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BEHELAL (Ezgaroth Greece)

BEHELAL (Ezgaroth, Greece) Metamorphosis

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LABEL: Sempiternal Productions

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High-calibre yet still cult raw, blasting Hellenic Black Metal featuring Daemon Lethaemon (EZGAROTH and MEDIEVAL DEMON), recorded at EZGAROTH studios. Excellent Satanic Greek darkness veering from atmospheric Blackened Thrash (in the classic vein of old NECROMANTIA, MORTUARY DRAPE, and VARATHRON), to Nordic-influenced Underground Black Metal in the vein of BEHERIT and SARCOFAGO. Sometimes Doom oriented like DISSECTION at half-speed or sludge-paced 'De Mysteriis..." era MAYHEM; with majestic or ritualistic interludes for unholy rites. Definitely one of the best Hellenic BM albums released this New Millenium.
11 Songs; 50 minutes. (2007)

Recently featured as 'Album of the Month' by Greek Metal Hammer Magazine!

"...in a scene full of musical plagiarism, BEHELAL dares to create majestic music with awesome vocalisations in a very special way! A band that still can capture the classic Greek sound from the early '90s, but with their own atmospheres... and exorcise the masses through apocryphal necromantical Black Metal under the drape of ritualistic extasis..." -- Cast


01. Intro: ibo ad altare (2:55)
02. The storming of the horns (4:21)
03. The mirror (6:27)
04. Osirion (6:48)
05. Ego sum radix et genus Lucifer (2:50)
06. The litany (4:40)
07. July in Behelal (4:12)
08. The eleventh key of necromantical incantation (1:59)
09. Magie neagru intuneric intelepsiune (4:11)
10. For the glory of ordo serpenti (6:00)
11. The seventh key of ritual perversion (5:30)

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