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MOLOCH (Ukraine)
Traurer (LTD./500 Remastered import from Japan) +2 Bonus Trx!

MOLOCH (Ukraine) Traurer (LTD./500 Remastered import from Japan) +2 Bonus Trx!

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LABEL: Sabbathid / Dozin Destroyer Records, Japan

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the devil is in the details
Limited-Edition (only 500 made available) RE-MASTERED IMPORT ['Real'] CD of "Traurer" manufactured and distributed internationally by Sabbathid / Dozin Destroyer Records Japan! (2009)

Raw primitive Slavonic Black Metal cult from Rivne, Ukraine! With some long dark-ambient tracks, juxtaposed against inadvertantly trance-inducing repetitive drum-machine, and atmospheric guitar distortion, MOLOCH's overall attack can be described somewhere in-between a VINTERRIKET meets GANZMORD / DODSFERD (without the "roll") blend, and somewhat reminiscent of early (old) BRANIKALD demos (which were originally released by now-defunct Autistiartilli Art, the label from Canada), Italy's ENTHRONING SILENCE, or fellow countrymen MANIERISME, the Japanese horde who were influenced by MUTIILATION and KRISTALLNACHT. An alternative facet of hypnotic 'Necro' BM recommended only for diehard [Underground] collectors.

After near-countless releases (including multi-discs 'Box-Sets') on many different labels (including the band's own De Profundis Prod.), "TRAURER" was the first domestic release (available from Nevada, USA based ClovenHoof Productions, but only on CDR), and followed by "Depression of Surtr" released by BlackMetal.com on actual ['Real'] CD. This new IMPORT ['Real'] CD of "Traurer" is manufactured and internationally distributed by Sabbathid / Dozin Destroyer Records Japan features new cover-art and 'improved' layout artwork, in addition to 2 BONUS TRACKS! The first song "Herbst" is an alternate edit taken from the "Lebensabend" (2008) Box-Set. The second song "Hail Black Metal Krieg!!" is also a new 'previously-unreleased' version that is different from other editions of "Traurer".

* Background info from Dozin Destroyer Japan:

Living legend, Ukraine unholy horde, Pr. Sergiy's ulitmate Black Metal tunes inside. Originally this treasure was�released as tape or CDR format by various kult labels in 2007. We decided to re-press it to spread this kult to all over the world again. (it was a bit hard to get original�versions) -- MISANTHROPHIC BLACKEST BLACK rape you.
14 Songs (74 minutes); Licensed from De Profundis Productions Ukraine.

* Line-up:
Pr.Sergiy - music and lyrics performance and recording
+ Session members:
Lord Hastner (DEVIATOR) - voices on some tracks; solo guitar on track 3
Alexander (PAGAN OBSESSION, STURM KOMMAND, NENAVIST) - bass, vocals, drums on track 4

* Note: MOLOCH "Depression of Surtr" CD on BlackMetal.com Records also AVAILABLE NOW!


01. Herbst [Alternate Edit] (9:45)
02. Hail Black Metal Krieg!! [Part II] (6:33)
03. Rotten Armful of Grey Thoughts (5:22)
04. Throught Halo of Fire-brands [Bulgarian Version] (5:05)
05. Ruf aus dem Wald (6:27)
06. Give Wotan at mine Kirkr var Braendt (3:48)
07. Morast (4:54)
08. Pest aus Gefuhlen der Traurigkeit (1:08)
09. Birth in the Depth of Blackness (4:49)
10. Throught Halo of Fire-brands (7:21)
11. Moonblood (3:49)
12. Cold Shadows of the Lost Woods (5:24)
+ ["Japan Only"] BONUS TRACKS:
13. My Essence into Black
14. Die Alte Essenz Eine Enzwischen Toten Welt (5:29)

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