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THULE (pre-Curse / Fortid / Potentiam) iceland
Anthology +Bonus CURSE [new] cover-version!

THULE (pre-Curse / Fortid / Potentiam), iceland Anthology +Bonus CURSE [new] cover-version!

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LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2008

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‚úAs bracing as a shot of super-chilled vodka downed in an ice-storm, this 'best of' anthology from Icelanders THULE hits on all cylinders.‚Ě -- Liz / Metal Maniacs Magazine

The long-overdue 'Official' CD release of the Pre- CURSE / FORTID / POTENTIAM mid-90's recordings of Icelandic Black Metal pioneers THULE(!), who many of you should remember from the "Fire and Ice" compilation. This essential anthology excavates seminal tracks rescued from early recordings without alteration, faithful to the original mid-90's Scandinavian Black Metal sound and atmosphere now copied by countless bands today-- with raw, utterly 'cult' production, yet the spark and energetic aggression shines through via high-calibre songwriting and crushing ensemble execution.

THANKS to Eldur for bestowing upon us the honor and privilege of releasing these hallowed, timeless tracks of True Nordic-influenced Black Metal!

Orthodox BM genius inspired by the early advances of classic EMPEROR, ENSLAVED, IMMORTAL, MAYHEM, KVIST, and DARKTHRONE, but also with preliminary hints of progressive icelandic elements that would later be fully developed in current CURSE and FORTID recordings.

This Anthology CD includes tracks from the "Fire and Ice" compilation and THULE's now-rare split [K7] with ASMODEUS. The last song on the album is actually a new recording by CURSE, a cover-version of one of THULE's best! Raw, yet high-calibre Black Metal with unmistakeable genius!

* THULE "Anthology 1995 - 1997" CD TRACK-LIST:

1. Inn í eilífdina [ MP3 ]
2. Gud er lygi
3. Thegar tunglid er fullt
4. √ć r√∂ngum heimi
5. √Ütt √ļlfa
6. Tr√ļfrelsi
7. Rottur [ MP3 ]
+ BONUS TRACK [2007]
8. CURSE - Thegar tunglid er fullt [ MP3 ]

* Tracks 1-3 recorded in Hafnarfjördur May 1997
Einar Thorberg Gudmundsson: Guitars, vocals
Egill P√°lsson : Guitars
Engilbert Hauksson: Bass
Sveinn Snorri Magn√ļsson: Drums

* Tracks 4-5 recorded in Reykjavík August 1996
Einar Thorberg Gudmundsson: Guitars, bass
Egill Finnbogason : Vocals
Sveinn Snorri Magn√ļsson: Drums

Tracks 6-7 recorded in Kópavogur September 1995
Einar Thorberg Gudmundsson: Guitars, bass
Egill Finnbogason : Vocals
Sveinn Snorri Magn√ļsson: Drums

Track 8 recorded in Hafnarfjördur & Reykjavík between December 2004 & April 2007
Einar Thorberg Gudmundsson: Guitars, bass, vocals
Sigurdur √Ārni J√≥nsson: Guitars
Arnar Snævar Eggertsson: Drums

Tracks 4-5 are originally released on Fire & Ice compilation CD in 1996.
Tracks 1-7 were previously released on a split tape with Asmodeus in 1997.
All songs are retouched in studio Hel by Eldur, in 2007.
Final mastering & CD sequencing by Archon SET-Eblis / Cybertzara, Winter 2008.
Overall cover concepts and execution, plus final design layout by Debbie J and Elden M.


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