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6 Tears of Pleasure / Tales From Middle Earth (Split)

DOOMINHATED / RINGWRAITH (Tolkien) 6 Tears of Pleasure / Tales From Middle Earth (Split)

List Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $8.99
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LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2006

Stock Status: In Stock

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Two one-man bands unleashed from the corpse-painted genius known only as Lord Cabal: DOOMINHATED presents high-calibre Nordic Black Metal lyrically influenced by Charles Baudelaire and Diamanda Galas, but musically reminiscent of classic ABIGOR and early EMPEROR. RINGWRAITH features a more keyboard-oriented Tolkien Black Metal attack in the vein of immortal SUMMONING. Mid-90's orthodoxy that refuses to be forgotten! A total of 11 songs, with a running-time of 47+ minutes! Released January 31, 2006.
* Note: First full-length album from DOOMINHATED "inferno Caput Mundi" CD now AVAILABLE; released Summer 2007!


~ DOOMINHATED "6 Tears Of Pleasure" ~
01. Flowers of Evil *[BAUDELAIRE] (0:35)
02. The Ghost and the Sadness of the Moon (3:51) [ MP3 ]
03. At the Gates of Hell (5:18)
04. Sabba (3:56)
05. The Litanies of Satan *[DIAMANDA GALAS] (5:08)
06. Mother Night, Mother of Time (3:16) [ MP3 ]

~ RINGWRAITH "Tales From Middle Earth" ~
07. Halls of Moria (6:09)
08. In Minas Morgul Death Awaits (5:22) [ MP3 ]
09. Mounds of Mundburg (5:01)
10. Darkness Dwells Upon Durin's Tomb (5:29) [ MP3 ]
11. Elrond's Council (3:11)

* Total running-time = 47:21

- - - - -

* News flash! Feb. 2nd., 2006

~ BlackMetal.com Record's Tolkien Black Metal band RINGWRAITH appears on Militia Templi compilation; MP3 sample available! ~
A new non-album track from RINGWRAITH (check out the split-CD with DOOMINHATED on BlackMetal.com Records released on January 31, 2006; available NOW!) "Queen of the Storms" is available as an mp3 (sample excerpt) download HERE (new window opens).

This sample MP3 track is found in its entirety on Militia Templi Records' "TRIPUDIUM" Split-CD featuring 3 bands: L'ORDRE DU TEMPLE the solo project of Count David (DOLCINIAN, ENETH, FOURTH MONARCHY), RINGWRAITH (Tolkien Black Metal side-project of Lord Cabal, from DOOMINHATED), and TEUTA, the solo project of Lunaris from OPERA IX.

RINGWRAITH's contribution to the 3-way split consists of 3 songs: "Queen of the Storms", "Witches Woods (L'Inquisizione a Triora)", and "Ringwraiths"-- these tracks do not appear on the split-CD with DOOMINHATED.

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