick and on time. Over 3,500 items in stock, not just cds but band movies, and magazines. Also they have a radio station you can listen to while you browse their site.

Dear BlackMetal.Com, Thank you for your help with my order. Your prompt service in all areas of business was a relief and is highly commendable. It sets you above the rest. Thank you again, Gail

thank you very much for the reply message, it was extremly helpful and i also found it quite amusing, the cds arrived yesterday, they came extremly fast. I am very impressed with the service i have received, and i plan to do business with you again. --Cory O.

Just gimped out to my mailbox this morning due to knee surgery..lol...and without fail...my brand new Behemoth digipack was in there. Man, I was psyched and I had to say...fantastic job with everything. The shipping, the packing, it arrived in mint condition, and the total pro attitude from the company. I think I found where I'll do all my cd ordering from now on, bro's. Very please and very greatly appreciative. Many eternal thanks, take care and keep up the amazing work. You guys rule, man. Rob Settergren From the now "defunct" Scattered Remnants....lol Leominster, Mass.

To all at blackmetal.com,
Again, your professionalism is appreciated. I will be looking forward to placing an order in the near future. As long as there are businesses such as yours, the underground will live!!
Stay True,
Ian McI.

thanks for the fast service-i also appreciate the packaging with bubble-wrap.the cd arrived mint condition.it pisses me off when i receive cracked jewel cases!!your site rules! -tim

Hails, thanx for the reply to my emails, I wasnt sure if you would actually write me back or not. How often do the trendy "fuck corporate" kids email you? I have a feeling they do not realize that if you buy a bands album you are supporting the metal community and the band itself, if no one bought albums there would be no bands and no tours. The bands cant tour on pocket change and bus transfers. The metal community has to support the band and help them get new equipment and funds to tour with, if you stop buying albums you will stop seeing them live in concert. Buying a bands cd is quite different from "corporate exploitation" or whatever. Anyways, im not one of those moronic trendy metal heads, I support your site and believe you are doing the metal community a great favor, keep up the good work.
Stay Brutal,

Thanks! You guys have the best selection - always! Lyle McN.

Hail! I recently ordered an order from your website. Thank you very much. It came very quickly and I was more then happy with what I got. I will surely order more in the future... Keep up the evil work, and expect another order once i get more money! -- Alex

Hails BlackMetal staff! Wow, your selection is freakin amazing! It's good to order from you guys AGAIN! Thanks. Metal hell! --Vaughn C.

Hi! I want to say that your web-site is great, and I am very pleased with what I've bought from you and the service you provide! Sincerely, Glenn B. (Norway!)

Wow! Cool site! I just found it, and felt like I've come home when I started browsing around it! My name is G.H. Lorimer of Ded Engine, and I just wanted to clear up a couple of things in the listings you have for our stuff! First of all, there were only two albums. The first album was toted as our untitled debut. The European version was titled "Hot Shot" by the record company, and was the same first album. It was standard practice for record companies to use the song from track two, side-two as album titles if none were present. (We didn't call it that, it's not even one of our better songs!) And, the American version has incorrect artwork. The "Ded Engine" emblem was supposed to be a chrome effect using white, black, and blue inks, but they replaced it with silver and printed it on white. The European version was printed correctly. Our second album was "Hold a Grudge", and is harder to find. It was our only work that also came out on CD. Sadly, the infamous Marky DeSade passed away in 1994. Scott Litz is out raising his family. Doug and I (the original founders) are talking right now about some new material. Don't know if you're interested, but before our two albums were our self released 45, called "Two Bad", and a British Compilation called "It's Unheard Of", where we were the only American band featured. I've seen the 45 once on eBay, and there were only 1000 printed. The compilation is very hard to find. I've heard rumors that it has sold for $250 somewhere, but I've never been able to confirm that. There was a record store in Ohio (if I remember correctly) that bought a handful of these from us for $20 each, and wanted as many as we could spare. We had 50 copies from the company, and as far as we know they're the only 50 in the country. We have no "official" website, but I do maintain what I hope will end up being that in the near future. Well, I just wanted to touch base and say "Hi", and great site! I'll be shopping here very soon!
G.H. (Chip) Lorimer, Jr.- Ded Engine

Hails! Thanks for fast delivery of my orders! When you mean fast delivery you really mean fast! My beherial cd, judas iscariot cd, genocide kommando nocturn cd, argentium cd, and dark invasion arrived 3 days after the Order Status Page said "shipped"! Great job-- keep up the good work! Francisco


Wow thanks for the quick ship time received my order in like 3 working days!! Awesome import versions (of Napalm Death "Order of the Leech" DIGIPAK, and PARADISE LOST "Lost Paradise" CD); THANKS again! Adam L., WI.

I received my order today. Thanks for the super fast delivery! --Chris D.

To Debbie and your staff, just wanted you to know how very happy I am with you coming through on the Graveworm cd. It became a challenge to acquire this cd. After a year of searching I can REST IN PEACE so to speak. thanks again, John

dear blackmetal - just to let you know i recieved my vond cds this morning in perfect condition. many thanks -paul s.

once again, your selection rules, and your prices are most fair - not to mention the always quick processing. black-blood hailz! (Nathan B.)

hi guys just a quick thanks from merrie england for the excellent service from your superb website. five days from order to delivery ( faster than online shops here! ) thanks again, alan from surrey u.k

hails to darkness,

eternal thanks for sending the unexpected tricks. i'm submitting to the essential dominance of Isengard and master/slave relationship. satyricon and nachtfalk are next. sirenia is also closing in.

mark (kfjc 89.1 fm radio)

Just wanted to say thanks for everything and the good business that has been given. I will always shop with blackmetal.com whenever i get a chance! Thanks! I've received all that I have ordered. Sincerely, Andrew

THANKS for the MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP CD! Real good stuff... I'll take 10! Yours - PATRICK Red Stream, Inc.

Thank you for the wonderful site. Promoting innovative and great music is so important and often so unprofitable. GOOD FOR YOU for doing so!Your literary descriptions of each offering is greatly appreciated. Once again...thank you for your brilliant site! Angel de F.

Rock On, Destroy eardrums and posers, signed - a satisfied customer (Robert from HC band SIEGE)

my black soul is forever grateful to all bands' contribution to the Black Metal society! screw the beautiful people and thanks for making this awesome site! in pain, a nobody

Hails! I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to visit your store this past Saturday. You are the best Mail-order distro hands down for service and selection. Thanks again. Scott G. (Fresno)

Dear Elden M.

Received my goods on Friday. Everything is fine!!! Thanks for a good, efficient and inexpensive service...

Also, thanks for the "Used Music CD's, No Commercial Value" statement on the customs sticker. Everything went down well without a hitch!!! Haven't heard that one being used before but at least it worked.

Thanks again for a great service. I hope to be ordering from you again real soon!!

Danie O.

My name is Clayton Gore, and I sent you a testimonial eons and eons ago (literally at least four years ago) about how great you were. Well, thankfully, you still are! Great to see you still up and selling, and I send everyone I know to you.

...keep up the great service you are the best site ever!!! Wilhelm E.

Thank you for your wonderful site! Debbie YOU RULE!!! Mange Takk! --Angel DF

Just wanted to quickly say once again how pleased i am with your site (especially being over here in Australia)-- you told me 2 weeks for Green Carnation, but its only been a matter of a few short days! THANKS! -- Marlon

Hails Debbie, I just received the two DVDs I ordered, DEATH "Live in L.A." and HYPOCRISY. I must say that when I found your website, I felt like a freakin' child in a candy store! So much good, evil music, IT'S AWESOME! This was my first order from your site, but I look forward to placing others. This particular order was for my boyfriend, I surprised him and boy was he happy. There is nothing better than having good SEX and Black Metal music playing in the background. THANKS!!!! -- "Evil" LIZ (L.A.)

Hi Elden!

... We include bounceback cards in all of our CDs and we thought you might like to know that more than 80% of the ones sent back have listed BLACKMETAL.com as their favorite site! VERY cool!

Thanks, Mary/Hammerheart America

Infernal Hails!!! Dana of Demonic Christ here. It has been a while since we have been in touch. I just checked out the site - haven't looked at it in over a year. It looks fuckin KILLER! Very professional yet down to earth - And I must commend you on the ease of use. I am totally impressed!!!! I just wanted to congratulate you on the success of the site and let you know I am a total supporter. I will add your link to the Demonic Christ website this weekend... I am sure you are extremely busy but if you get a chance write me back. Best of luck to you with the business - I am sure it will be extremely successful! keep the flames burning!


Keep up the great work! Charles Keller (Vulpecula, ex-Order From Chaos) www.ares-kingdom.com

i just wanted to reply to say THANK S! My cds did finally get here, the post office had them since like two weeks ago, but the Marines never gave me my mail! Just wanted to say its great that you sell music like this so easy; it's a pain in the ass looking for good cd stores every where i get sent/stationed to, (they all suck)... -- Jeremy MC


Once again, BlackMetal.Com comes through in spades! You guys rule! i wish there was some way to repay you. your friend-- krieg w. (Oakland)

Best Regards from Nicholas Towasser I wrote a letter asking when Destroyer 666's "Cold Steel" would come back in stock. You suggested to wait awhile and keep checking the website. Sure enough, it reappeared and I've ordered it from you along with two other titles. Thanks! Blackmetal.com is a great, great company!

HAILS! Thanks tons for shipping my stuff so fast! You guys fucking RULE! \m/
KDVS 90.3fm UC Davis, CA
- KDVS Metal Department -


Is this Debbie? I just wanted to thank you for shipping my D666 so fast, I've been looking for that cd for a very long time and I could only find it in LP format so major hails to you guys for having it!

Also, if this is Debbie, we have something in common, I'm the webmistress at KDVS!!! heh heh heh

it's definitly cool knowing there's a metal sistah out there with the same kind of authority! WE RULE!

I just love you guys! Thanks so much for all your help and consideration!

HAILS! \m/ -- metalgina KDVS 90.3fm UC Davis, Ca. - KDVS Metal Department

Hails! I just wanted to say thanks very much for the great service you have provided me in the past few months. Never have I dealt with a more professional, prompt and courteous mail-order company. You have a customer for as long as you're going to be around. I don't know where else I could have gotten the rarities from Beherit and Blasphemy you have stocked. Thanks for your time.
Nick W.

Hails Debbie,
"fast service" is an understatement - I got my order in the mail this morning, perfect packaging and all - CHEERS! I'll definitely know where to turn when I next need an article that I can't pick up on ye olde continent! Thanks again, 'til we meet again....
Dave / el rojo (in FRANCE)

Hails! I got my 6 CDs today ($89 order!), and just wanted to THANK YOU for doing a great job! Take care, Denis (Canada)

I just submitted payment.So here is there email to let you know. I hope to do more business with the you in the near future. You seem to have almost every disc that I have been searching all over for. Keep stocking em.Thanks Again.
Ken Brown

Hi, I`m Tina and I hear your black metal radio! Super Super !!! But please play Limbonic Art or Dimmu Borgir ! I´m fan of them!! Tank you very much! By Tina

Thanks very much for the info about your special wish lists! Sounds like a great idea, and it will be extremely useful for someone for me, who is always looking out for rare & interesting releases by obscure bands. I'll keep checking to see if you can get "Severed Survival" in in the meantime. By the way, I'd just like to congratulate you guys on having one of the most impressive distro lists ever. The HELLWITCH and IMPALED albums I received last week both fucking KILL! It's really good that I can order most of my music from you, because here in Australia, record shops seem to be getting extremely commercial, so the most you can find is household names like Emperor & Dimmu Borgir (don't get me wrong, I love both those bands, but already own all of their material!) Thanx for all your help, James.

I just wanted to say that I love your killer cool website and I have it as one of my favorites. You have so much to offer and have a lot of cool stuff on it like the "search" and the reviews and other such things. Matthew D.

Hails! You guys are the best Black Metal store all over the world, and i hope you will keep it that way! --Wolflord, Southern Calif.

Thanks to Debbie & BlackMetal.Com for offering the great extreme music titles i crave which are not available to me here, and for processing my orders promptly over the last several years! -- Jason B.

Greetings! For me, the internet has almost always been a source of tracking down rare/imported metal music and finding your site was a relief. You're the professionals I've been looking for. --David, at Dartmouth

I have received both cds that I have ordered from your company. There fantastic. Thanks for everything and I'll definitely will be coming back again, if not sooner.

Hails, BLACKMETAL.COM! I just wanted to say that I really love your site and I think it's hella, hella cool! You have a lot to choose from and order from! Terrrific job on the website and I have it marked as one of my favorites! BLACKMETAL.COM rules all!!!! Matthew

Thanks for the quick response! That's professional! Most appreciated! And THANK YOU for the *great* service! Blackmetal.com is metallist's dream (or nightmare, depending how you see it)! --Nick T

Hi. Thank you for sending me CDs. I really like BM, because you always send items very fast!...

Debbie, Elden, and all,
Order arrived today in great shape. Just wanted to thank you again for the great service. You always ship faster and better than anywhere else, not to mention your killer selection and prices.
Kick Ass!!!

Hey there! how are you? ...i wanted to say Thank you for the wonderful service you all provide. Without blackmetal.com id be stuck listening to crap metal on mtv. Hails to you and Black metal!

THANK YOU! I wish more companies had this level of customer service! --Joseph MC (rifleunk)

hail - i have just got my 1st order from you MANY THANKS ! i will send you a new order soon
stay grimm
the LORD !

I saw my review is up. I really like this feature. It gives me something to do.

Hails! I tell every one I talk to at shows about your web site... They ask me where I found this CD or that, and I tell them to check you guys out! A few people have never heard of the site! You guys have a great selection and great info on your CDs! And I appreciate all the help; thanks again! DEASIL

Order received! Great service; you`ve DEFINITELY got a new customer! Thanks again..... Dave

Hi, I just wanted to thank you folks for the speedy service. I ordered Necrophagia "Cannibal Holocaust" on CD recently, and it got here alot quicker than expected! You guys are awesome!!!! If its always this fast, then I will be ordering more stuff for sure!!! Thanks, Mike

Last week was the first time I've ordered from you guys, I ordered Cruachan's 1st album "Tuatha no Gael", and am impressed at how fast the service was. 8 days from the time I sent my money order to the day I got it in the mail. You definately have me as a return customer! I see you just got Hagalaz Runedance's new album, "Frigga's Web" in. I promptly sent a money order out today for that, and Waylanders "Reawakening Pride Once lost", also. Thaks for the fast service, and as long as you keep on getting the folk metal in, I'll be returning! Britton W. Dicks, Jr. Caro, Michigan.

You guys are the best! I can always find the obscure CDs I want on your site. Thanks again for running such a smooth, professional operation! --L.McN.

I just have to say that your company is by far the best online metal store in existence. I have ordered several things from you, and I have been happy every time. keep up the good work! Thank you, Rob T

I recently found out about this web-site. And a m I glad that I did! I live in Toronto Canada, and although it is a huge city most of the music I enjoy listening to is hard to get. I even have a part-time job at [a music store] so I am aware of all the happenings that go on. But still many of the releases are hard or impossible to get. When they are available the are fiercely expensive. Even at the amazing discount I get on these discs. When I convert your prices from American to Canadian dollars I still end up ahead. This is so cool. A friend of mine and I will be buying a lot of stuff (regularily). So look out for my orders! Again thanks for making the most amazing music available to the (black) masses. The site is great and I love the seriousness in which you deal with credit card fraud. It makes me that much more comfortabe in buying.

Dear BlackMetal.com,
It has been some time since I last placed an order with you but after logging in, found that you had retained my address and that all I had to do was enter the required credit card info.
I appreciate the smoothness of your website which tries very hard to obtain customer satisfaction.
Court B

The Green Carnation CD is amazing! I have been playing it and recommending it and Blackmetal.com to many of my friends. All in all everything I purchased is great. I look forward to my next purchase from you! Thanks again for making it available to come and pick up my orders I really do appreciate it. Aaron


By the gods, you scared the crap out of me!!! I read "I tried the charge again", and assumed it wasn't going to work, and so I would have to call up Wells Fargo, and tell them where they can stick their bank, then, I read "and it went through!!", and realized, I still need to call them up, and tell them where to stick their bank. *nod* But, I do appreciate you taking the time to try charging it again, and can't wait to get the new Arcturus cd......so, thanks for being patient, thanks for not putting me on the Hall of Shame, and most importantly, thanks for such a kick ass site!!!


Hello everyone, THANKS for an excellent service, just wanted to let you know! Regards from Iceland, Aegir Demus Sveinsson.

FROM: Burney (Santa Cruz, California) I don't even go to record stores anymore, you guys are the sickest! THANX!

thank you debbie.

Paula Hogan
Candlelight/Peaceville USA

THANKS for being such a trustworthy company! - Shawn O'K

looks to me like blackmetal.com is the best sight i have seen for metal variety.keep up the excellent work. i will be in touch whenever i see items of interest to me...
darcy klann.

HAIL BLACK METAL.COM!!! THANKS for the info; you guys are realy cool helping us small guys, and you've got the best site there is! THANKS again! --Wolflord Gaude & AVENGER *Metal to the Metals!*

Goathorned Greetings!
Hi this is Keith Dempe, I recently ordered a couple of Black WIdow CDs and a Death SS double-CD off of you and emailed wondering where my order had gone-- I wanted to say thank you for informing me so quickly... sure enough (just as you said) my local post office had been holding my package (without telling me, because I check my PO box sometimes up to 3 times daily) for over 7 days! But when I went down there armed with your email with my tracking number, the cow at the desk offered it up! I have been ordering my music through the mail for almost 17 years now and never have I had such an enjoyable experience as ordering through blackmetal.com!!! I'm not accustomed to writing letters of praise to mailorders or record labels, especially seeing since before I discovered you I had to rely on such unreliable services as R*l*pse, N*cr*p*lis, & C*nt*ry M*d** for the more widely-circulated items... You guys do a bloody excellent job at what you do and your selection is unsurpassed in my experience which is pretty well traveled at that! THANK YOU! You'll be recieving a new order from me within the week! WHen I find a good source of metal, I usually drain it until its dry (or I go to debtors prison, whichever comes first HAHA!) Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for supplying metaldom with such an unholy service! Well I better go, thanks again for the great service and take good care! PS: Thanks also for signing SATHANAS and doing such an awesome job FINALLY releasing the GODLY Black Earth CD!! I have been listening to Sathanas since the RIpping Evil demo and its great to see them being so well-taken care of!

i just want to say that BlackMetal.com is the greatest! You guys are truly any true Metal freak's "Top Underground Mailorder Site"! Hails! m.v.

Greetings, I love your website! Blackmetal.com has a great selection of metal, expecially hard to find titles. I ordered Necrophagia - Season Of The Dead and Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre, and they arrived in 3 days!! Great service, I'll be ordering again soon. Thank you much & TOTAL WAR! Roger


The Green Carnation CD is amazing! I have been playing it and recommending it and BlackMetal.Com to many of my friends. All in all everything I purchased is great! I look forward to my next purchase from you... Thanks again for my orders; I really do appreciate it! Aaron E., Bay Area California!

HAILS! I just want to take the time to compliment your excellent website. Your prices are cheap, you have excellent service and my orders are usually shipped very quickly! Thanks for providing such a selection of REAL METAL(!) at such convenient prices! Continued success! --Thanks, Greg (BLOODDAWNED!)

What can I say... You guys Kill! Excellent service, fast shipping, and the best selection of "CHRIST RAPING BLACK FUCKING METAL" on the planet. I ordered Satan's Blood " Christians to Ashes Angels to Dust " and Nightside " The End of Christianity ". Fucking essential! Hail to you! Hail to Underground music! Death to MTV! Death to shitty music, and the stores who sell it! 666 Chris

You people have THE BEST selection of METAL anywhere! -

Hi Debbie, Elden & others, This is my first letter to you after purchasing CDs from blackmetal.com for over two years now... Love all the great CDs! A big THANK YOU! Thanks for the excellent delivery shipping service also... I'm very selective in my taste and you yet seem to have it all. HAILS! Eyon D, NY

Oh yeah I just want to say I am really satisfied with your order. I got it in just a few days not even a week in other words less than a week... You guys are a great company I am glad I found you and best wishes happy holidays and thanx for my order that what drives me to order more and I will tell others you guys are great and Debbie is a great person. Happy Holidays!!!!! Thanx alot too!!!!!!!!! - Mark

THANKS for the many items i received from your store! i have ordered quite a lot, and it all arrived very quick, safe, and sometimes even with free items, posters, stickers! I want to thank you for that, and all efforts you make. Great webstore, the best i have encounterd! Please keep up the good works!!! Thank you all!! Kind regards: Erik, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hey There ........ I Wanted to Thank You first Of All for Reading My Email . My name is TOM , and I am a New Blackmetal .COM Customer , and I recently purchased the DEATHSTRIKE LP !!!! Let me tell you My Friends , I am VERY SA TISFIED with the professional Shipping Job , and service that i recieved for this record . Your Website is Killer , & very easy to Search Through . I recieved my LP in great Shape , and it really made me happy to find this LP , after searching for it . You can count on me for Sure , for future Business !!!!! Thanx again .....1000 HAILS !!!!!! ToM

Ave, Ones Who Fight the War Against Humanity.... Despite "computer problems"preventing me from finalizing my order twice, I finally got it in quite speedy fashion, very well-packaged, and including some primo bonuses(rather than useless JUNK like some places send for "bonuses"). UNFORTUNATELY, my Post Office, just like last time, didn't notify me of it's arrival........so the tracking number feature ONCE AGAIN came in very handy in order for me to get my "Priority Mail" in actual "priority" TIME. It has been my frequent experience that the biggest priority in "Priority Mail" is USPS getting extra money from whoever is shipping stuff! Thanks for the speedy service----especially under the screwy circumstances----and for the very MeTal bonuses! I'll DEFINITELY be ordering again, as well as spreading the word. MeTal Uber Alles, Michael Edward Mitchell

HAILS! I am a new customer and I just got my cds that I ordered today! You guys rule! Thank you! I will be ordering from you again soon. Take care. Tino

Infernal Greetings to the unholy staff of Cybertzara! I would just like to say that Cybertzara (Blackmetal.com) is the ultimate in distributing dark and obscure extreme music!! I have one question, when will you get the new Thy Primordial Cd? Please try to obtain more Thy Primordial merchandise such as t-shirts and such. That band is ungodly! Again my darkest gratitude goes to Cybertzara for always coming through with excellent merchandise!! Hail!! In Blasphemy, Pagan D. Zambrano

Hello You are the greatest. I am looking like others have said I cant order Cds anywere. For example Marduk`s-Fuck Me Jesus and some Hypocrisy mini discs. You are the best I am always going to say something good and spread the word you guys rule. Mark "Tagtgren"

Folks at blackmetal.com, First off, thanks for a great site and great service. Just thought I'd write you about one of the guys on your recent Asshole Ripoffs update. After my last job (three years in retail, dealing with countless jerks like these), I find your list hugely entertaining and extremely satisfying. Anyway, about the guy in Indonesia who sent you 12 orders using stolen cards ... I don't have any information about him or anything, but I thought it might interest you to know that his e-mail moniker, "anjing", is the Malay word for "dog". Appropriate? Cheers, Mario Sismondo.

Items Recieved!!! Blackmetal.com are the messiahs in black, I will recommend you to all metalheads that I know!!! Thanks for the excellent packaging, I'll be back!!! Thanks Bobby

Greetings! Thought I should say that the stuff arrived to me, and that the money was transferred from my account. Thank you for trusting me. And thank you for being f-n fast and priceworthy!!! Though it's quite a shame that we have to order Norwegian albums through USA.... Sweden sucks when it comes to distribution. Anyway, thank you, I will order again. /Björn

Hello! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the great service! The CDs are great! I'll be back. :-) Eileen

Got it two days after placing the order!!!!!!!! Talk about quick! I appreciate that. I haven't done business with you folks in awihle....but will do so in the future! I linked you to my site as well. If you do return links mine is http://www.forlorn-souls.net Thanks again! Mike

You guys are the best, keep the extreme/underground metal scene alive! -Gregory J.M.

DEBBIE: ADRIAN here from UNRESTRAINED Magazine, Canada! THANKS so much for my 1st order -- got here in 1 week! :) I will continue to order and definitely tell my friends about blackmetal.com I have been reluctant for a few years to order over the net, but with professional service and speed from you guys I have faith! :) ADRIAN "The Energizer" BROMLEY Unrestrained Magazine, Canada

HAVE A GREAT SAMHAIN AND DON'T SCARE TOO MANY CHILDREN... you are the BEST online store i have ever used and have been able to fill 99.9% of my orders so keep up the great work. if i lived a little closer i would personally bow to all of you for the great work! take care (Ben R.)

Debbie, I just wanted to send you a quick note to express my appreciation to both you and Elden for taking such great care in dealing with my recent order and subsequent exchange. I received the replacement records today and they are perfect! (That double boxing is almost always enough to resist the carnage that the postal workers are prone to inflict on parcels!) The timing also couldn't have been better, as today is my brother's birthday and I was able to give them on time! Anyway, thank you again for your (always!) wonderful service! Very best regards and Happy Samhain! Jeffrey Cornille

Just a note to say a lot of my stuff came in. A huge thanks for reserving a copy of the Iron Angel on CD for me. I gave it to my brother (Philthy McNasty) and you should have seen the look on his face. Totally kickass. Cheers, Grant.

Hails! The packet arrived and all 3 cds were unscathed. Thanks a lot! Clandestine Blaze is great Black Hails from SWEDEN! -- Tomas N., "Svartulv", "Vlad Tepes"!

I just wanted to thank you guys for the order i received. I was surprised to find it in the mail today after sending the money via paypal on monday. keep up the good work. -chrisk

man its so cool to be able to finally order the kind of music i love & never see in record stores you guys rule HAIL!!! - Whitewizard459

I decided to take a look at the "order tracking" option on your site. I made my last order, and it was listed as "shipped" in LESS THAN 24 HOURS! I'm at a loss for words here. I couldn't even get my ex-wife to get shit done within that time. Keep up the good work!


Hail Debbie,

I have to put my two cent in on the new system! I am most impressed with it, I really like the little change in the layout and the tons of new choices you have implemented for everything. The service is already light years faster than everybody else under the old system now it will be even faster. I have not used it yet but I will soon I'm sure. You all got me bummed when I saw the new Bewitched and Houwitser were the LPs! : ) You need to tell Elden to get Osmose CD in first just once! lol. They usually follow soon after anyway. The new Immortal comes out in a week and you all always get them in really fast when the new albums come out! Anyway, looks great and even better! Thanks!



Great. Yeah, I just made another order again today. I make the final payment on my truck this month, which is good, because, ever since I really browsed through the site, I can't seem to keep away. But, hell, the only other thing to spend money on in this country is alcohol which I'm staying away from for personal reasons, and prostitutes, which is something I refuse to take part in. At least I have something to show for what I spend, eh? Keep up the good work.


HAILS Debbie And Elden, Just got another order from you guys (two Cianide LPs) and couldn't be happier with the service. Every order I've received has been packaged perfectly and arrived within 6 days maximum of the order (and I'm all the way across the country). The new design of the site looks great and I prefer it to the older version as well.... Anyway a great a job overall, and I'll be making many more orders from blackmetal.com. Mike Grefski

I like this fuckin site, it's so great, there's blasphemy, blackened attitude and a lot of fantastic services. Thank you fo r all and don't stop, Black Flame is in your hands... heil VARG! (italy)

Hi, it's John Evans..... just wanted to say that I like the new format, keep up the good work. -John

So the site looks killer... Just basically dropping a line to the best fucking site ever (been my homepage for years), and giving thanks: for what you do, what you're about, and what you provide. "We are the triumph of creation" - G.F.

Thanks for everything! blackmetal.com is the ruler of the internet...

Hail Debbie & Elden!
First I would like to say that your selection of Black Metal has no rivals! And it goes without saying that your web site and service is totally awesome! I have ordered twice from you and am totally satisified with the speed with which you process the orders and the care and professionalism that you put into your packaging and shipping methods. Thanks for any assistance you can give!
Hail Thor! Ted S

Hail Warriors of Blackmetal.com,
I just wanted to let you guys know that I think there is NO other mailorder that compares to yours. I hail Blackmetal.com for not only the products it provides, but also the exceptional service delivered! You warriors are simply amazing! Thanks for everything, rest assured I'll order only from Blackmetal.com!

I ordered Beherit's ''Drawing down the Moon'' from you guys the moment I saw that there was a restock for it on Blackmetal.com! I don't know how you manage to get it but you have made me a very, very happy man! I've been wanting to get my hands on it for a very, very long time!

Thanks Jonathan F.

from Angel de Foisy & Jason L. Stanley: Thank you for having such an incredible site Debbie!

I got my DEMON CD! THANKS so much...no wonder I keep coming back to you guys!/gals!

Great. By the way, I'll state the obvious and remind you that your service fuckin rules. I live in the "Bible belt" of the US, so it's a pain in the ass trying to find anything that interests me, and then we have AAFES here (Army and Air Force Exchange Services, but we prefer to call it "Another Agency Fucking Every Soldier"), which means in the "politically correct" mindset of the Army, they don't have anything aside from top 40 bullshit. (An interesting point is that they sell leftist Rage Against the Machine shit, even though political leftism is considered an act of subversion). I think the most I've been able to find through AAFES was COF's "Midian" CD, and that was a one-time thing. As far as trying to find any such music on the Korean economy? Riiiiiiight........ I was surprised at how quickly my last order got here, too. I think it's been the fastest online order I've received from anyone, to include the big name online corporations like CDNow and Amazon. Keep it up.

I write from France only for you to know that your site fuckin' kill! Hell bless you and should darkness support your fabulous work!
Hail ...Azraël,the grim Soulreaper...

thanks for the great transaction and excellent music!


Thanks for providing the internet with a site that sells black metal at a good price. Stay Brutal, Kenny

I just want to let Blackmetal.com know I am pleased with my annual massive order this year. I am glad a company such as yours exist so I can acquire both rare and new items for my ever-growing collection. I am also pleased with the increased shipping speeds as in comparrison to about 2 years ago.
Eternally in Servitude of the Black Hordes,
Lord Catullus von Spliters of Death/ASARU

Hails! i'm the guitarist of AVENGER (USA)! You guys are great; i got some [some stuff] from here: a Bathory shirt, a Witchburner cd, and a Runemagick cd-- they're really great! You have the only site that i can buy music from without hearing it and know i will love it! Hail to you guys; rock on! --Wolflord

Thanks for replying. At this time I would like to compliment you on your website. It says that you are a 5-person operation on your site. Truly, you should be commended for that. It is incredible! The site is easily navigatable and is also huge. It seems that you put "...and you thought we were corporate..." on there for a joke. Because of the way the site is set up and the superior quality of everything from jpegs to graphic design on there, I really did think you were corporate. Must of taken a lot of work. I would also like to say that if the customer gets their order within a 2 week period, that is incredible! I believe [another record label is] one of the top black metal distributors-- However, it usually takes about a month to recieve an order from them no matter how you place. They say that you shouldn't call to check on your order until 6 weeks have passed! Keith.

Greetings... got the Sathanas "Black Earth" CD 2 days ago... and it fucking kills, man!!! Thanks for signing them and putting this masterpiece out!!! Also thanks for the prompt service... you guys are one of the fastest mailorder ever. Looking forward to getting "Thy Dark Heavens" from blackmetal.com very soon... Cheers and many thanks for great packaging and BM.com sticker!!! Ismail

Hail Debbie
... Many thanks, and kudos on the fine service....
Stay Sick

Hey -- I know that you guys got real work to do, so I'll keep this short. I just wanted to thank you for putting this site together and finding all these albums. I've been searching for some of this stuff for years. Your site also reminded me of a ton of other bands that I had completely forgotten about. I'm sure that I'll be ordering many albums through your site, and I just wanted to let you know that you're work is appreciated. Good luck and I'll be lurking about on your site often. Thanks - Curt Meinhold

To All At Blackmetal.com, I'm just writing to praise the great job you do over and over again. I just received the new Emperor CD today (along with the free sticker, thanks!) and it amazes me that I am never let down by a six-person operation, as compared to dealing with larger places where I never receive what I ordered. I first discovered Blackmetal.com back in 1997 and I've been ordering ever since. All in all, I just finally decided to write and express my deepest appreciation for your fantastic CD selection and fast mail-order service. Keep up the great work!
Larry W. Cobb Jr.

Hails! I've ordered lots of stuff from you guys and I still am amazed at your company for providing such great titles, and shipping them to me FAST! You know, i used to get these CDs in 2 weeks (i'm in Canada), now it's even faster!!!! I'm so impressed! W.M.

Ave, Just got my order today(AA21123) and wanted to let you know about a problem....not YOUR fault, though. If I HADN'T used the "tracking" feature, it would still be sitting in my Post Office......I had to print out the verification that it DID indeed arrive here on the 20th(sent on the 16th.....they missed the "3 day"priority mail guaranteed, too. But understandable with this Anthrax scare.......don't know what the big deal is about a has-been band like Anthrax!) and this was today, the 22nd, that they FINALLY dug up my package! So maybe you want to suggest to people that IF they use the "tracking" feature and they still haven't gotten their package, it is THEIR post office's fault, and not yours! But, despite their screw-up, it was still pretty fast service from you guys, so thanks! By the way, on my invoice it says the Salesperson was FENRIZ..........did Fenriz move here from Old Norway, or is it someone with the same name? By Fenriz, I of course mean the mythical wolf, not the guy from Darkthrone! Just kidding....... I will certainly be ordering more from you lot in future. Thanks again Happy Halloween, Michael E. Mitchell (not Fenriz)

I just got my first order from blackmetal.com today. I'm very happy with the CD and the quality of your website. Thanks again, I'll be getting more from your website very soon!

Hails! Thanx for the CLANDESTINE BLAZE CD-- its fucking amazing! You guys are the best! Always on time, and I'm a hard customer to please! You have proven yourselves ten-fold!! I'll be a customer for a very looooong time! satan666 (andy)

this was my first time ordering from you guys and i must say that i was extremely pleased with my order. it got here in 4 days after i ordered it and only cost me 3.00 s&h. you guys fuckin rule!!! praise hail satan!!!!!!! -l.g.

Hello, I just want to say that I love blackmetal.com and definitely spend way more than I should!!! You guys are doing a great job and keep it up. My collection has grown to insane numbers!! Much BM Hail to all of you Tom T.

BTW, i continue to be most impressed with the site and the vast catalog. (But you guessed this already by the increasing frequency of orders, i'm sure.) Keep up the good work!
-- rkf

thanks, for thank you friends for the shipment of the catalogs it releases life to the metal

BM First let me extol the GREATNESS of blackmetal.com. I am a first time BLACKMETAL.COM buyer but long time internet buyer. I sincerely appreciate the prompt processing of my order. I received my BLACKMETAL.COM long sleeve shirt within seven days after placing my order. I can't say enough good things about the product. It's a thick quality shirt unlike the more thinner long sleeve shirts available. Whatever shirts that BM.com may produce in the future, use the Hanes Beefy T's and I'll be wearing one giving that FREE promotion to blackmetal.com. Keep up the good work and great customer service. B-

It is very simple thing. Provide good service, and send the orders out fast. You guys do this with sincerety, I have placed yet another order with you, because you Rock!! regards Robert Pittsburgh

You guys rule. Don't ever close down! I have never found any other store online or walk-in that even compares to your metallic goodness!!

I just recently got the Shredded Corpse "Exhumed and Molested" cd from you guys today on Wild Rags. Excellent !! I like how ya'll often have rare out of print item's... Thanks!! Later, Roger

Debbie, Elden,
You guys kick ass! After placing the order late Thursday, the package arrived in good shape on Saturday (!), completely exceeding my expectations. Wormgear was an interesting read as well. Screw Amazon, screw Tower, you're getting all my Black Metal business from now on!
Extra mega-hails,

Hey!! I'm jamming the Sathanas right now and it RULES...I've loved those guys for YEARS! Take care, Mary (Novembers Doom/Mythic; Hammerheart America)

i cant stop spending money!! either u guys are gonna have to go out of business or im gonna go broke!!! hehe andy

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent and extremely fast service I recieved from you guys. I've tried a lot of metal mailorders, but I'll definitely be sticking with you from now on. Let me know. Joseph Pickett

Evil bastards. Evil salutations to you too. - patrick

Hi Debbie, just thought I'd send you a note in appreciation of the last order you sent for me. As usual it was packed well, promptly dispatched and full of quality product. It was however the inclusion of the second new Sathanas CD (I had already ordered "Black Earth") at no cost that really prompted me to send the mail you see before you. Thank you for doing that, I am most grateful, it is an excellent CD (and being free makes it even better!!!). It's no wonder I proudly display your stickers on my car and spread the word about you to any one who will listen. Thanks heaps, Mark

Jason, Relapse retail store, here... Received the Sathanas CDs yesterday and I have been playing them in the store constantly! Fucking killer! Thanks again! Jason

what a great way to order the best music there is that you never can find in stores! - Whitewizard45

I just wanted to drop you guys a note to say i am quite impressed with your service and selection! I look forward to having many more [orders] with you! thanx again, kris

I appreciate learning about Black Metal for the first time, having grown up in Florida during the birth of Death & Thrash in the 80's. My music tastes and collection [has taken] a new course for the better! All hail with gratitude, Mark666 (San Francisco)

The number one thing about a website must be customer satisfaction - and that is why I do not, and will not shop anywhere else. You guys are incredible. Vendetta arrived in mint condition, thanks a million and I have sent the faulty copy off along with the 2 Protector CD's. - Cheers, Grant Mason.

Hello, Got the below order. Thanks!!!! Forgot how heavy Incubus was. Been try to get this for some time. Anyway, keep up the great work!!!!

later, David

I recieved my huge order today! Thank you for your help! I appreciate the GREAT customer service you have! Thank you again. - Brandon J. E.

Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for processing my order for Bathorys "Hammerheart" so quickly!!, I am impressed by the service that I received, I love the cd! The quality of the recording is awesome!(I am a hardass about that) and I love the outside packaging of the cd, also being made in Germany is a big plus :) I will order more BATHORY in a couple of weeks. I am new to black metal, and I am obsessed with it. a friend of mine gave me some BATHORY AND BURZUM tapes and I freaked! Thank you again and you will be hearing from me again in a few weeks! PS Debbie you are a goddess! You have invaded my dreams - robert88

Unholy shit! I can't believe how quickly my order was processed! I ordered Tuesday night and received everything by Friday! This is only the second time I've ordered from Blackmetal.com but it definately won't be the last. I have to commend you on your site and overall dedication to the Dark Art of Black Metal! I am very impressed, many hails to you! Jen E. / New York

Infernal Hails to all of you at BLACKMETAL.COM!!! Thank you for making my first online purchase a very pleasant experience. I recieved my order timely and the CD arrived in great condition. Keep up the good job and effeciency! - Lee S.H, Singapore


Thanks for the good service! I snail mailed an order and got my package less than a week later! --J.J.

To Debbie and everybody else: Fucking terror. I was in a state of intense screaming and the random browbeating of many neighbors when I discovered my order in the mail today. You can't get much faster than that. Very pro. Intestines rocketing forth from your mouth in a state of incredible elation would describe it aptly. And, of course, I'm listening to some of it now. Thanks very much... Extremely pleased. Incredible selection. Thanks particularly for the surprise sticker... And the ballpoint, how could I forget? Beautiful.... Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for my giftbasket of die.


hail! just recieved Lunar Aurora- "Ars Moriendi"...what a fucking brilliant piece of work! thanks and praise for yet another highly proffessional and attentive transaction, ... my black metal needs will be, as have always been, fulfilled by blackmetal.com. ~Lord Drymtalanh (Nik Onder)

Hail!!! Blackmetal.com rules all......(-NAME WITHHELD-) who? You guys are quick and you even have rare stuff that I need for my collection! CD's, and LP's man you guys have it all. From now on I only order through you guys. Dylan Dunnihoo Soldier of Odin

Thanks, received the disc's I ordered yesterday. That was quick. I really like Enthroned, their newest effort is incredible. The sticker is going on my car immediately!! thank you, DS

Hails! You guys know how to do business right! Thanks for always getting my orders out quick and for being such a killer mail order. I love ordering from you because I know stuff is shipped out correct and packaged very carefully. I pretty much use you exclusively now too since you have a wide array of music available. You guys are awesome! Thanks! Erik

hails from darcy klann. received this order in mail today. everything appears to be in order and as advertised. thanks for the quick service and i will be in touch for more vintage metal vinyl as soon as i am able to. you know that money thing we work to earn. keep up the good work and thanks for the pen and sticker.

It's so cool I can have all these killer, evil music titles now in just the click of a button. The evilest bands right at my fingertips. I can't stand the bland world of bubble gum pop currently saturated on MTV. Hopefully that trend will kill itself through over-saturation. Equally detestable is the hip hop gang bang scene. I laugh when people see my band merchandise and ask if I'm in a gang. Gangs are for weak people. -- Joe

Hails! fucking excellent service, much appreciated... Nik O.

Greetings! Just thought I'd say thanks for making my first order with blackmetal.com an easy and painless process! I ordered the newest Nagelfar disc I think last week (perhaps the week before) and it arrived early this morning! I think this is an excellent time frame to Australia! Thanks again, I will be ordering from you soon in the future! -Simon

Hails! Your site fucking kills! i will soon be getting some more music from you guys-- your site is a big part of my inspiration. i read it constantly! Hails! Will (BARBARIAN)

...You are the best mail-order [service] around! You have been responsible for adding many fine pieces to my collection! Thanks a lot! Sincerely, Paul Cunningham

Being relatively new to the black metal scene, your site has been immensely helpful in seeing what's out there, since a huge chunk of the music produced is NOT readily available. Not to mention the fact that when I ordered from you, the item arrived VERY fast and was packaged well, without any wear and tear. Keep up the amazing work! Thanks! -- Patrick

Hey!! I just wanted to write a quick note to say that your service is by far the greatest online. I am always surprised by your quick delivery and great selection. I have been buying from you over 2 years now and I will continue in the future. I don't want to bash anybody but I am still waiting for my CD's from (-NAME WITHHELD-) and it's been over 2 weeks and we live in the same damn state??? Keep up the great work and keep the flag of metal up high!!! Greg

First, I wanted to thank you guys for the amazing service you provide. The closest store to me that carries this stuff is not easy to get to (Dark Realms ... great store and cool guys -- but quite a drive). Thankfully, I have you guys to turn to. Your selection is staggering, and I'm always impressed with how often you restock. It's surprisingly common for me to check up on a TEMP N/A item and find it's returned since the last time I came. To make things even better, your service is fast as hell. And the reliability might be the best of any place I've ordered from. If it's in stock, I get what I ordered. No mistakes (-NAME WITHHELD- sent me the wrong Emperor CD once, another place sent me CDs that looked suspiciously like used CDs). So, thanks for being the best source on the web. Expect many more orders from me in the future. Btw, the new tweaks of the site's design are cool. -- vlad (Brian T.)

Hello Elden and Debbie and all others at blackmetal.com. Hails!!!!!!!! This site is fucking killer!! Just a quick note about Nocturnus for you. We have recently hired new drummer Chris Bieniek. Originally from Syracuse NY. This I must say is our best drummer yet. We are five songs into our next effort and we will be adding an extra special track to it as well. Here is my home email if you care to get back with me. We are still seeking a keyboard wizard to replace Louis. If you have any ideas or know someone that might be interested let me know. redkenyi@tampabay.rr.com Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Metal Hails to you all!!! Emo Mowery

debbie, my faith in blackmetal.com has been restored ten fold.thank you and sorry about the harsh words.i realize you really did go out of your way to satisfy me.that is a great deal.thanks again and i will spread the word about your customer appreciation. John

Debbie & Elden, You have always treated my best friend, Randy Lue (L.A.), with the greatest respect and have been so nice to him. I thank you for your extra attention to him. Thank you for every "extra" that you have given him. I appreciate it as his well being means a lot to me. You have a GREAT site and I am so glad that you guys handle everything so professionally! Thanks again, Shan Clawson

Wishing to let you guys/gals know what an excellent service you are providing! Living in New Zealand its is extremly hard to find decent BM worth spending money on. Thanks all, keep up the good work!

Cheers Gareth Hutton

To Blackmetal.com

HAILS! Thank you! Appriciate the great service! I'll be back to shop again!
Best Regards, Daggoth

...thank you for giving us all such good prices on the Merchandise in general. I have to say that your prices are very reasonable. If you would accept, I would like to make a small donation to you if I could. Because I know how hard you all work. Thank you once again! Hail BLACKMETAL.COM!!
Sincerely, Sal Guadagno

Once again, you have proved to be the BEST fucking mail order company I have ever recieved anything from. Keep up the wonderful job. You guys ROCK!! Thanks! ~Chris M./Ars Moriendi

Greetings, Just wanted to say hi cuz i'm really happy with your service... I live in South Korea, so imagine how hard it is getting "good stuff" over here. My last order arrived within four days of being shipped....how much faster can you get? CDNow and Amazon? I'm lucky if I get my order within 2 weeks from them! Anyway, I've only so far ordered two times from you guys, but I intend on ordering a whole lot more. THanks and Keep up the good work! noise from south korea ps. how in the hell do you pronounce "Cybertzara"? (the "T" is silent - as in CyberZara - Staff)

So far I've made three orders with blackmetal.com and I've been extremely happy with all of them! The orders came quickly, were well-packed (a must for a vinyl nut like me), and I loved the stickers and pens included as a bonus! Keep up the great work!!! --Mike Grefski

I would like to give a big OOOOHHH-RAH!!! To your website.
I really like it, it is good to friggin go.

Keep up the good work.
Sgt. Wasik

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE blackmetal.com! Thanks so much for getting my order out so fast to me! I will definitely order from you again!

In Darkness,
Frances Stephens Houston, TX

Hails! I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for all the great stuff I have been able to add to my collection! ...What I like the most is the order tracking I can do and the fast delivery times. In the past I have ordered from Relapse, Full Moon, Red Stream and Metal Disc and you guys are by far the fastest and that is what I have told all my friends. Well I think that is enough kissing up, but I figure you probably mostly hear complaints and a nice word once in a while never hurt any one.

Paul Cunningham

Hi there, Debbie and Elden! I just wanted to say that you site is way hella cool! It's very pro lookin' and it's good that there are no corporate ties with the site.

Plus, what were you two doing before you started the site in '96? Were you in bands or other random underground metal stuff? Just curious.


I am totally fucking *thrilled* with your site! i just visited it after noticing it on ebay and now i don't use ebay any more, i'll just order everything from you--your prices are great, shipping is FINALLY fair here, and you have everything! i had wanted a copy of CRadle of filth's Sodomizing the virgin vamps for forever and now i have it. i ordered it thrusday and received it monday--that's REALLY fast. it's tough to find good places to get black metal--kudos to you guys, the best on the web!!! TAra >:)

Thanks for the ultra fast delivery! Wow!! Amazing! Marcel Gokcedag

I jusy wanted to say that BLACKMETAL.COM is the fucking greatest. I cannot get the shit I like at any stores where I live. Please don't ever go away. Pedro E.

I just wanted let you know you guys kick some major fucking ass. I've ordered quite a lot of merchandise from you (as you know), and never had any problems things have always arrived quickly and in great condition. Deepest thanks to you for providing a way for those of us who live in areas where they only sell bullshit rap or pop crap, a way to get real music. Satanic regards, PJ

Dear folks at black metal.com, I was very happy about my order, It got here very fast and the cds were in great shape when i got them, plus the cds I ordered i could not find anywhere else on the net,Thank you guys and girls at black metal.com for the great service, I hope to be buying more cds soon thank you... James Hughes

Hello Debbie, Let me start off by saying that Blackmetal.com is the only metal online store that has it all! Being a fan of Blackmetal be it U.S., European, or else where, BM.com provides the best fucking huge selection in the universe. About two weeks ago, I ordered the new Marduk cd and Tsjuder's Kill for satan cd and they arrived at my door in great condition. I just can't say enough about BM.com, I totally love the huge selection, service, and great prices I can't find anywhere else. Hails to all of the BM.com staff, keep up the great work. Sincerely, Randy Beltran

Hails! I just wanted to compliment you guys on your site. You have GREAT prices with an awesome selection that is pretty hard to find where I live. I was also really impressed with how fast I received my order. Keep up the good work. I'm now a loyal customer.~kim~

HAIL Debbie and Devil: I have ordered 4 times already and now I'm waiting for my forth one to get here I know already it will be fast and thanks to you I Have my BURZUM collection up to date. I used to have Cradle of Filth as a main priority cause I couldnt find nothing else in stores thats why I even changed my E-mail adress. thank you,thank you,I think saying thank you every day for 1000 years would not be enough keep up the "evil" work see you.

Hi Debbie. I think you're hot and you carry bands you can't get here is why I buy:)... Bye bye love, Joe

Hail!!! I just received my order and I am very pleased!! This was my first order through you and it certainly will not be my last! Just wanted to say thank you! -Gunter Gebhardt

I just want to put my two cents in...I turned on black metal radio tonight and it kicked serious ass! I don't know if you guys made some hardware adjustments or what, but all of a sudden the sound quality went from tolerable to thundering excellence! If it stays like this, I'll definitely be back often. Lastly, I have never been let down through mail order, and I appreciate you guys doing such a great job. Thanks --Hail the BlackMetal.com crew! KML

Hi Debbie,
The two vinyl singles arrived today and I'm very pleased with the deal. If you look at the back of the cover of the single you will notice that my address is identical to the one given there. So, I'm Tore Bratseth's (OLD FUNERAL) father and we used to have 250 copies in the house and now I have to buy myself a few copies back from the USA. Kinda funny but nice though... Thanks again, and take care

All the best Harald

People at Blackmetal.com--
Thank you very much for your incredible service. I can't believe how quickly my cd order came. You guys have a great website and great service. ... Again, thanks alot - you've just made a new regular customer! -Michael Jacomella-

I just wanted to say how much you guys rock and keep up the good work with selling everything. -keepin it brutal -erik

Thank you so much you guys!! As always, your service is prompt and secure! Blackmetal.com is the best! Thank you again! Pete Tucker

Hello! I've received the records! They're fuck'n great!!! Thanx!!!!! (also pen!) I'll visit blackmetal. com(great web-site!) Thanx + cheers! Masae

Dear Diabolical Debbie and Crew, Just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know that your service both on- and off-line is phenomenal. You really have your shit together, and have earned my loyalty (translation: I will be sending you lots of money in the future!) Here are the pics I promised you. Ironically, I just got another Warlock, so the sticker you included in the last shipment has already found a similar home! Do What Thou Wilt... Matt

Stay Sick Fuckers!!! You rule! Celia Smith

Hello Elden, Thank you for the great service! I received my order today. I'm really enjoying Dark Angel, Incubus, and Gordian Knot. Take care! Andy Shelton

Just wanted to take this time to let you know that you rock! Blackmetal.com is now my favorite place to obtain all my dark desires.
Thanks again,

This is an awesome awesome website and every time I've ordered from you I've been incredibly pleased with the service. My record collection wouldn't be half as complete without this website, so thank you very much! - Joshua Lilly

You guys are by far the best source of black/death metal in the bay area. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Bryan Manning

Once again i must say "thank you"!! to you all at BlackMetal.Com, for putting a smile on my face once more, today i received the album from Carpathian Forest!! and sticker from your webstore!, :-) Well,thanks to all for your effort,great store keep it going please!! Warmest regards: Erik Amsterdam,Netherlands Rege Satanas XXXV

Greetings, Debbie.
Thanks for the quick reply and EXTREME THANKS for sending out another order for me... EXTREME HAILS to you all at blackmetal.com and STAY BRUTAL ! DESTROY THE WAYS OF CHRIST!!! Gil S.

just wanted to say thank you for getting my order out promptly. i was hoping it would be around valentines [order received a few days before valentines day!]... i will be doing more business with you. thank you! melissa u.

Hello, Just wanted to let you know, you guys are the best on the web. If I am looking for something, I look you guys up first.. and now with the Vintage Annex.. woah. B.MdotCom kicks fucking ass. All hails, I tell everyone to order from you... Horns Down -I- Kevin Parker -I-


Wow!!! You guys are seriously fast!!! Thank you soo much for everything!!! You guys are the best!!! Thanks again!!! -Matt

Hails, I got the CDs you sent me. Thanks again they kick ass! Matt Lochman Red Stream

You guys are great!! keep up the good work!! Travis K.

Your site FUCKING KILLS!!! Even though about half of what I like is gone or TEMP N/A, I still cannot believe what you do have AND IN THE US EVEN. I might be raving a bit (two hours of sleep over the past two days so stay with me) but I'm starved for metal especially since I went analog last year. When I'm reduced to buying rage against the machine, I wondered if I could still keep up with the scene. Thank (insert deity here) for e-mail order. (I REALLY need sleep) a returning customer, Tim


HELLO, I'm writting you to confirm that yesterday arrived the BURZUM's digipack that i did shop in your web store. So i thank you for the good service and security of the shipping. Well thanks a lot and hails from the south of America. Bie Metal gods! Adri·n Gonz·lez

HAIL, You guys rule! Definately the #1 Metal site on the Web! Jason"Necroman"Stevens

I got Thyrfing: Urkraft quickly, and it was personally signed! How refreshing that small, non-corporate businesses still exist. BlackMetal.com kicks ass! And without the internet, I wouldn't have found this excellent underground music! For someone with a massive imagination, its the only kind of contemporary music that satisfies me. Black metal and classical music is basically all I listen to. (well, I like other stuff but those are my favorite genres!) hail to the metal underground! >D -Zom

Hail BM.com! You guys are awesome. I often check your site for release descriptions and the picks of the week. All very helpful for my next black metal cd purchase. Chris

Hail! Let me say that I am a great fan of your site and really appreciate your efforts in bringing such a comprehensive treatment to the genre'. Thanks again, Jephistopheles

Hi there! Just wanted to congratulate you for the wonderful site. Keep up the good work! IT

Hello , just sending this note to let you know i got my order last week in perfect condition , thank you very much & if i need anything else i'll let you know . thanks & bye . JENNY T.

Hail blackmetal.com! There's nobody out there in cyberland who's combined capitalism and evil with such style, such elan! James Halloway

...words cannot express how much i love this fuckin' site! michael s. copiague, ny

I would like to thank you for your impressive speedy return in helping us get our order through. But that is not what set me beside myself, The amount of time it took to get the items I ordered was mind numbing. Thank You for an awesome service...We'll be doing business again and soon. Thomas Harris aka Salithar

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I received my order! Thanks for the prompt service and packing the cds the way you did! I will be ordering again from your company! Thanks again and have a happy new year!!! - Jim

this is shawn one of your loyal customers. just wanted to say thanx so much for your services and look forward to the year 01. keep up the killer work. - GRIPINC66

Hail, I just wanted to thank you guys for the quick and accurate delivery. It's almost unbelievable that you are only with five people. It's the second time I placed an order and I must say that I am very pleased with the service. I will order again at blackmetal.com. Keep on doing the good (evil) stuff! - Corsuvax (Sweden) P.S.: Thanks for the 3 Mortiis posters, my friends are very happy.

THANKS a lot for the order! It came really fast, and i was very suprised because i thought it wouldn't come *that* fast! Here's what makes this site so sweet: 1) cool people who own it, 2) Black Metal, 3) FAST service! Anyway, again: THANK YOU!!! DARREN SALDANA

Howdy. you guys rule. Where i live in canada i can't get any rad metal music. You guys saved my ass from all the cristian rock! - Spencer

HAIL, Blackmetal.com is the leader in true underground music.When i order, my package is delivered quickly and in excelllent condition.I plan to buy my cd's only from this site.I'll spread the word to all i meet. THANK YOU!! MATT P.S. Please restock your MARDUK long sleeve shirts.Winter is here, and i must look good.

...I would like to thank you fot the amazingly prompt service- I placed my order on Dec 6th, and received it on the 9th! ... Thank you again - Erik

WOWOWOWOW!!!!THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!You guys are the best!I will order from you many more times from you in the future! You don't know how grateful I am!! Hails Travis!

This website rules!! Surfing for death metal has its rewards on the net. Hail Satan and all you are doing here. Keep the torch lit and pat yourselves on the back. Great job! - Robert Clark

All hails to blackmetal.com! I will now buy exclusively from here! - Joe

...i met and bought from you at the san beridino ca show your online service rules hail666 thank you eric dolenshak

Greetings Debbie.. Cybertzara/BLACKMETAL.COM

"I must congratulate your web-site for the true magick you bring to the underground. Your continued support of Le' rue Delashay and Theatre of the Macabre is most appreciated, and I see that "Musick in Theory and Practice" has made pick of the week. My thanks for showing your support and dedication to those of us who struggle to bring forth the true daemonic energies of the universe, to shine the eternal light of the morning star."

Theatre of the Macabre and Root of all Evil Records have just singed a contract with Demolition Records in England for European Distribution. Demolition Records is Managing Cradle of Filth and Venom through Eric Cook, and this opportunity will lead to some amazing things. 5000 CD's should be infiltrating European soil in December for our big push there, an anything you can do state-side would truly be appreciated. Interviews in Metal Hammer, Pit, SOD, Metal Maniacs, and Terrorizer are all also in the works, so this should get big, very big in fact....

Also, once again, thanks for having Le' rue "musick..." as pick of the week, I was quite flattered to see that it still has the potential it had when it first came out. I have been working with members of the CoS as of late, and my CD's are the leading seller for www.satannet.com which is just another step in the goal for world Domination (Muah hah hah...).

In diabolic Inspiration and strength

Le' rue delashay

hello debbie this is the second time.i send mail for join your mailorder list but i'm not sure you took it.anyway continue to live at black way and listening enslaved emperor etc.blackmetal.com is fucking killer website in www.i'm honored to join mailorder list.i'm waiting news from black world.see you... LET THE METAL FLOW - MOONDAWN

I jus t want to tell you that you guys rock. I've been looking for the Autopsy and Suffocation cd's forever. You have an awesome selection!! I'm sure that my neighbors loved me-- the second that I got that box, my stereo was pounding with those lovely skull-crushing beats! I love it!! You definitely haven't heard the last of me. Thanks again and keep splattering guts! jeff faucett

thanxs for my latest order, autopsy's great. i meant to write after my last order,so you guys produced the 2 clandestined blaze cds, fuckin brutal, raw and fuckin cult. i listen to them all the time. hail! john c.

Excellent service and truly vile products!! Can't beat that. Thanks for sending me the free Mortiis posters! Made my damn day. Rev. Eric Eye

Hails! I just wanted to congradulate you on a great site, i love it, dont ever lose it. thanks! -paul

This is Clive Jones, songwriter and performer from the original BLACK WIDOW! I have just discovered your web site. I wrote Come To The Sabbat, and i am thrilled to see one of the Swedish bands you market has done a cover version, Bewitched on their EP ''Encyclopedia of Evil''! Really impressed with the range of bands you have on offer! Well done guys! - CLIVE JONES / BLACK WIDOW

whats up, you have a BADASS site its my favorite one!!!!!!! Jason

I would like to commend your company on their quick and efficient services. Twice I have ordered, and both times it was shipped out smoothly and was received at my house in a timespan of a few days. Good Job people.. Keep up the good work. - Brian


I really like this site, and apprieaciate the information on it, just wanted to let you know that epic/Black Metal sites should follow in your footsteps... Patrick Willett

I ordered Opera IX and got it with quickness! Thank you! Quick service and a great website to go along with it! What else is there?


Subject: ARIGATO (Thanks)
Hello, just today, I've received my ordered items. It's so quickly and exactly your works. Thank you so much. (and also the pen) Underground musick? I like.
kenji (JAPAN)

Greetings! I would like to thank you once again for really quick and reliable service once again. I received my package yesterday and was very ecstatic. Your dependable service makes you the best mail-order for all of us metalheads! Keep up and good work...
mac duruh

Just wanted to say thanx again for the great service, I e mailed you concerning an order placed because it didnt show up on the comments section as to when it was sent, but then you came through on the next day with not only one cd that I ordered but both, you guys (and girls) are the absolute best on-line mail order I have seen. keep up the hellishly evil work and an infernal hail of darkness to all of you,

2 words thank you
Chris Booth

Hey! What's up!
I just thought I'd let you know, that I love ordering music from blackmetal.com so much, that I put a link from my website to yours.. Buying cd's from you is always alot cheaper than going to a regular record store. check it out! www.angelfire.com/nj3/kowalski
Blackmetal.com kicks ass!
---steve kowalski

- Mike Tkaczyk , Canada

I recieved my last order today, everything is great. Thank you for the excellent service. Its nice to have a trustworthy place to order from online. I just wanted to say thanks, and you will be getting more orders from me in the future. In fact, I should have one coming through any day now. Thanks again, keep up the good work.
Kenneth J. Clay

Hey Debbie, Trent from Australia here... I would like to thank you heaps for not jerking me around and sending the c.d so quickly. You rule and I will definately be buying more stuff from you soon... Trent.

Infernal blessings...
On behalf of Theatre of the Macabre, I wanted to express our gratitude concerning the kind words about our CD description on your site. THANK YOU!!!
Keep the flame burning!!!!!

To All those at Black Metal.com : ... I am very impressed with the care that my order was taken care of, as well as the packing & shipping of it. I've been listening to my cd's all night long, and enjoying them immensely. I am looking forward to a long and lasting relationship with your site !!!!
Take Care :)
Ed Lord

...You two run an excellent company. And I think you two are very cool, down-to-Earth people. I wish you guys plenty of success.
Peace and HAIL!!!
Terrence Kelsey

Hails & Hell-o!
I just wanted to thank you. In my last order I used the [comments space] to request that you let me know when a CD (that had seemingly sold out) became available again. I guess you got your hands on a copy and went ahead and sent it with my order, at a small discount to boot! This was a very pleasant surprise and I appreciate your having gone that extra mile for me. Keep up the excellent work!
Love, Jim.

You're the only place I have ever shopped online, and the only place I will shop online. Let me congratulate you on a job well done. For some time now, it was very hard for me to find really good Black Metal bands, plus albums from other ones, but now that I found your site, I can actually order pretty much anything I want...

First off I'd just like to say: AWESOME FUCKING SITE!!! You guys carry some of the hardest shit to get ahold of. And you're quick about shipping it. STAY BRUTAL!!!!
Joe Bodenhamer

Thank you very much for the quick response, I know I can always count on Blackmetal.com for the best service anywhere. Thank you once again for the service.
Customer for Life(or Death), Jay C

(In reference to BATHORY "Bathory" CD) You folks are great! Keep up the wonderful work :-)

BLACKMETAL.COM is fucking awesome! I just received my package today! Thanks for the free pen & magazine! Looking forward to do business with you again! - Robert666

I just got my order today! I was very impressed... Man, you guys are a killer place to order from! I want to do it again!- demonvomit

Blazing metal hellfire hails to you, Elden & Debbie.
I am Der Prophet von Ossuary Insane. I would like to extend my respect and infernal regards to you for posting my bands album cover on your devastatingly brutalizing Blackmetal.com... That shiznizit kicks christian ass!!!!!!!! ... the Great Ossuary Insane is preparing something very special for its unvanquishable and Almighty return from the Pits eternal!!!! New stuff very soon... The new shiznizit will make even the hardest of criminal blasphemers fear the shadow of what demoniacal masterpiece still lurks beneath! BLACKMETAL.COM JUST FUCKING MASSACRES THE WEB HEARTLESSLY! NO MERCY OR PITY ALLOWED... ROCK ON! Der Prophet von Ossuary Insane 666

Dear Debbie and Elden,

I just wanted to drop you both a line to say it's a pleasure doing business with you ... BTW: good choice going with Free BSD, NT SUCKS!!!! Anyways, keep up the good work and STAY FUCKING DARK AND BRUTAL!!!!

William D. Pridgen

Hello, I am writing to compliment you on your impressive site. Never have I seen a more wonderful Black Metal online catalog. You truly crush all the others with your extensive selection of delectable Metal items!! Your site is incredible!!! Thanks for making it a little easier to find the music I love! - Kelly

I just recieved the Dissection cd I ordered, I was surprised to get it so quickly!!! Thank you so much, you will defin ately hear from me again, you have the best selection I have ever seen, I have found things in your lists that I've been toled in Australia are imposable to find (eg. The Somberlain) and there are many other items that I am drooling over! Thank you again! - Michelle

Hi. I just received my order from your store (I've been on gone so its been in my box for a few weeks). I'd just like to say that I was really surprised when I opened the package. I couldnt believe how well the cds were packaged. I buy a lot of music on the net, and I have never seen a company package an order that well... Overall, I think its great that you take suck precautions to make sure the cd's arrive safely. Keep up the good work. - Steve Mavrelos

Hail Debbie and Elden,
I just received the stuff I ordered and I wanted to take the time to say thank you for the extras you included (a pen, a Mortiis poster and a Vond CD). I'm a big Mortiis/Vond fan so it was much appreciated, especially since I didn't already have the Vond CD. Thanks also for the very careful and professional packing. The extras were a very nice surprise and very generous on your part; I don't know of other metal mailorder companies who do this, so again, many thanks! I'll be putting in another order soon, keep up the excellent work! Yours appreciatively, Ulex Xane (Tyrannus)

I am not a first time user-- I've already felt the rush of Blackmetal.com, and unlike heroin, the good feeling doesn't go away with repeated use. Har har har. -- Megan Weis

Thank you for the very prompt processing of my order! I've had to wait weeks when ordering from other places.

Brian Hickam Ohio

Debbie & Elden,
I just got my order! Thanks first of all for having the first two Helstar Albums in stock, and secondly for getting them to me so promptly. It's hard to find 80's underground metal these days. I'll certainly keep your site in mind for future orders. You have stuff nobody else has and your system of taking and processing orders is first rate. Thanks, Joe Casciari

Hi, I ordered two CDs the week before last, right before attending Milwaukee Metalfest. I was surprised to find them in my mailbox the day after I got back. Usually when I've ordered things online, they have taken much longer to arrive. I am very impressed with your selection of music and the speed with which you expedite your orders. Keep up the good work! I look forward to ordering from you again. Thank you, Elizabeth Beach

Debbie & Elden,
After using your online service for the first time, I have to tell you how impressed I am with your entire operation. I buy a lot of CDs online, from different styles of rock, and I can tell you I've probably ordered music from about 90% of all the mail-order catalogs and online shops, >from mainstream to way indie, and after my recent transaction, I'd have to rank your site right at the top. I've known of your site for some time, but haven't ordered anything until now, and I just want to say that you've done a great job keeping it up to date and making it very easy to navigate. Great product info, and the order status page is something I wish more sites would incorporate. It's nice to pay for shipping that's actually used for shipping too. Anyway, I reward great service with loyalty, and you have mine now. Keep up the great work, Kent Kaluf

Great site. Lots of hard to find goodies. As someone who loves all kinds of metal(black and otherwise) ... Lou

Hail from the east bay! My name is craig white, i'm thirty years old and i live in oakland (formerly in alameda) i've been getting stuff from you guys for going on four years now, so i felt it would be appropriate to send my personal thank you for all of your dedication, perseverance and hard work to the metal cause. never have i had a problem with getting anything, and my orders always arrive within the week. the quickest ever. theres nothing better than getting home from work, and finding a package from blackmetal.com in my mailbox. i just found out that you're an EXTREMEly small operation, and that baffled me; i figured there were more people working for you seeing as how smoothly things seem to run. anyway, it's always nice to know that you're doing something that people like, and that they appreciate it. thank you.... satanic regards, your friend craig

Thanks for the prompt response. As a matter of fact the package did arrive today. It was a helluva lot quicker than what I was expecting. I am totally satisfied with everything from the cds themselves to the quick expeditious and manner of how they got here. I usually order 5-10 cds per month and I usually order them through cdnow.com or amazon but you blow them out of the water!! You had some cds that those websites wouldn't have in stock or even listed for that matter. I can really tell that you really value your customers and I am not usually a "dedicated" customer but you have one now! Keep on the superb work and I look forward to ordering more cds through your killer website! Best of regrards and Cheers, Dave

Hail Debbie,
Thanks so much for helping place the first order,i have placed another order and this one went through with no problems.i recieved my other order on friday.The box sets are amazing.I'm really satisified and it got here super quick,i was really impressed with the site and the stock you carry. that is why i'm a repeat customer,thank you very much.Hail Blackmetal.com.

Best regards,
Mark Mathison

thank you for the super quick response!!! I must say that you have the best site i have ever seen. I am a totally loyal customer and i have sent your site to everyone that i know. Thank you again for the great site, the quick responses, the quick order processing, and thank you for being so professional. Sincerely, Nolan B.

This is one of the best shopping carts I've used...very quick. Whoever built it did a really nice job! *thumbs up* - Jason Muxlow

Dear Debbie (BlackMetal.Com)
Your page fucking rules. I love it, i am a great fan of Black and Death Metal, and your site is the best. I live in Australia, and it is extremely hard to buy any Black or Death Metal here, and only in the form of 'Imports' that are twice as expensive, so your site works out great with me. Your shipping is great, it sometimes takes less than a week to arrive, i used to shop through CDNow, and there orders could take upto 6 weeks, and cost almost twice as much as yours.
Judas Crown

Let me add my voice to what I am certain is a growing chorus of oooh's and aaah's for your web site BLACKMETAL.COM. The whole layout as well as the speed with which we can move between different screens is really outstanding. To think that you designed the site yourself almost makes me want to take a course in web design. Congrats!

With best regards,

Nocturnal Heil.
thanks for my account info.
I would also like to express my satisfaction with your service, and the cd which I recieved.
I am grimmly happy in which the time I got my package. Not too long after I ordered, I was surprised to see that my package had arrived. It was in extremely satisfactory condition. I think that I shall be a more frequent customer to blackmetal.com.
My darkest gratitude for your splendid service. -May the night wrap her arms of darkness around you and shield you from the light.
-Grimm Abbadon Frost

My deepest THANKS for your supreme site! Not only do you have the largest [selection], but also the quickest service which i have encountered. As a female from Tasmania (Australia), it is very hard to get decent cds, but thanks to the discovery of your excellent service, a whole new world of delicious Black Metal has been revealed to me. I was incredibly happy after I received a cd ordered from you in just a wee k after the order, as in my local cd store I was told that i would have to wait a whole year to receive it! I happily support your site! May Black Metal prevail eternally! yours KERRY.

Thanx for providing such a great online mailorder store! I don't even bother to look anywhere else! The best prices and best selection! Keep up the good work - your site is the easiest to navigate!

Damian M.


Blackmetal.com is probably the best place i have ever ordered from. Its the fastest, and as if the fact that i dont have to wait months to get my stuff isnt enough, it always has a killer selection. Hail to you guys for keeping Black Metal within my grasp.

Marty White

Hi, Debbie Thank you for the great pleasure. I received the package yesterday and I was very impressed with your hard work packaging. There was, of course, no damages or scratches...
Thank you.
Seong Ho from Seoul

Hey guys I received my disks today and wanted to express my thanx. It took no time at all and I love the music. You guys have truly been awesome. Thanx and I'll definitely be continuing business.


Your website,in my opinion, is the best on the web.I have never had to wait more than a couple of days for my orders. No one else, especially the crappy-ass music stores in my area, have even close to the selection you do. Thank you for being some of the worthy humans on this stinking planet we call home. I will continue to order every black metal album from you until i am lucky enough to die.


Thanks for the quick response and great service I picked the package up from my local post office today. Black Metal.com rules!!! -- DissectionDeath

I would like to thank blackmetal.com for a excellent service...I ordered 4 cd's on 12 May 2000. I had them delivered in perfect condition within 7 days ( I received them on 19 May 2000). They were cheaper (including postage to the UK) than any place I could buy from here, and thanks to some good recommendations on the blackmetal.com site, I ordered a great selection.

Blackmetal.com is definitely the best site for underground metal that I have found!

Keep up the good work - I will be placing a order very soon again...

P.S. Thanks for the pen - It's a nice extra touch!

Deon Kilian
United Kingdom

Hail and Greetings

I have two things to say, First i would like to express my appreciation for your service, my friend Dave Civello and i have been shopping here since the summer of '97 when i twisted his arm into trying on-line ordering, (of course i paid him for the stuff i ordered he's my best friend) and ever since both of us have been HUGE fans of this site, i hope you guys are getting GOOD buisiness for a long time, i mean if it wasn't for you i wouldn't have heard the first two cd's from EINHERJER!!! and well....that would just plain suck. so i say THANKS for keeping the torch burning and HAIL THOR!!


Aron Holt

Greetings Debbie,

Just wanted to say "hi", and to tell you how cool your website is. I have been purchasing cd's from you for a few years now, and have always had great service. You offer a great selection of the best metal around. It's nice to have an outlet such as your store for our music. Having been a musician now for the past 17 years, it's hard to find the music I so appreciate. You just can't walk into some idiotic record store in any mall and find "our" kind of music. These stores in the malls cater to morons who consider K*RN a great heavy-metal group, and have the balls to charge you $22.00 for a cd!!!...Kiss my ass! They wouldn't know talent if it punched 'em in the face!

Anyway, you have great prices, a cool website, an awesome selection, and quick service! Keep up the great work, Debbie! I'll be a loyal customer for years to come.

Chris Pinto
Peekskill, NY :)

From: EmbryoMirror


The site kicks ass.

Hello Blackmetal,

Just to let you know that i think your web store is excellent, as is the service. I order lots of CD's on the net, of all types of music and from various web sites. However, yours is the most reliable and the quickest by far - unlike with many many others, if a particular CD appears in your store as being available, then rest assured it is, and can be ordered and delivered very quickly. None of the 'waiting' for weeks and weeks while they try to order the item for you! It really is a godsend, as it is quite difficult to get decent Cd's of the genre here in the UK! I check Blackmetal.com almost on a daily basis, and i will continue to buy from you. I have also recommended you to friends

Keep up the good work

Best Wishes

greg (England)

Hail Elden, Thanks for your quick reply! Blackmetal.com's customer service is quite literally second to none. I mentioned the Troll discrepency one day and the website is changed in under 24 hours! Truly amazing my friend. Anyway, I ordered the CD because I have the Damnation digi - I was looking for this HNF version. Thanks!!!! Nick Mertaugh


Last week I ordered a cd that I could't find anywhere else. You guys have the biggest selection I have ever seen. Being a BlackMetal fan, I have found the only source that is dedicated to Black, Death, Doom, Grind,Thrash, and various metal acts. Your online store site leaves the other metal sites in the gutter. I received my cd fast and that is important to me. Keep up the awesome work and have a good day. Sincerely, Randy Beltran

hi debbie...i just orderd a bunch of stuff... i only want to buy my shit from you... stay evil! best regards....chris

I just wanted to say thanks for quickly processing my order and shipping it in fine condition and for a great price. You have to have the most comprehensive selection of metal CDs on the web and the expertise to know just what people are looking to purchase. Most of the morons out there don't understand the music and marginalize it and thus have a hard time stocking and selling the right stuff. You , on the other hand, treat metal fans with total respect and care. I can't say how happy I am with the service and even the hand-written thank you note and I look forward to many more orders in the future. Hell, would it be possible to e-mail recommendations...it will be hard to keep track with so much good stuff on your site. - Justin, San Francisco, CA

I'd just like to say that in these times it is hard to come across a site such as yours that has as much as you have. Recently, the only way I can get any sort of news on Metal of any kind was either through magazines or the internet, with one radio station in Phoenix only devoting 1 hour every Sunday evening to any kind of "real" Metal. Whenever I order from your site, it always gets here fast, even faster than sites like ----- and ------, and your selection is nothing short of amazing! I've found things I've been looking for for months. Metal didn't die, it just went to your site! Keep it up. - Mark, Phoenix

Hi and thank you for your quick and efficient service regarding my Thyrane and Infernal order, keep up the good work credit to the black metal fans everywhere. Thank you - Chris Booth

Darkest Hails!!!

First of all...Sacrifice Forward to Termination on CD!!! I emailed Elden a few weeks back in regards to getting this after looking all over hell for it. No one could come thru! Today, guess who has it? Thanks! I almost paid an ungodly amount on ---- just to get this... luckily I was outbid. Additional praises: I placed my first order thru you last week and was most impressed at the speed and quality of the service. 10 minutes before my order with you, I placed an order from ------ for some CD's you didn't have. Yours came two day before theirs using the same means of shipping and I couldn't track my order thru them!?!?! Thanks again! - Mike Talbot

Great order thanks. Packaging was excellent so was speed of shipment. Look forward to future business. In darkness, Scott (kelticblood)

"I just want to say thank you for all of your quick processing and shipments of my orders. Waiting and wondering is one of the biggest anxieties of online ordering and all of my experiences with you have been stress free. Thanks again and have a great weekend." Rob Dumo Needham, MA

"Black Metal is the best type of music out there and you are the best seller of B.M.! You have Cds by the bands i LOVE. and they are re-stocked constantly. The longest shipping has taken from your site is one week. Compared to other stores, that is not long. Thanks for a Music Store Site that specializes in the best music in the world."
-A Summoning Fan

"Yeah,you ARE fast,i have seen it myself. I hope your store stays online,because its a good source for me, to get the records i am looking for! And your prices are good too!"

"I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how amazed I am at the service that I received from your site. My order arrived to quickly, it seemed like it was the next day! I was amazed, for lack of a better word.... You guys more than overshadow the quality of service that I received from the so-called "big boys" of the web. I am so very pleased, and fully intend on supporting your site every way I can... You rule! Keep up the amazing work!!!"
T. Clayton Gore, Missouri

"I would be honored to appear in your webpages as a testimonial to your great service and loyalty to the music we love. As a long term customer of your site, I belive that I can get most of the dark black/doom/goth/death metal I need each and every day and count on your timely service. I always refer your site to some friends I have in the scene so they can purchase your fine merchandise too." - J Devesa

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for doing such an admirable job with Blackmetal.com. I have been consistently impressed with the dizzying selection of extreme music and with the careful packaging and FAST shipment of my orders.

Whenever I'm looking for a specific record/CD I check your site first. The other people I order from never get the music to me as quickly as you do. My other favorite mail order company actually became MUCH slower and less efficient as they got bigger.

You deserve the utmost respect from everyone in the music biz. No one can touch Blackmetal.com!" - Eric Hendrickson

"Yet again I must email to commend you on your service and products. I was told my order shipped out Monday and I got it today! A mere two days later. The cd's I ordered this time are truly fantastic... excellent fucking selection. All hail Cybertzara/blackmetal.com!"
Rick Dussault, Maine

"I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how amazed I am at the service that I received from your site. My order arrived to quickly, it seemed like it was the next day! I was amazed, for lack of a better word.... You guys more than overshadow the quality of service that I received from the so-called "big boys" of the web. I am so very pleased, and fully intend on supporting your site every way I can... You rule! Keep up the amazing work!!!"
T. Clayton Gore, Missouri

Hail, MIGHTY fucking Hail!!!

"That is how I like it!!! Damn that is just fucking fantasic! Hey I guess it was a good idea to order from you guys... should have done it sooner! Alright you bet I will be sending for a whole lot more. If you treat the customer like a friend instead of a damn number on your computer they will keep coming back and you already know this! I will definatly keep in touch! Thank's!!!" - Malcolm

"Hi Debbie! Just a little "say hello" back here from the Netherlands. Just recieved my second order from you, and their will come a lot more of them! Your system works great (never seen such a huge variety of metal cd's and stuff like that!!). Back here in Holland we don't have any of this on the internet :-( I will spread the word amongst the other Dutch metalheads to buy their stuff at blackmetal.com!!! Keep up your exellent work! Greetz," - Remko Bleijie

"I have recieved my items today on the 12th, and it is the best quality of merchandise I ever seen! Hell there wasnt a scratch on the priority mail box much less the cds and cases.Thank you for such great merchandise!!!!! This is now my #1 Music shop!!!!" - Steven Adams

"Hello, Just wanted to take a minute to tell all of you that your website and your service fucking rule!!!!!! Serious! I appreciate getting my orders timely and I like your selections. Thanx" - DarthChunk

"Greetings!... I just wanted to thank Blackmetal.com for being a quick and wonderful online store. There are few decent dark metal stores and your speedy service is very appreciated, not to mention the broad range of CD's you keep in stock. I had recently been ordering from a service in Holland which would have what I wanted but was eternally slow and would charge me several limbs at a time, but that has now ended! Thanx!" Charles Gore, Enthusiast

"Hi, I would just like to say that I LOVE your website.... I've put in about 6 orders and all of them have been processed and delivered VERY quickly... I'm so glad someone out there finally put up a website that has a huge and very accessible amount of black metal items... not only CD's but LP's and shirts, also. I look forward to putting in ALOT more orders in the future. Thank you." - Josh Samples

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