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Priest of Evil

STORMWITCH Priest of Evil

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LABEL: B.O. Records

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the devil is in the details
Killer compilation featuring 15 ''best of'' classic tracks by the long-running German Speed/Power Metal-meisters STORMWITCH! ''The Masters of Black Romantic''! Lots of current interest in Stormwitch because of their influence on HAMMERFALL! This 1998 anthology features songs from 3 of their earliest CULT albums (most are almost impossible to find on CD!), including 3 early tracks from their essential Blackened 1984 debut ''Walpurgis Night'' (a great example of very early [pre-Power] German Black Metal!)... Cool booklet features full band-history, liner-notes, lyrics, old photos, etc.! Imported from Germany on Connected/B.O.Records.

1. Intro/Rats in the Attic (from ''Stronger Than Heaven'') 3:37
2. Hell's Still Alive (from ''Tales of Terror'') 4:26
3.Stronger Than Heaven (from ''Stronger Than Heaven'') 4:39
4. Trust in the Fire (from ''Tales of Terror'') 3:53
5. Priest of Evil (from ''Walpurgis Night'') 4:55
6. Masque of the Red Death (from ''Tales of Terror'') 4:54
7. Jonathan's Diary (from ''Stronger Than Heaven'') 7:23
8. intro/Sword of Sagon (from ''Tales of Terror'') 5:24
9. Ravenlord (from ''Stronger Than Heaven'') 3:40
10. Skull & Crossbones (from ''Walpurgis Night'') 4:43
11. Arabian Nights (from ''Tales of Terror'') 5:05
12. Dorian Gray (from ''Stronger Than Heaven'') 5:34
13. Intro/Point of No Return (from ''Tales of Terror'') 5:00
14. Eternia (from ''Stronger Than Heaven'') 3:59
15. Walpurgis Night (from ''Walpurgis Night'') 3:00
* Total running-time: 71:24

1984: Walpurgis Night
1985: Tales of Terror
1986: Stronger Than Heaven
1987: The Beauty & the Beast
1989: Eye of the Storm
1989: Live in Budapest
1992: War of the Wizzards
1994: Shogun
1998: Priest of Evil (coll.)

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