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An Obscure Forgotten Path

PEORDH An Obscure Forgotten Path

List Price: $16.99
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LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2006

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Heathen American Black Metal Underground in the obscure atmospheric raw vein of STRIBORG, XASTHUR, early BURZUM, ENTHRONING SILENCE, JUDAS ISCARIOT, VOCIFERIAN, VORDR, and BRANIKALD. Carefully composed long tracks with a solid high-calibre sensibility, and effective dynamic aesthetic present throughout. Melancholy hypnotic, somewhat trance-inducing 'cult' ('raw', not harsh) songs, though not as repetitive as INFERI, and definitely not as primitive as STRIBORG. Nostalgic pagan USBM from the misanthropic hermit known only as Dreogan. Predominantly mid-tempo, bleak and doomy, "AN OBSCURE FORGOTTEN PATH" features atmospheric music that demands absolute attention. (Jan. 2007)
7 Songs; 73.5 minutes. (Dec. 2006)
PEORDH is derived from the rune denoting the 'P' sound in the Runic alphabet, Old Futhark.


1. Hail To Those Born in a Lost Age (11:31)
2. Hate and Mystery, Mystery and Hate (12:48)
3. Lost... (13:17)
4. Time of Honour, Gone (12:49)
5. Though the Darkness Sometimes Fades (10:56)
7. Under Dreary Pouring Sky and Morbid Waking (5:36)
8. And so My World Melts... (5:23)

* Reviewed in March 2007 by Fatherland-Almighty:

"Man do I love me some raw and distortion-heavy droning blackness! Peordh capture the essence of a recording in someoneâ™s bathroom, truly minimalist and rawer than roadkill! It just doesnâ™t get any more unpolished than this! I can feel a homage to the early works of Burzum and Graveland here, truly dedicated to the tranquility of nature and the pride of paganism. Seven slow-paced songs of considerable length make for a tortured journey of a sad, lonely, forgotten spirit. Uh-oh, there I go being totally unoriginal, yet loving every second of it!" -- (FA / DC Webzine)

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