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GRAB (Dodsferd ex-Deviser Kampf Nadiwrath)

GRAB (Dodsferd, ex-Deviser, Kampf, Nadiwrath) Plague

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LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2007

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GRAB "PLAGUE" CD description:
Full-length debut album of misanthropic necro (Nordic-influenced) Hellenic Black Metal featuring vocals by Wrath (DODSFERD, KAMPF, NADIWRATH, etc.) with ex-DEVISER drummer War handling all instruments and song-writing! Well-recorded orthodox darkness and rage, but still [or MORE] EXTREME and nihilistic as Wrath's other [aforementioned] bands. "PLAGUE" heralds the return of drummer War, one of the best and most-respected veteran musicians from DEVISER, a pioneer Hellenic band that is one of the standouts of the early Greek Black Metal Scene! *Warning: holocaustic genocidal imagery used for journalistic and historical purpose only. (2008)

* Overview:
Dedicated to DARKTHRONE and Akhenaten / JUDAS ISCARIOT. Atmospheric Necro BM, sometimes sparse and doomy harshness in the vein of DARKTHRONE's "Transilvanian Hunger" or BATHORY's "The Return...", but mostly with straight-ahead blastbeats underpinning repetitive guitar-riffs in hypnotic and trance-inducing rondo structures similar to California legends VON, USBM veterans JUDAS ISCARIOT (r.i.p.), new Vinlandic horde NINNIXU, or les Legiones Noires' cultists TORGEIST, VLAD TEPES, and BELKETRE. Less 'melodic' as DODSFERD, but also less compromising, and definitely more 'extreme'.
10 Songs; 39 minutes.


01. intro / Funeral Feeling (7:00)
02. No Man's Land (4:30) [MP3]
03. Plague... (5:00)
04. Grab (2:53)
05. The Banners of Sin (3:30)
06. In My Beginning is My End (2:40)
07. You are all Cursed in this Place (4:31) [MP3]
08. Fucking Your Rituals (4:30)
09. Bleeding Every Day (2:52) [MP3]
10. Concert of a Dying Man (1:39)

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