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GROMM (Ukraine)
Happiness-- it's when you are Dead...

GROMM (Ukraine) Happiness-- it's when you are Dead...

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LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2005

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Apolitical, yet still elite Nordic-influenced, proudly orthodox Black Metal from Ukraina! High-density, high-calibre, yet still 'cult' Blackened and grim Slavonic attack recalling the pioneering best by old IMMORTAL, or early BEHEMOTH (from their 'Sventevith' era); brimming with majestic and melancholy atmosphere with profound longing and vision similar to classic BATHORY and BURZUM. Dynamic instrumentation with grimly emotional and aggressive vocals sung in native language (printed lyrics feature English translations); utterly hypnotic and captivating!

2005 "Official" version of GROMM's debut full-length album "Happiness-- It's When You're Dead..." CD authorized by the band in Ukraina, and now officially released for worldwide distribution by BlackMetal.com Records! *(The original version of this album was an "unauthorized" release from Ravenheart Productions, Czech Republic; was limited to only 300 copies)


1. Seeds & Bones (7:16)
2. On the Way of Chains (5:52) [MP3]
3. Without a Pack, Without a Herd (4:27) [MP3]
4. Time's Dust Upon Millstones of Eternity (5:34)
5. In the Trap of Life (5:18) [MP3]
6. Chop by Death (4:15)
7. All Dies (5:03)
8. Towards the Line of Ideal (4:31)

* Total running-time = 42:16

"Delivering the kind of slathering, buzzsaw Blackened death-torment attack of classic IMMORTAL, BATHORY or even BURZUM, this Ukraine band ranks high on the over-the-top aggression, with an occasional touch of atmosphere." -- Sub Wrex (5/14/05)

* Reviewed in Pit Magazine# 52:

"Nordic tinged Black Metal from the Ukraine. This is an interesting album as it blends the brutality of early IMMORTAL with the bleak atmosphere of BATHORY and BURZUM. While those comparisons might be a bit of a stretch for a band making its debut, GROMM definitely illustrates the potential to reach the prestige of the aforementioned monsters. Vocals are typically screeched in the ancient ways and sometimes double-tracked with a growling undertone. Guitars never solo but rip through painfully aggressive atmospheric riffs throughout the album. The drums and bass set a steady, chugging pace but one that sustains the listener with enough variation. Surprising density of sound for a two-piece unit. The major complaint American audiences will have with this is that the lyrics are performed in Russian, but the band was thoughtful enough to provide the monolingual fans stateside with English translations. Even though we can't understand the words, the sentiment is the same and that won't be hard to miss. These are artistic lyrics of the old style, continually making reference to the natural world and the spiritual battles raging between earth and sky. Highly recommended for fans of the night sky." -- Kurt Krueger / Pit Magazine# 52

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