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Sounds of Frozen Hate / This is My War / Battlescars (3-way SPLIT)

FROST / MASSEMORD / VALDUR<BR> Sounds of Frozen Hate / This is My War / Battlescars (3-way SPLIT)

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LABEL: Blackmetal.com
YEAR: 2008

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the devil is in the details
3-way split-CD featuring true Nordic / Pagan Black Metal bands from Norway, Croatia, and Vinland!
19 Songs; 73:12 minutes total running-time! Released March, 2008.
* Details of each band:

VALDUR (Vinland)
Snow-bound high-country (Mammoth Lakes, Sierra Mountains) USBM with actual Norwegian singer named Thor (pronounced as 'Tor'); brutal Nordic-influenced atmosphere in the vein of old Norwegian pioneers MOCK blended with crushing War Metal attack in the Canadian vein of BLASPHEMY and CONQUEROR! Constantly slaying concert-goers up and down the West Coast for the past couple of years, VALDUR features impressively awesome [totally unbeatable] drumming by Lord Sxuperion, who also appears on ENDLESS BLIZZARD's forthcoming new full-length album to be released in April 2008, on BlackMetal.com Records!

THE FROST (Zagreb, Croatia)
[Full line-up pictured at right]
Highly skilled orthodox Black Metal from Croatia, this time with live drummer; true Norwegian-influenced attack in the vein of early EMPEROR, but also utilizing classic POSSESSED-like guitar-riffs! Diehard collectors who worship THE FROST's full-length demo ""Damned and Forgetten"" CD from 2005 will no doubt be surprised by the contribution of impressive live drumming to the band's massive new sound!
Recorded at studio ""Unknown"" in Zagreb, Autumn/Winter - 2006/2007. The FROST is Gorgor (guitars, bass, vocals, all music and lyrics); Drums played by Kovas on all songs. Some parts of second guitar played by Void. ""This recording is dedicated only to the True Believers of Black Metal Underground! Support the Misanthropic art!""

Melodic, yet truly necro-oriented Norge Svart-Metall aggression from SYKDOM / DER HENKER / SVARTSKOGG members; back again after a 3-year's hiatus! These tracks are the most 'raw' sounding (production-wise) by MASSEMORD, yet still retaining Lord Hastur Warmachine's signature melodicism and memorability. The Blackened Thrashing aggression of tracks like ""Black Metal Maniac"" clearly display a Teutonic Thrash influence guaranteed to cause extreme headbanging; the ripping guitars are utterly wicked! And as always, the brutal vocals are in the grim vein of IMMORTAL, or MAYHEM / TORMENTOR's Attila Csihar!

Definitely, some of the best 'No filler' tracks recorded by all of these great bands; sure to get the cult fanatics out there salivating, and crying out for more!

Oh yeah: PLUS ""hidden BONUS TRACKS"" taken from EVERWINTER's ""Final Victory"" demo (2003) originally limited to 500 MCD released on Antinomian. These now-classic tracks are not to be forgotten; excavated for new listeners! EVERWINTER's former members are now in INVASIVE COMMAND -- currently active!


~ VALDUR ""Battlescars"" (2003 - '04) ~
01. Step into the Pentagram (5:12)
02. Battle Scars (5:10) MP3
03. Fire (6:31)

~ THE FROST ""Sounds of the Frozen Hate""(2006 - '07) ~
04. From the Heart of Wilderness (3:38)
05. Eternal Spring of Sorrow and Death (5:20)
06. Dark Side of the Brain (5:20) MP3
07. Sounds of Frozen Hate (4:05)
08. Forest's Shepherd [outro] (2:44)

~ MASSEMORD ""This is My War"" (2007) ~
09. Intro (0:34)
10. Stay Fucking Necro (2:55) MP3
11. I Will Murder the World (3:57)
12. Blood's Revelation (3:21)
13. Black Metal Maniacs (2:22)
14. Sinner *[Bonus Track] (3:41)

+ ""Hidden"" BONUS TRACKS:

~ EVERWINTER ""Final Victory"" (demo 2003) ~
15. Soul Devourment (2:38)
16. More Than Misanthropy (3:12)
17. Hail Your Ruin (4:01)
18. Your Duty As christian (3:33)
19. Final Victory (4:53)

* Credits:
Front and back cover concepts and execution, plus final design layout by Debbie and Elden M.

* VALDUR ""Battlescars"" reviewed by godly BM Logo-Artist, Christophe Szpajdel:

Blasting USBM from the beginning to the end featuring a fantastic logo done by AUTARCH from LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH (The white logo on a black cover is simply fantastic... one of the best logos i have seen in 20 years of my career!). And it is the logo VALDUR have that made me turn my interest onto this particular band... and my expectations have been largely met when i came across this amazing album. It kicks off with... the more midtempo ""Step into the Pentagram"", ""Battlescars"", and ""Fire"" which is surprisingly my top favorite song of this album!... VALDUR gathers the brutality of both USBM and North European Black Metal with some influences from MARDUK, ENSLAVED in their early times ('Nordanesland'), IMMORTAL ('Pure Holocaust' album)... making this debut a very enjoyable brutal black metal release.

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