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Some Wounds Bleed Forever

STONE TO FLESH (Serbia) Some Wounds Bleed Forever

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LABEL: CCP Records, Austria
YEAR: 2000

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the devil is in the details
Possessed and raging Black-Metal from Serbia (former Yugoslavia) played very hateful and with real Demonic passion in the grim Nordic / Polish / Finnish vein! 2000 import CD on CCP Records, Austria!

* Background info:
The ultimate summoning of dark warriors Stone To Flesh was at inhuman chilly winter in 1996. Founded by five immortal und possessed souls, united by ancient wisdom and led by the power of eternal darkness. It was in freezing february one year later, when the band recorded their first demo. Four raging and demonic hyms were granted to honour themselves. Fast, aggressive and diabolical like hell, but yet proudly very melodic, this masterpiece became a cult and synonym for the band´s devilish art. Next winter, Stone To Flesh attacked once again. This time with replacement on war drums. With fur-tormentor Adimiron the band has recruted an more than worthy follower. With him Stone To Flesh had recorded the second demo. That piece of darkness contains three hot burnin´ flames of unholy fires, which burned the listeners flesh so strongly and magnificent.

Black-Metal with an incredible touch of long gone times and satanic atmosphere presents this second cult. After some time guitarist Blizzard leaves the band, and Stone To Flesh decided to go in future as an an four piece band. Between 1998 and 1999 the band selected the Songs for the debut-album. Finally, in late autumn the cubes were fallen. Total blast, ultimate aggressive side of Stone to Flesh lies in tunes of this chapter in the band´s history, baptized ''Some Wounds Bleed Forever''. Six new Songs plus two songs from previous demos, released on Greek Label Demonion Productions. Meanwhile the band has founded his own unique style, which can be defined as orthodox and original Black-Metal with the present demanded quality. Mighty echoes of this release came to Austrian´s CCP Records. They decided to unite the raw energy with Stone To Flesh and the first result of this collaboration is already the real brillant new album.

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