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Lord of Nightmare *(LTD. RESTOCK!)

ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN (aka EDM - E.D.M., Japan) Lord of Nightmare *(LTD. RESTOCK!)

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ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN third album "RUIN" CD still Available here at BlackMetal.com Mailorder!

"An impressive new disc from the Japanese artist known as Chaos9, where tension, bloody fury, drama and despair do battle using flesh-ripping thrash guitars and haunting piano melodies. Full color booklet inside and out with outstanding graphics."
-- Weed B. Gone / SubWrex (San Francisco)

The much-anticipated second album of hellish Black Metal from Japan's ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN! Immediately satisfying for fans of the groundbreaking [self-titled] debut album, "LORD OF NIGHTMARE" is an impressive follow-up that succeeds in expanding the horrific blackened atmosphere that has become ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN's signature sound. The pounding rhythms of the debut (previously compared to early SWANS and country-mates ZENI GEVA) have become much more pervasive, reaching deeper into doomy depths without becoming mired in sludge. The grinding guitar base retains it's bright yet abyssic and utterly maddening tone, all the while ushering the listener on a hair-raising ride through purgatorial vistas like the nightmarish tableaus of Heironymous Bosch's visions.

A close comparison might be made to some of the more recent recordings of distinguished USBM veterans BLACK FUNERAL, but E.D.M. are more adept at supporting their audial torment with more dynamics and LESS repetition. Ghostly piano abruptly appear, only to give way to disembodied funereal choirs wailing incessantly in the background behind absolutely tortured, yet still enraged and grim vocals. Sometimes disturbing, often-times intoxicating and completely delirious, with a constantly foreboding atmosphere, ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN's "Lord of Nightmare" is a unique and distinctive, albeit 'exotic' facet of modern Black Metal that proves essential for intrepid cult fanatics with fearless and adventurous constitutions. Even fans of [old] EMPEROR, [early] ANAAL NATHRAKH, and San Francisco's now-legendary WEAKLING are well-advised to check out E.D.M.!
6 Songs; 37 minutes-- guaranteed to leave you wanting more! (March 29, 2006)


1. Thirst for Pleasure (4:33)
2. I.S.L.N.W.D. (7:12) [MP3]
3. Griefs (5:21) [MP3]
4. Thirst (5:27)
5. Lord of Nightmare (4:22) [MP3]
6. ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN [9 to Death] (9:58)

* ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN "Lord of Nightmare" CD review found at:

"Endless Dismal Moan, the solo project of the sinister soul known only as Chaos9 impressed me greatly with their debut self-titled album just a little over a year ago. Now Chaos9 returns with a new recording of blackened metal mayhem called 'Lord of Nightmare'.

"'Lord of Nightmare' much like its predecessor is indeed a nightmarishoccurrence. I honestly can't say when the last time was that I experienced such a frightening, gripping, hallucinating, spellbindingly evil recording as this one. Seriously the riffs in this thing send shivers up and down my spine, the hairs on my armstandout up and quiver, and as I continue on listening I feel my verythoughts might betray me to do something wicked. Amongst these evilchords are brutally programmed drums that at no point sound human, but more like some sort of futuristic death contraption hooked up to my psyche. Plus with eerie synth that brings me back to the first Emperor album, and vocals that sound like something straight out of hell, you can bet you're in for one tremendous journey with thisrecording.

"'Thirst' for example starts out with a ghostly synth melody, where soon raw otherworldly hypnotic guitars enter the song, and the destruction viciously spreads and consumes your very mortal essence from you. 'ENDLESS DISMAL MOAN [9 to Death]' again scares the living hell out of me, opening with a light synth melody, soon guitar feedback and harsh noise roll up, and torturous serpent like screams began to address you for nine minutes of throbbing brilliance.Sometimes black metal, sometimes doom metal, sometimes somethingbeyond description, Endless Dismal Moan is outstanding! To call this anything less than a masterpiece would be wasted, this is one of the scariest and quite simply vital recordings I've heard thus far!"
* Score: 10 of 10
Review By: JJM

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