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In the Presence of a Dread Magician

SIN ORIGIN In the Presence of a Dread Magician

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LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2005

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the devil is in the details FREE MP3 STREAMING SAMPLE CLIP(s) CLICK HERE
Full-length album by SIN ORIGIN, spearheading the true American Black Metal Underground! Over an hour's worth of high-calibre Black Metal overflowing with ferocious necro-ish aggression complimented with technical, controlled, yet stormy and explosive dynamics veering from break-neck Blackened Thrash to mid-tempo, doomy Viking-ish atmospheres! For those of you diehards who do not believe that killer cult Black Metal brutality and darkness can be executed with polished production, quality musicianship, and carefully dedicated song-writing, then prepare to be blown away by SIN ORIGIN's "In the Presence of a Dread Magician"! If crappy recording-values, sloppy playing, and overall shitty execution (under the guise of "true necro"-- really just a poor [lame] excuse for inability, lack of creativity, or half-assed laziness) is considered to be the standard of "kult" Underground BM, then prepare for your preconceptions and mis-conceptions to be annihilated and disintegrated to sub-atomic bits!

With "...Dread Magician", SIN ORIGIN unleash Blackened grim power and majestically epic supremacy to confirm that the state of USBM (and all of the Extreme Metal Scene in general) is alive and well! This is the state of the Blackened art-- support the local Underground or die!

SIN ORIGIN's second album of killer A.B.M.U. tracks! Super-long Black Metal conciertos influenced by DARKTHRONE, with a cold Nordic attack. Excellent technical [live] drumming, with great recording production. One of the best USBM albums ever released in 2005 by BlackMetal.com Records-- this is no idle boast! You will be amazed and blown away by the immense brilliance and sheer genius of SIN ORIGIN! Featuring ultra-high calibre artwork based on SIN ORIGIN'soccultic sigils. (June 2005)

* SIN ORIGIN Line-up:
FUNERIS - Guitars, Bass, FX and Vocals
NEMESIS INFERNUM - Drums and Vocals


1. intro: Unaccountable Masses [of Shades and Shadows] (1:57)
2. In the Presence of a Dread Magician (16:26) [ MP3 ]
3. The Devil, with Seven more Evil (16:25) [ MP3 ]
4. Plagued (15:27) [ MP3 ]
5. Ancient and Unentered Forests (14:37)
6. outro: Midwinter Sacrifice (2:40)

*(Total Running-Time = 67:34)

All music composed by SIN ORIGIN, July 2003 - March 2004
* Except "Midwinter Sacrifice" composed and recorded for SIN ORIGIN by
Archon SET-Ebllis (courtesy of ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD. and BlackMetal.com Records)
SIN ORIGIN's Logo by Blood Moon Ausar

*Note: Limited-Edition DOUBLE-CD set featuring "In the Presence of a Dread Magician" CD packaged with "Night Aeternal (demo)" CD in one swivel-hinged 2CD jewel-case is also available for only $5.00 more! See "Also Highly Recommended" list below.

Read an interview with Funeris from SIN ORIGIN

SIN ORIGIN PICSPictures from the west coast debut show with SIN ORIGIN at the DARKNESS & EVIL FEST HERE

* An online review from Live4Metal website:

"Burgeoning label Blackmetal.com‚ôs latest find is USBM band Sin Origin from Canfield, Ohio of all places. Given this label‚ôs preference for harsh black metal ala Massemord, etc., I was expecting more of the same from Sin Origin. Sure enough, the album begins, after a short rumbling intro, with the title track as a blistering assault. Fast drum work filled with blasts, powerful guitar sound, a raspy, spoken vocal delivery that manages to sound original, and a very loud bass. But wait! Almost two minutes into the song and the pace changes completely, becoming a mid paced affair with thicker riffs and a guitar solo that is very melodic. Needless to say, I was a little surprised and began to take more notice.

‚úIn The Presence Of A Dread Magician‚Ě is Sin Origin‚ôs full-length debut after a couple of demos and a split with Velonnic Sin. I‚ôm not familiar with their demo work and I took a few minutes to research that work and found a few comparisons to Darkthrone. That may have been the case in the past, but this debut does not remind me of Fenriz and co. Instead, Sin Origin‚ôs current sound takes harsh black metal and adds a dose of mid pacing and guitar riffs and solos that remind me of Bay Area thrash, although that chunky sound is not necessarily retained. The six song album clocks in at over 65 minutes and, excluding the short intro and a short outro, the four main songs are approximately 15 minutes in length or longer. Songs of that length in this style require a good deal of variation and quality songwriting. Sin Origin does that well, mixing in blastbeat black metal, the thrashier riffs and a good deal of melody through some solos. In addition, throughout the release, the band manages a high degree of quality musicianship and good production value...

"Overall, I was impressed with this release from Sin Origin... fans of harsh black metal will enjoy Sin Origin. Impressive." -- review by Dave Schalek

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