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DEMONCY (Profanatica Profane Grace)
Joined in Darkness (Reissue) +Bonus Track!

DEMONCY (Profanatica, Profane Grace) Joined in Darkness (Reissue) +Bonus Track!

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LABEL: Negative-Existence / Baphomet Records

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the devil is in the details
Re-Mastered reissue CD with BONUS TRACK, "The Ode to Eternal Darkness", from the Limited-Edition 7-inch EP (sold out long ago, now 'Out of Print') originally released by Spikekult (ANTAEUS) / Battle-Sk'rs (ETERNAL MAJESTY, GOATLORD CORP, DARVULIA, ARKHAM), France.

Raw, grim speedy Black Metal with emphasis on the orthodox corpse-painted attitude. Classic 3rd album of early USBM from ex-PROFANATICA member and PROFANE GRACE mastermind Ixithra! (Summer 2007)

"Joined in Darkness" summons forth Death itself with its primal, heavy, and droning atmosphere. Thundering drums, bottom-end heavy guitars and crushing bass create the overall huge, ominous, and oppressive production. Ixithra's corpselike/reptillian vocals are terrifyingly cold and lack any emotion as they command death's destruction. Great artwork, by Michael Riddick, completes the atmosphere with images of human remains, decay, and dusty ruins. Over 70+ minutes of cult Black Metal darkness!

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