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Curse of Macha / Wiatr (split)

FOMORII / WIATR (Geimhre) Curse of Macha / Wiatr (split)

List Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $8.99
You Save: $7.00
LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2007

Stock Status: In Stock

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"...the black metal itself is incredible... this is some of the best black metal I personally have heard in quite a while... This has definitely become one of my favorite black metal splits ever... Both bands bring it all to the table, and blow you away." Fomorii / Wiatr review By ORMR / Lunar Hypnosis (9.5 of 10)

Two full-length recordings from Heathen / Pagan Black Metal bands [both] featuring members of GEIMHRE, Canadian veterans signed to Eastside Clan Poland, and Stellar Winter Russia! FOMORII (with the line-up of: guitarist Vintrtrol, drummer Wiatr, and vocalist/bassist Guerfaul; plus additional vocals by WH Volk of GRIM WINTER) purvey elite Nordic-influenced Black Metal with a wide range of dynamic styles from traditional-based folk-oriented instrumental music, to anthemic Viking Metal, and grim raw BM orthodoxy in the vein of early GRAVELAND, BILSKIRNIR, and DARKTHRONE. WIATR (featuring GEIMHRE drummer Wiatr) are very similar to both FOMORII and GEIMHRE, but also strongly inspired by early ULVER and TEMNOZOR-- evident by the crystalline high-calibre acoustic tracks, and the TEMNOZOR cover-version!
14 Songs; 73:04 total running-time.

Heroic stirring Heathen anthems for diehard Pagan Metal fanatics; with a running-time of over 73 minutes, this SPLIT-CD is an essential '2-albums-on-1-disc' collection of impressive, highly dynamic songs in the vein of the aforementioned bands, along with DRUDKH / DARK AGES, HATE FOREST, ILDJARN, NOKTURNAL MORTUM, SKYFORGER, KRODA, VELIMOR, OPRICH, DUB BUK, etc.


~ FOMORII "The Curse of Macha" ~
01. Sidhe (4:11) [MP3]
02. Formorii: Eirich and Leagail (6:13)
03. Comhla Chun Bas (4:56)
04. The Curse of Macha (6:28)
05. Belatucadnos (4:30) [MP3]
06. Tech Duinn (6:51) [MP3]
07. March of the King of Laoise (4:07)

~ WIATR "Wiatr" ~
08. I (3:12)
09. II (5:12)
10. III - White Thunder Roars (8:04) *[TEMNOZOR cover-version!]
11. IV (6:34)
12. V (5:29)
13. VI (4:36) [MP3]
14. VII (2:35)

* Reviewed in March 2007 by Fatherland-Almighty:

"Two obscure heathen bands appear out of nowhere and get one hell of a fantastic release among a long line of fantastic releases from Blackmetal.com. Fomori relies heavily on Irish folklore, and there is plenty of well-composed traditional atmosphere to complement their tribute to their homeland. Wiatr on the other hand is pretty minimalistic, a raw and primitive one-man project that even graces us with a cover of Temnozor�s 'White Thunder Roars'. Together, they offer a sacrifice to the atavistic ways of Europe before the dark shrouds of x-tianity, communism, and the EU all raped the continent of any of it's individual nations� identities and pride. It�s good to see bands waving the banner of more 'sensitive' material and ramming a fist down the throat of apologists and guiltmongers. Take that, you whiny scum!" -- FA (DC webzine)

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