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V/A (Adorior Anaal Nathrahk Bal Sagoth Cradle of Filth December Moon Venom Old Forest Forefather Hecate Enthroned Black Sabbath Witchfynde)
BRITANNIA INFERNUS: A History of British Occult & Black Metal *(SALE!)

V/A (Adorior, Anaal Nathrahk, Bal Sagoth, Cradle of Filth, December Moon, Venom, Old Forest, Forefather, Hecate Enthroned, Black Sabbath, Witchfynde) BRITANNIA INFERNUS: A History of British Occult & Black Metal *(SALE!)

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LABEL: Godreah / FAF, UK

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the devil is in the details
Reissue DOUBLE-CD SET, import from Godreah, UK-- now on SALE!

An essential Double-Disc compendium of Black Metal history, from the original Heavy Metal pioneers BLACK SABBATH, BLACK WIDOW, and ANGEL WITCH, on through the NWOBHM era with BLACK WIDOW, WITCHFYNDE, Doomsters PAGAN ALTAR, etc., plus the First-generation of Black Metal with VENOM, WITCHFYNDE, SATAN, etc., and further on up to the current era of Modern Black Metal with RAGNAROK, CRADLE OF FILTH, OLD FOREST, MEADS OF ASPHODEL, DECEMBER MOON, ADORIOR, BAL SAGOTH, REIGN OF EREBUS, HECATE ENTHRONED, THUS DEFILED, ANAAL NATHRAKH, FOREFATHER, and much more!!!

Many exclusive tracks, some were previously unavailable on CD! Included is a thick booklet with lots of liner-notes and individual band-photos! Excellent package! Originally released in 2001. NEW 2008 Import DOUBLE-CD Set from Godreah, England!


~ DISC ONE [1970 - 1989] ~
(15 Songs; 74:28 minutes!)

01. BLACK WIDOW - Come to the Sabbat
02. ATOMIC ROOSTER - Death Walks Behind You
03. BLACK SABBATH : Black Sabbath
04. ANGEL WITCH - Angel of Death*
05. VENOM - Bloodlust
06. PAGAN ALTAR - The Black Mass
07. WIDOW (aka BLACK WIDOW) - Come to the Ritual*
08. WITCHFYNDE - Cloak and Dagger
09. HELL - Save us from those who would save us
10. SATAN - Blades of Steel
11. CLOVEN HOOF - Cloven Hoof *
12. WARHAMMER - Halloween*
13. ONSLAUGHT - Fight with the Beast
14. SABBAT - A Cautionary Tale
15. ANTICHRIST - Stoking the Ovens of Death *

~ DISC TWO [1990 - 2001] ~
(15 Songs; 71:09 minutes!)

01. RAGNAROK - Thunderhammer
02. CRADLE OF FILTH - The Forest Whispers My Name
03. MEGIDDO - Eldest of Lightning's *
04. BAL SAGOTH - Dreaming of Atlantean Spires
05. DECEMBER MOON - Twinned with Destiny
06. EWIGKEIT - Wonder of the Cosmos *
07. ADORIOR - The Essence of my Dreams
08. HECATE ENTHRONED - Upon the Kingdom Throne
09. PHANTASM - Screams of the Hideous
10. FOREFATHER - Immortal Wisdom
11. MEADS OF ASPHODEL - Christ's Descent into Hell *
12. REIGN OF EREBUS - Stormwinds of Lucifer
13. THUS DEFILED - Of Shadow and Storm*
14. OLD FOREST - Curse of Thundermoon
15. ANNAL NATHRAKH - Pandemonic Hyperblast

* Note: Asterisk (*) denotes exclusive tracks Previously-unreleased on CD; exclusive only to this Double-CD anthology!

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