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CURSE (Fortid / Potentiam / Thule; Iceland)
Slaughter of the Stars

CURSE (Fortid / Potentiam / Thule; Iceland) Slaughter of the Stars

List Price: $16.99
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LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2006

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Celestial Nordic Black Metal from Iceland! A skillful and heady mix of high-calibre Norwegian-influenced Viking Metal, technical Thrash, and progressive cosmic Dark Metal in the top-tier vein of Norway's BORKNAGAR / CRONIAN, EMPEROR, early ARCTURUS, old ULVER, and Irish PRIMORDIAL, but still retaining CURSE's signature Blackened Icelandic Thrash approach! Featuring excellent vocals (both grim and clear) by Eldur, who also appears on SYKDOM's third album, "Under Krigen" CD!
* RELEASE DATE SEPTEMBER 7, 2006! Formerly signed to No Colours (cult / elite German label), with 2 previous albums under their belts, CURSE is now on BlackMetal.com Records label!

This full-length album is to be followed by a split-CD with SYKDOM (featuring MASSEMORD members)-- NOW AVAILABLE for Summer 2007! CURSE's new ['previously-unreleased'] songs for the split-album with SYKDOM are from the same recording sessions of "Slaughter of the Stars" [the essential conclusion to "In Life & In Death" which appears on this "Slaughter of the Stars" album]; and with SYKDOM's tracks exclusively recorded for this split-album!
*[Hails to CHRIS "THORNCROSS" MOYEN for creating CURSE's logo; salute!]


  1. Entering the mind
  2. Slaughter of the stars [MP3]
  3. Breeding with Succubus [MP3]
  4. Six [MP3]
  5. Wheel of torture
  6. Legacy of the dying
  7. In life & in death *(part I)
  8. The coming of the storm
  9. Hail to the dark

* Note: See CURSE / SYKDOM split-CD for the other parts (conclusion) to "In Life & in Death"!

* Review:

"At times equally anguished, cosmic, enraged and hypnotic, Iceland's CURSE offers their third album to the black metal hordes. With lots of time changes that nod to the tech-thrash days of yore, a hint of Norwegian Viking metal, and a gigantic fistful of rage, CURSE is a sound to be heard by all maniacs who follow the blackened path!" -- Andreas (Ill-Literature Magazine)


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