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DOOMINHATED (Ringwraith Tolkien)
Inferno Caput Mundi

DOOMINHATED (Ringwraith, Tolkien) Inferno Caput Mundi

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LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2007

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* New on BlackMetal.com Records; released June 2007!

Long-overdue full-length album of high-calibre, yet still grim, still raging epic Pagan Black Metal from DOOMINHATED! With 'Inferno Caput Mundi (The Supreme Race)' full-length album now available on CD, DOOMINHATED / RINGWRAITH mastermind Lord Cabal ('art and screams') creates a skillful blend of gothic, melodic Death, and powerful Nordic-influenced epic Pagan Black Metal inspired by DARK FUNERAL, EMPEROR, BATHORY, and BORKNAGAR! Featuring some atmospheric medieval keyboards and ethereal female vocals ('whispers') by Liv (similar to early WELTENBRAND), Lord Cabal expands on the Tolkien-based developments of the previous DOOMINHATED / RINGWRAITH split-album to unleash a new mythology based on the legend of 'The Supreme Race', an anti-xtian theme originating from the magical land of Grishell.

* [ "Grishell is an island buried in eternal snow, reign of the Supreme Race, humanoids of the palest skin and of great wisdom. Seen as gods or legends, unreachable and untouchable except for the people of the cross, (who are) thirsty of conquest (and) which is the main author of their annihilation..." -- Excerpt from 'Theme' liner-notes included within the CD booklet.]

12 songs (46 minutes) of impressive Underground Italian Black Metal for fanatics of cult Nordic-influenced gothic art; an impressive Blackened grim Pagan opera made substantial by the imaginative creation of a complete mythology similar to Tolkien. Definitely in the vein of ABIGOR / SUMMONING, and Polish HELLVETO; essential for supporters of the previous split-CD with RINGWRAITH! Highly-recommended to fans of CURSE / POTENTIAM, SYKDOM / MASSEMORD, ENETH, SIN ORIGIN, VELONNIC SIN, MYSTIC FOREST, HELLVETO / BLAKAGIR, etc.
The multi-paneled multi-fold booklet features all lyrics, liner-notes revealing the Grishell concept, and striking photos of both Lord Cabal and Liv!


~ 'The Supreme Race' ~
I. Night on Grishell
II. Ulmir
III. Wurlak
IV. Battle in the Eternal Snow
V. Prisoner of the Dark
VI. The sons of the cross
VII. Come Back From Beyond
VIII. Death Everywhere

9. Warrior of a Pagan Land
10. The Oath
11. Angst
12. The Death of Attila

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