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Obscura Symphonia

MASSEMORD Obscura Symphonia

List Price: $16.99
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LABEL: Blackmetal.com Records
YEAR: 2004

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Much-anticipated second album, "OBSCURA SYMPHONIA" CD from Norway's MASSEMORD-- hot on the heels of the now-classic "Skogen Kaller" debut album which is currently in its 3rd-Edition pressing! Fans of the acclaimed debut album will be more than satisfied that MASSEMORD has successfully continued to blast forth with their signature mix of "classic" sounding Nordic Black Metal, Viking atmosphere, epic melodicism, and grim brutality all rolled together! Fans will celebrate to hear the over-the-top ("beefed up") production, the Blackened savagery tempered by skilled finesse that belies the "kicked-up-a-notch" attack! Critics and detractors may decry "more of the same", but followers and converts of MASSEMORD's horde will feast on "Obscura Symphonia" as continuing triumphantly forward on the true path to Underground supremacy!

Beyond "cult", albeit defiantly anti-mainstream, MASSEMORD's "Obscura Symphonia" expands on their provocative themes of actively waging war against religion; anti-xtian battles; the march of Luciferian armies; snow-bound Northern woods; and the monumental strength of profoundly epic Black Metal art! CD packaging features full-colour front and back cover, six-panel multi-fold booklet with full [English / Norwegian] lyrics! The bonus-track (13 minutes long) is an homage of sorts to BURZUM's "Filosofem"-era classic Norsk svartmetall!
"Side by side we ride against the hordes of christ!" -- Lord Hastur Warmachine / MASSEMORD (2004)


1. Intro Obscura (1:13)
2. Burning the House of god (2:32)
3. Breeding Hate (4:03)
4. Slaughter of christ (4:18)
5. Warriors of Darkness (4:29)
6. Cold Eternal Sleep [interlude] (2:20)
7. My Soul Belongs to the Night (6:32)
8. Hordes of Lucifer (1:23) [Bonus MP3]
9. Obscura Symphonia (5:09)
+ Bonus Track:
10. The Sound of Desperation (12:45)

*A Recent review found in ANVIL Magazine # 3 (formerly known as S.O.D. / Sounds of Death Magazine) --

"There's nothing quite like Nordic Black Metal, the type played by Immortal, Gorgoroth, and early Bathory. MASSEMORD can be counted among this icy fraternity, for with 'OBSCURA SYMPHONIA' the duo explores many facets of this unique form of Black Metal. 'Obscura Symphonia' begins with a short intro, 'Intro Obscura', which reminds me of the intro to Bathory's 'Hammerheart', before bursting into 'Burning the House of god', a straightforward piece of brutality with a juggernaut pace, frosty guitars, subdued keys, and demon-howled vocals. 'Breeding Hate' begins with a sardonic beating of drums and scintillating keys, then breaks down into a mid-paced composition in which the guitars simmer and the drums are unleashed to create cacophonous resonance. 'Slaughter of christ' opens with a slaughter, literally, and then settles into an atmosphere of bristling animosity that's so frigid it's uncanny, even the up-front keys are cold. 'Warriors of Darkness' shows the band transitioning from brutality to controlled wrath: the song's pace slows down, the drums establish a variety of rhythms, the guitars settle into sustained riffs, the electronic effects are enhanced, and the vocals gurgle and hiss. After a short interlude titled 'Cold Eternal Sleep' (blowing winds accompanied by a weeping acoustic guitar and keys) comes 'My Soul Belongs to the Night', which places the keyboards out front, establishes a relentless percussive outburst, and includes some Nordic-styled choruses. Another interlude, 'Hordes of Lucifer' (Gorgoroth-type screams and howls) follows, from which spawns the title track, another slow-paced composition that emphasizes despondent atmosphere and eccentric rhythms. The CD comes with a bonus track, 'The Sound of Desperation', which at close to 13 minutes pays homage to atmospheric Black Metal masters Burzum. Fans of Nordic Black Metal would do well to heed the call of 'Obscura Symphonia'."

* more Hails and Praise:

"10 fucking horns up! I just received the new MASSEMORD disc, 'Obscura Symphonia' and this is truly incredible! Dark, cold, fast, great production and pure blasphemy! I can't thank BlackMetal.com enough for their great work and fast delivery! Hail!" --Nick (guitarist of THROCULT, Blackened Death Metal)

"They have arrived! I've listened to it once and it's even better than Skogen Kaller!!! Thanks!"
-- J.V.V. / New Era Productions (label of STALAGGH Digipak and MORDAEHOTH CD)

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