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Skogen Kaller [Expanded] 3rd Edition Reissue + Exclusive Bonus Tracks!

MASSEMORD (Sykdom) Skogen Kaller [Expanded] 3rd Edition Reissue + Exclusive Bonus Tracks!

List Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $9.99
You Save: $7.00
LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2008

Stock Status: In Stock

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5-YEAR ANNIVERSARY REISSUE CD! MASSEMORD "Skogen Kaller" [Expanded] 3rd-Edition Reissue CD featuring 4 EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACKS!

15 Songs; Total Running-time = 76:48 minutes. (Samhain 2008)

A BlackMetal.com Records classic (originally released in 2003) is now available again due to overwhelming demand from diehard Nordic Black Metal fans. Two previous editions have sold out over the past five years (each within 5 or 6 months of the release-date), but the unholy debut album is now better ['Expanded'] with the addition of 4 exclusive ("previously-unreleased") Bonus Tracks consisting of rarities and a new 18-minute(!) song recorded in 2008. The re-designed booklet features new artwork, new photos, 'improved' layout design, and both Norwegian and English lyrics.


(To see the original listing for the first edition CD click here)


01. Naar Solen Doer Bak Fjellet (4:22)
02. Solen Skinner Ikkje (4:18)
03. Lyset Forsvinner (1:07)
04. Eternal War (3:39)
05. Skogen Kaller Og Vi Svarer (5:51)
06. I Have Sipped the Blood of christ (4:04)
07. Flowers For Your Funeral (4:01)
08. Demon Storm (4:40)
09. Soul Deceiver (4:54)
10. My Last Breath (5:34)*
11. Den Gamle Festningen (5:25)*
*(First-Edition Bonus Tracks)

+ 'Expanded' Third Edition EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACKS:
12. Soldnedgangen (3:50)
13. Nothing But Pain [EFEST cover-version] (4:11)
14. Hekeldicht [Rehearsal] (2:33)
15. Raintime Depression [2008] (18:12)

* * *

* Reviewed online at NORSKSVARTMETALL.com:

*(TOP 100 Norwegian Black Metal bands!)
Atmospheric, brooding Black Metal evoking the Northland spirit. Snarling vocals and a raw fast outer-core envelope a slower folkish element. This primitive core is lifted into the abrasive fray with subtle keyboards that are driven with melody and intricate guitar acoustics. The icy Paganized aura of early SATYRICON can also be attributed to the bands overall musical approach.

This is an intricate album feeding off numerous styles ranging from the bombastic stomp of BATHORY to the harsh coldness of GORGOROTH. The music has moments of nitrous-fuelled percussion that rides alongside a symphonic spine.

The track 'Flowers for your funeral' is a jewel in this album's impressive repertoire, a finely crafted Black Metal song immersed in a haunting keyboard arrangement. A versatile album that touches numerous moods and manages to hold everything together thanks to the solid tracks on offer. -- GODREAH

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