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CURSE / SYKDOM (Massemord; Fortid / Potentiam / Thule / Withered)
In Life & In Death / Verden og Fanden (split)

CURSE / SYKDOM (Massemord; Fortid / Potentiam / Thule / Withered) In Life & In Death / Verden og Fanden (split)

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LABEL: BlackMetal.com Records
YEAR: 2007

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CURSE (Fortid / Potentiam / Thule) / SYKDOM (Massemord) "Verden og Fanden" / "In Life and in Death" Split-CD
*(Note: "Verden og Fanden" translation is "the World and the Devil")

SYKDOM's half of this high-calibre split-album was recorded during the cold Winter months (January and February) of early 2007 as an interim bridge between the previous album "Under Krigen" and the next [forthcoming] full-length SYKDOM album. "Verden og Fanden" is a mesmerizing, epic, and powerful blend of the mid-paced atmosphere of the "Mjollnir (That Smashes)" album and the aggressive, (semi) power-oriented triumph of "Under Krigen". Evocative, nostalgic, yet still remaining brutal, and definitely in the signature SYKDOM / MASSEMORD vein. Vocals and recording by Lord Hastur Warmachine. Highly-recommended to fans of KAMPFAR, EINHERJER, HELHEIM, MANEGARM, THRUDVANGAR, etc.!

Icelandic Black Metal veterans CURSE's contribution to this split-CD features one very long song (20 minutes, indexed as 4 tracks) recorded during the "Slaughter of Stars" sessions; the continuation and conclusion of a track that appears on the previous full-length album as "In Life and in Death, Part I". On the surface, very similar in atmosphere to SYKDOM's previous releases (though unintentional, since CURSE's tracks were recorded long ago), CURSE's half of this split is also mesmerizing in a driving way-- progressive Nordic Metal for long sea-going voyages, or for general 'life-in-the-fastlane' journeys. Die-hard fans of CURSE might be surprised at the inclusion of a distinctly Icelandic style of Blackened 'Shoegazing' part in the middle of one of the song's movements that is light years beyond current NACHTMYSTIUM tangents. A successful 'experiment' of sorts, but good evidence of the dynamic creativity from the genius also directly associated with POTENTIAM, FORTID, WITHERED, and THULE! Hails to Eldur and Electric Horizon Records in Iceland!
*(Note: Eldur also sings on SYKDOM's "Under Krigen" CD)


~ SYKDOM "VERDEN OG FANDEN (the World and the Devil)" ~
01. Verden (intro)
02. Doedsens Stillhet / The Mortal Quiet
03. Hvit Loegn / The Big Lie
04. Verden og Fanden / the World and the Devil
05. Stjernene / the Stars
06. Fanden (outro)

~ CURSE "In Life and in Death, Parts II - V" ~
07. Part II
08. Part III
09. Part IV
10. Part V


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