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Macto interitum Mundi + Bonus video-clip!

MORTUUS CAELUM (Greece) Macto interitum Mundi + Bonus video-clip!

List Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $9.99
You Save: $7.00
LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2006

Stock Status: In Stock

the devil is in the details FREE MP3 STREAMING SAMPLE CLIP(s) CLICK HERE
Elite Hellenic Black Metal! "Morbid and obscure Black Metal... inspired by old Satanic acts (from Heavy / Doom / Black Metal)... and Hell!" Definitely in the grand tradition of classic old Mediterranean BM pioneers ROTTING CHRIST, NAER MATARON, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA, LEGION OF DOOM, DRUNKARD, SADOLUST, NERGAL, AGATUS / ZEMIAL, etc.-- but also displaying a strong Nordic influence! With "Macto interitum Mundi", the Greek band's unholy 'must-hear' debut album, MORTUUS CAELUM (Latin for 'Dead Sky') strike a fine balance between raw versus skilled high-calibre attack; unleashing both grim atmosphere and defiant confidence. Impressive finesse without sacrificing brutality and Blackened power, while avoiding slick sterility. Brutal, Blackened, grim, skillful, atmospheric, orthodox, intense, Satanic, and extreme-- these superlatives (and more) necessary to describe pure true Black Metal are natural for describing MORTUUS CAELUM "Macto interitum Mundi"! (August 2006)
10 Audio tracks; 40 minutes total running-time.
This ENHANCED CD also includes a BONUS VIDEO-CLIP for "Segregate World".


01. Uncreated Existence - intro (1:31)
02. Segregate World (3:45)
03. Genitive Loathing (4:47)
04. The Glorious Battalion (4:52)
05. Deep Nostalgia (2:01)
06. Holocaust Divine (4:25)
07. Under the Crown of Sin (4:21)
08. Mortuus Caelum (4:18)
09. Burning the Astral Winds (4:51)
10. Desecration of Luminance (4:41)
11. Segregate World (3:47)

* Here [below] is a low-res sample from you-tube of the BONUS VIDEO-CLIP included on this ENHANCED CD:
(Note: the you-tube sample is low-res, but the video-clip on the actual CD release is of higher quality, of course!)

* Online Review found at Lunar Hypnosis webzine:

"One of the more quality bands to land on the labels roster is Mortuus Caelum (Dead Sky). A Greek three piece band comprised of Geegor (drums), Gareth (guitar & vocals), and Drakhon (bass). Bearing in mind they come from Greece theyâ™ve got some heavy shoes to fill with past greats like Rotting Christ, Zemial, and Necromantia casting shadows over them, but Iâ™m sure one listen to â˜Macto interitum Mundiâ™ will reveal this band is ready to make a big name for themselves in both Greece and worldwide. While most likely influenced by these old legends of the Greek scene, Mortuus Caelumâ™s sound is much more akin to the early 90â™s Nordic black metal scene. In forty minutes Mortuus Caelum delivers raging black viciousness with melodic guitars, harshly screamed vocals, and a raw production, but still clearly audible enough to enjoy. No keyboards or anything like that here, just untainted old school Nordic sounding black metal from these guys.

"While a number of the songs are striking, the band really had me hitting the repeat button a few times to hear the song â˜Segregate World,â™ which they also made a cool video for (included on CD). Macto interitum Mundi is a fine debut of raw skillfully played black metal from this three piece and definitely a band to keep an eye on in the upcoming years." -- JJM
* Rating: 8 / 10

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