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LUCIFUGUM (Drudkh Lutomysl Nokturnal Mortum)
Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism + BONUS VIDEO CLIP!

LUCIFUGUM (Drudkh, Lutomysl, Nokturnal Mortum) Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism + BONUS VIDEO CLIP!

List Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $9.99
You Save: $6.00
LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2005

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Militant Slavonic Black Metal rebellion from Ukraine's LUCIFUGUM-- the band's ninth recording of "anti-dogmatic wolfish poison".

Eight songs (total running-time: 46 minutes) of darkly atmospheric grim Nordic-influenced Black Metal recorded during the band's ninth year of existence, 2004. Clearly, an intentionally 'orthodox' approach in style, even more aggressive and Blackened in comparison to the previous Thrash-based "...Back To Chopped Down Roots" album which was also released here by BlackMetal.com Records.

Breathtaking "Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism", fueled with blasting intensity and renewed grimmness, might be compared to similar current works from other cult, so-called "orthodox BM" bands, but LUCIFUGUM refuse to be trapped in a corner. Avoiding the typical sound commonly associated with other bands from the region, LUCIFUGUM's past association with countrymen NOKTURNAL MORTUM have for all intents and purposes ended due to the untimely death of Baal-A-Myth, a mutual band-member. LUCIFUGUM are defiant in their proclamation that they are an antinomian entity independent from the rest of the so-called "Scene". Musically, the thrashing headbanging savagery (tempered only by melancholy interludes documenting anguish and pain of human suffering) belies the subversive nature of this deadly aural assault rich in atmosphere of the Trans-Carpathian region. LUCIFUGUM successfully maintain their uncompromising non-conformist stance against the restrictive dogmas and enslaving mentality of the accursed herd. Slavonic Black Metal war!

Now entering their tenth year, LUCIFUGUM again unleash high-calibre studio production anchored with quintessential battery by DRUDKH / BLOOD OF KINGU / NOKTURNAL MORTUM / DEFINITION SANE's drummer (Yuri Sinitsky) that must be heard to be believed!

The video clip is NEW & EXCLUSIVE to this CD only. Planned, directed and filmed in the Ukraine specifically for this release! Very interesting dramatization of Slavonic Pagan struggles against religious dogma and x-tian invasion; high-calibre cinematography!


1. Pervaja Postup' Kraem Nad Ostrym (6:13)
2. Zavtra Snova Budet Den'... (5:25)
3. Ja Prijdu Toptat'sja Na Tvoej Mogile! (6:34)
4. Teper' Tebe Est' Gde Razmjat'sja (5:18)
5. Zhalo Slomaju Tuskloj Vojny (5:13)
6. Tvoi Ruiny Zhdut Tebja... (4:40)
7. Ne Bojsja, Tvoj Bog Ne Dast Tebe... (5:11)
8. Cena Ob'javlena Uzhe! (6:29)

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