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Monolithic in Darkness

GANZMORD Monolithic in Darkness

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LABEL: Antinomian Demo Series / BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2005

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the devil is in the details FREE MP3 STREAMING SAMPLE CLIP(s) CLICK HERE
New A.B.M.U. cult demo plus Bonus-Tracks available NOW!
FREE MP3 - CLICK LINKS ABOVE (a total of 4 audio-clips BELOW; see Track-List)

A.B.M.U. rising!
is Raw Misanthropic [Nordic-influenced] Black Metal released on our Antinomian Demo Series label!!!
Utterly harsh and chaotic grim cruelty from the obscurest of the American Black Metal Underground. High-energy, high-density, heavily distorted vicious Blackened mayhem for diehard supporters of cult BM!

GANZMORD represents the mind and chaos of a single being. The audial attacks this 'band' creates are a direct retaliation against the mediocrity of the current music climate, and the anger fueled by a disgusting human race. Ganzmord projects a pure stream of hatred and aggression, combining both harsh melodies and chaos to convey the true essence of black metal. All rituals recorded to date including the attacks on the "MONOLITHIC IN DARKNESS" CD were recorded while in complete solitude by Ganzmord alone. Future recordings will continue to be written in entirety by Ganzmord, but the drums will be provided by session musician, Zyklor from BEGRAVELSE! Ganzmord will never conform to the standards of any genre and will always represent the violent misanthropic mind of a true isolationist.

"MONOLITHIC IN DARKNESS" Contains tracks from the very limited and now unavailable "Enemy of Humanity" demo as well as many new [previously-unreleased] tracks. A BONUS DARKTHRONE cover-version is also included. A full hour of harsh, raw Black Metal violence!

Hail the misanthropic Black Metal hordes!

GANZMORD - Guitars / Bass / Vocals / All Writing and Arranging
ZYKLOR - session Drums (forthcoming recordings)


1. Enemy of Humanity (5:53)* [ MP3 ] + [ MP3 ]
2. Demoness of Whores (4:44)*
3. Ritual Misanthropic [edit], Pt.1 (7:44)
4. Ghost Unholy (5:49)
5. As the Warmth Leaves Her Body (5:42)*
6. Black Monolith (12:01)
7. Punishment Made Flesh (5:10)* [ MP3 ]
8. Idol of Fear (6:06)
9. Transilvanian Hunger (6:11)** [ MP3 ]

Total running-time = 59:13
* Tracks# 1, 2, 5, 7 taken from "Enemy of Humanity" demo.
** Track# 9 is a DARKTHRONE cover-version
All tracks remastered September 2005 by Archon SET-Eblis @ ACL Systems.

* An early [pre-release] review:
"GANZMORD is able to achieve an intense, yet transcendentally hypnotic atmosphere. Yeah, there is astrong trance-inducing feeling inadvertantly rising out of the raw and harsh grimness. To the casual listener, the songs sometimes descend into a chaotic din, yet everything is very controlled under the surface, and the transitions between high-density blast and near-ambient doominess is very dynamic and quite hallucinogenic. In contrast (or comparison) to a band like Canadian LUST [on Blood Fire Death], someone might say that GANZMORD songs are NOT chaotic, and so both descriptions (either 'chaotic' or 'not chaotic') are equally good to polarize supporters and detractors alike! heh heh heh... Great Necro Black Metal to think to..." -- Joker, aka 'Trickster J' (February 2005)

* LOW "CLEARANCE PRICE" effective October 11, 2009 -- this sale offer will end sometime soon!

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