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about the founder and owner of BLACKMETAL.COM


The domain name "blackmetal.com" was created and registered for the first time in history by Debbie on March 11, 1997.

EARLY WORK 1980 - 1981

From teenage years living in seclusion, discovering and voraciously learning everything about the highly influential DADA art movement, Debbie forged a sense of the absurd, insane, unusual, and embraced the underground as a source for true creativity. DADA was the beginning of modern art as we know it today, and influenced everything from the beatniks to the punk movement. Still a teen, she wrote a fanciful posthumous interview with Tristan Tzara that was published in a literary review magazine in San Jose.

CAUSE AND EFFECT 1981 - 1988

Debbie was a co-founder of the underground mid-west-based CASSETTE-ONLY music label CAUSE AND EFFECT (CAE) in the early to mid-1980s with Hal McGee. Heavily involved first in tape-trading with other artists around the world, CAE evolved from there from the desire to further the efforts of experimental artists worldwide. CAE released cassettes by such notables as NURSE WITH WOUND, BORBETOMAGUS, NEGATIVLAND, MERZBOW, and many many other exceptional artists.

VISCERA 1983 - 1988

Debbie was also one half of the experimental noise duo Viscera, releasing 6 independently produced cassettes of dark experimental noise.

MSR 1984 - 1995

For more than 25 years Debbie has self-produced a unique brand of experimental noise music as Master/Slave Relationship. In that time she's released more than ten cassettes, one vinyl LP, five CDs - including "My State of Evil Dreams" on the legendary STAALPLAAT label in The Netherlands. She also authored her own CD-ROM in 1994, which showcased her entire MSR body of work which included her obscure - and more than a little extreme - novel "Child Lieutenant Governor".


Almost single-handedly developing, perfecting and implementing the BlackMetal.com website and shopping cart system, with NO corporate involvement or funding whatsoever, she has not hired any "top guns" or outside professionals, and has created a new standard for online metal shopping. Debbie: "I design it and I modify the system MYSELF because I want to maintain control at all levels. I want your source for the best online Extreme Metal music mailorder to be BlackMetal.com."


Today she divides her time between BMC and working on her colorful kinetic art creations.

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