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October Turns... Ruined

UVALL October Turns... Ruined

List Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $8.99
You Save: $7.00
LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2006

Stock Status: In Stock

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Long-awaited new full-length album by UVALL on BlackMetal.Com Records label!
7 Songs; 47 minutes total running-time. Mastered by James M. Block.

Certainly NO 'sophomore slump' here on UVALL's much-anticipated second album! "OCTOBER TURNS... RUINED" presents a more Doomy atmospheric approach (with real live human drummer this time); and now intentionally featuring clearly strong influences from XASTHUR and San Francisco's LEVIATHAN (but with more blood-freezing clarity in sound production) to add to the frosty grim blizzard-based atmospheric Black Metal that is signature UVALL. Mesmerizing, melancholy, and deeply atmospheric (almost 'shoe-gaze'-y), with songs that burrow permanently into your memory very rapidly. High-calibre, yet still grim and cult; lucid and crystalline Blackened attack utterly drenched in profoundly melancholy aspirations and unrequited longing. As groundbreaking as the debut "Obsidian Torment" (see below), but clearly, a huge improvement, and definitely an essential tour-de-force from UVALL!


* Line-up:
Lord of Storms - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Synths / Samples
M.A. Rotella - Acoustic and Electric Guitars on 'A Corpse in Raven's Lake'
Chris Donolan - Drums

* UVALL "October Turns... Ruined" CD TRACK-LIST:

1. These Plague Infested Swamps (2:18)
2. October Turns... Ruined (5:16) [MP3]
3. Timeless (6:04)
4. Melancholy (9:16)
5. A Corpse in Ravens Lake (3:02)
6. Beckoning Death (6:00) [MP3]
7. End (15:08)

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