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EIKENSKADEN (Mystic Forest The Skaden)
665.999 *[on Tumult Records!]

EIKENSKADEN (Mystic Forest, The Skaden) 665.999 *[on Tumult Records!]

List Price: $14.99
Sale Price: $8.99
You Save: $6.00
LABEL: Tumult / AQ Rex
YEAR: 2004

Stock Status: (Out of Stock)

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* From tUMULt's main-man Andee:
Sometimes I am totally humbled by the bands that get in touch and want to be on tUMULt, and again that's the case, this time with EIKENSKADEN, a brutal, baroque black metal project from France I have loved for years (along with EIKENSKADEN front man Stefan Kozak's other project MYSTIC FOREST, who also completely rule!).

This is thick and fuzzy and ultra distorted black metal weirdness. Totally maniacal, quirky and frenzied, but with gorgeous melodies, classical piano, baroque sounding keyboards, frantic, violent drum programming and ragged gasping vocals [in a style or manner similar to TORMENTOR / MAYHEM / ABORYM's Attila Csihar! -- webtroll], all swathed in a hellish wash of fuzz and distortion with tons of reverb and buzzing, crunchy, speaker destroying distortion.

Think 665.999 as some strange mix of the gothic black/doom 'pop' of Katatonia and the neo-classical shred of Windham Hell. Like a Burzum vs. Bach battle to the death.

Ultra raw yet extremely melodic...

* A Review from the San Francisco Mission district:

"So here's a new EIKENSKADEN on tUMULt! Like tUMULt's other black metal releases (or other releases, period), you can be assured that Eikenskaden is not quite the norm for its genre, which is a genre where norms are oft-perverted anyways. There's something just a little bit fucked about their approach, the extreme combo of nasty distortion and neo-classical melody perhaps? ...you can say a lot about how this band... revels in the wall-of-fuzz sound of Norwegian black metal primitivists like Burzum. But then he takes it and merges it with freakin' Beethoven! Not only that, but like the best metal (from Iron Maiden to Katatonia) he doesn't forget this is rock music... There are simply just some great SONGS here beneath all the distortion and violence. We couldn't be happier -- not only did tUMULt get to put out an Eikenskaden album, but it lived up to all our expectations. Which means that even if you've never heard of Eikenskaden before, we'd recommend checking this out." -- aQ Rex (2005)

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