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List Price: $15.99
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LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2005

Stock Status: In Stock

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American Black Metal Underground (aka 'A.B.M.U.') Rising!

Known for their starting volley on a necro split-CD for our Antinomian Demo Series, VELONNIC SIN return in 2005 with their much-anticipated debut album, "Ritual", full-length CD of killer cult ABMU on BlackMetal.com Records! Raw Nordic-influenced Black Metal with dynamic instrumentation, grim vocals, cinematic effects, and high-calibre production and overall execution guaranteed to impress and revive renewed faith in the the American Black Metal Underground! Highly recommended for fans of CLANDESTINE BLAZE, SIN ORIGIN, UVALL, and EVERWINTER, VELONNIC SIN are sure to amaze and satisfy even the most diehard fanatics of orthodox European Black Metal!

"...A big improvement over the demo [split-CD with SIN ORIGIN, on Antinomian]; sounds like a totally different band!" -- BR (BONE AWL), San Francisco


1. Auriga (5:01)
2. The Angel's Invective (4:26) [MP3]
3. Ritual (4:42)
4. Over The Lethe (4:26)
5. Pestilent Hands (7:06)
6. Emissary Of Night (5:03)
7. The Daemon (4:30)
8. Ghost Of Sorrow (4:23)
*Total Running-Time = 39:55


~ We have recently received the following message from veteran cult Black Metal god Christophe Szpajdel:

"I would like to thank you ever so much for the VELONNIC SIN 'Ritual' album, it has been for me a true honour to work for such a high calibre band and i am open to work with more talented bands as CULT OF DAATH and SIN ORIGIN. I always have worshipped and adored the US black metal scene and working in the past with such bands as ABAZAGORATH, KRIEG, DEMONCY, AVERSE SEFIRA has been a true delight for me and i am really looking forward making lots and lots of new contacts. BRINGING Sin Origin and Velonnic Sin to Europe is one of my dreams and i would just adore to realize it. I truly want to tell you, You, guys are BAD ASS!"
-- Christophe (June 2005)

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