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Dreams & Dying Eyes

HORDE OF WORMS Dreams & Dying Eyes

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LABEL: Bloodbucket Productions, Canada

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the devil is in the details
Nine (9) songs of brutal ripping Canadian Blast Metal from the mighty HORDE OF WORMS! Raging blast-beat fuelled grinding Death Metal to pummel you into submission! Import CD from Bloodbucket Productions, Canada.

* Background info:

Emerging from the depths of the Canadian Black/Grind/Death Metal scene comes the ominous HORDE OF WORMS. The mighty HORDE OF WORMS combines a potent mixture of extreme music to create their own unique brand of Metal. Utilizing Speed, melody, texture and mood, the songs rip caverns in the listeners' mind, soul and ears, leaving them salivating for more. HORDE OF WORMS' are continuing the tradition of their predecessors, while carving their own brutal path into the future!

HORDE OF WORMS was formed by two friends Alexander Erhardt and Brent Assoun in the Spring of 1996. The horde underwent some lineup additions and changes over the years and is now back to the original line up.

HORDE OF WORMS have released 3 albums to date with their fourth assault due out in 2003. Prepare for "The Uncreation"! The horde has also detonated live over the years, some shows being with likes of Mayhem, Cryptopsy, Enslaved, Macabre and Necronomicon just to name a few.

HORDE OF WORMS' intentions are to compose, perform and record their own aggressive style of music successfully. There are no compromises when it comes to making music that is gratifying to the listener and to themselves. In the dawn's early mists waits the gruesome HORDE OF WORMS! Hail Canadian Blast Metal! Beware the Worms!!!

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