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Asshole Ripoffs
Hall Of Shame


This bullshit must stop. The following people have ripped us off with stolen credit cards, bounced a check on us, or otherwise used a credit card or other payment method fraudulently and illegally.

In these cases, we have no choice but to BLACKLIST each of these people not only from BLACKMETAL.COM but we also inform our friends at RED STREAM, CENTURY MEDIA, FULL MOON PRODUCTIONS, MORIBUND, NUCLEAR BLAST, BLACK MARK, THE END RECORDS, and several more distributors worldwide, of their illegal and fraudulent activity to assist them in preventing fraudulent activity. This severely hinders their future ability to fraudulently and illegally obtain items through mailorder with any metal company in the world.

In an attempt to help prevent others from getting ripped off, we post fraudulent customer's information on our website in the Ripoffs page, which is viewable by everyone, below.

If you are an HONEST customer you have nothing to fear - your personal information is 100% SAFE AND SECURE. If you are out to rip us off, then all bets are off. We are not the only METAL mailorder company who has adopted this type of page. We take your privacy seriously, however, fraud is something we do not take lightly.

updated 6/27/11

Jose Belgrave
8074 N.W. 66 ST
Miami FL

Used a stolen credit card. RIPOFF!!

Paul Hernandez
5585 NW 72nd Ave (a drop shop company as it turns out
Miami FL 33166

Used a stolen credit card and does not reply to emails. RIPOFF!!

Eric Colombo
Uses a wide variety of stolen credit cards in a bunch of different cardholder names and thinks we'll ship these fraudulent orders to "general delivery" addresses (and also 101 hyde st, sf ca 94142, but also addresses in Venice CA, Santa Cruz CA, Berkeley CA, and more). Has tried 9 times to rip us off and each time the orders were cancelled right away, not processed. Sorry asshole. Stop wasting your time.

Used a stolen card and the charge was disputed. Refuses to reply to our emails, no answer when we call the telephone number he provided.

Keith Simmons
5070 Gelgrade Place Dulles VA 20189
(202) 712-0022

Used his wife's credit card, she now disputes the charge due to divorce, and he won't make good on the charge even though he is in possession of the CD. He claims to be starting a zine of some sort, please do not support it or him, as he is a ripoff who refuses to respond to our phone calls and emails:

Tony Bliefert
c/o Murder Media
1217 Ave E
Ely NV 89301
(775) 289-4565
(775) 296-0136
(775) 289-8675 fax

This asshole used a credit card fraudulently and refused to respond to our emails. RIP OFF!

auf der patenburg.7
Germany 30459

This asshole used a credit card fraudulently and has ripped us off and refused to respond to our emails. His telephone number has been disconnected. RIP OFF!

Mike Skadsem
150e melgaard avenue
Apt B202
newfolden MN 56738

This asshole placed orders for more than $1,400 last summer. Chargebacks have been received for all these orders. His telephone number is disconnected, and his email comes back undeliverable and he has moved with no forwarding address. RIP OFF!!

Jonathan Vick
18814 68th Avenue NE
Apt B202
Kenmore, WA 98028

Eric Boise tried to use Susan Pelke's card to place a $319 order. One problem. The card has a PERMANENT BLOCK on it and because it was stolen!

Eric Boise
1194 Hope St
Vineland NJ 08361 708-474-9781

We are happy to report that the previously mentioned chargeback initiated by Jackie Jensen has been resolved as an unfortunate misunderstanding between both us and her. Jackie has apologized for this mistake on her part and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused her.

Beth White
10848 Whiterim Drive
Potomac, MD 20854

Reversed her payment to us after the merchandise was shipped and received by her. She ignored our numerous emails to her regarding this serious matter.

MINOR SON USED MOMMIE'S CREDIT CARD WITHOUT HER PERMISSION. MOMMIE had to email us to request a refund of the charges! Then the kid ORDERS AGAIN for a second time with her CREDIT CARD! PLEASE!!

#AA22289 & AA22277
Jo-Anne Daniels (is the Mommie, please do not harrass her, it was her minor son who did this)
530 San Carlos Ave 530 San Carlos Ave, El Granada, CA 94018 USA

This ASSHOLE in INDONESIA submitted 12+ orders - all using a different person's credit card number. He used the cardholder's names and credit card numbers: Johnny Medlin, John O'Donnel, Julie Cipolla, Donald Schuler, Gregory Jordan, Francis Monaghan III, Rory Senna, Jeanne Graziani, Julian Slim jr, Dana Fong, Carlon Anderson, Mike Zelley. Yet wanted the orders shipped to Indonesia (YEAH RIGHT, DUDE). WHY DO THESE PEOPLE WASTE THEIR TIME AND OURS WITH THIS BULLSHIT???

in unikom(university computer indonesia) in dipati ukur street no.112 bandung, westjava, indonesia 40132


We received 3 extra-HUGE orders from the same person/e-mail address
attempting to use STOLEN credit cards:

*[Note that the addresses & e-mail address is the same for all 3 orders!]

#1.)  Herf Ripper, (7-29-2001)
760-458-4587  herfripper@hotmail.com
849 E. 5th , Escondido, CA 92025
* Order TOTAL = $403.45
Master Card owned by Kacee Ramirez  (03/02)
Billing: 761 Jewel Pl NE  Albuquerque, NM 87123 New Mexico

#2.)  Terry Brooks, (7-30-2001)
619-786-7417  herfripper@hotmail.com
11194 Linares Street , San Diego, Ca 92129
* Order TOTAL = $515.10
Visa owned by Bettina Dereno  (11/02)
Billing: 1839 Chislett Street  Pittsburgh, PA 15206


#3.)  George Martin, (7-30-2001)
619-789-6756  herfripper@hotmail.com
11194 Linares Street , San Diego, CA 92129
* Order TOTAL = $804.64
Master Card owned by Dustin Sarber  (11/01)
Billing: 4300 Mill St. City  Grandville, MI 49418


This lady did a chargeback, claiming she is a "little old lady who would never order this kind of stuff!". The credit card number, name, and address are blacklisted and banned. Anyone with knowledge of the person(s) responsible here, are encouraged to contact us.

#AA13947, Martha Sue Green, (2-15-2001)
(813) 948-3563 Chime86@Webtv.net
2951 20 mile level rd. ,
Land 'O' Lakes, Fl 34639 United States

KOC8219CD Category : CD
Title : Midian $16.00, 1, $16.00

$16.00 USA and Canada: $2.00, $0.00, $18.00
Visa Martha Sue Green (09/02)

ALTS: Alt1 - Lamb Of God - New American Gospel - CD, Alt2 - Opeth - Still Life - CD, Alt3 - Opeth - Morningrise - CD, Alt4 - Old Man's Child - Revelation 666 - CD, Alt5 - Emperor - Equilibrium IX - CD Billing: Martha Sue Green 2951 20 mile level rd. Land 'O'Lakes , Fl 34639 United States

As you all know, we do address verifications on each new Customer who orders via credit card prior to filling their orders. Upon doing an address verification for this person, the representative for VISA informed me that the card number had been reported STOLEN the day before by the woman who is the rightful cardholder and that the card has a PERMANENT BLOCK. SHAME ON YOU FOR ATTEMPTING TO USE A STOLEN CARD!

Timothy Oneal
95B Hobsonville Road
West Harbour, Auckland
New Zealand 1310
phone: 09 441 1521

Jim Aly
Mohammed Aly
Chusen Aly (mom)
(516) 692-6649
5 Clearmeadow Lane
Woodbury, NY 11797

We thought he was a good customer because he had ordered several times successfuly. However, it turns out Jim/Mohammed used mommy's credit card without her permission repeatedly for a total of $236 that we are ripped off for. We called the Aly's household and spoke to Chusen Aly but she refused to help us out at all, or help us receive the merchandise back.

He is banned from ordering from BLACKMETAL.COM and we will be spreading the word to our friends at Necropolis, Century Media, Red Stream, and other distros so his metal music ordering capabilities are SEVERLY hindered as a result of this fraudulent activity.

Glen Pouliot,
2045 Des Lilas,
La Baie (Quebec), CANADA g7b 4a9

Glen Pouliot ordered on 2/24/00 with a stolen credit card from a cardholder in Sunnyvale CA. Charge came back as a chargeback on May 30, 2000 for $73.00. He also ripped off Red Stream for $128.00 in February. He is banned from ordering from BLACKMETAL.COM and we will be spreading the word to our friends at Necropolis, Century Media, Red Stream, and other distros so his metal music ordering capabilities are SEVERLY hindered as a result of this fraudulent activity.

Jerome Longeau
using Jocylyn Longeau's credit card
1 impasse de la briqueterie
gaillon, 27600
Has been ordering since June 1999 - a total of 12 orders. Recently he disputed 5 of those charges dating back from November 1999 through December 1999. He was a registered user at BLACKMETAL.COM. He has been receiving the merchandise successfully, but decided not to pay for a couple month's worth of orders that we sent to him via AIRMAIL. He is banned from ordering from BLACKMETAL.COM and we will be spreading the word to our friends at Necropolis, Century Media, Red Stream, and other distros so his metal music ordering capabilities are SEVERLY hindered as a result of this fraudulent activity.

Robert "Carrion" Coleman
1 Kenneth Drive
Ocean Township, NJ 07712 U.S.A.
Stole Grandma's credit card and used it without her permission to purhase goods from us, and from several other companies. Came back as fraudulent and resulted in chargeback.

Mike Grant
4281 Blackford Way
Sacramento CA 95823
(916) 421-6874
Ordered FOUR fuckin' times, each time fraudulently using a Visa card from Venezuela. Twice claimed it was his card, then used the same card number but claimed it was owned by the name "Arellano Norka", and then again tried to order using same card number, but claiming it was owned by Jose Medina. Resulted in chargeback.

666 Fifth Avenue
Suite 572 #867
New York NY 10103
(212) 656-1122
Perp: Unknown. Ordered using Terry M. Mooney's name and credit card (possibly an innocent victim in this case, from California) to place a large order. Came back as fraudulent and resulted in chargeback.

"Avner Steinberg"
aka Asaf Komemy
aka Sara Komemy
aka Aron Komemy
Simcha Asaf
11 Kfar-Sava,
44240 ISRAEL

Fredy Mamani
aka Eckehart Schiricke
correo central

Maecin Storonowicz
ul.Gaiowa 72m3
15-795 POLAND

"The Temple of the Damned"
Erick Neyra / Christian L. Saona
Av. German Aguirre
Lima PERU 31

"The Temple of the Damned"
Ricardo Morales Trujillo
av. ramirez gaston 151
Lima 18 PERU

Used Daddy's credit card without his permission:
Robert Cannon (father's name) 604 Woodbine Place
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-4124

Wastes our time with huge bogus orders:
hassan ijab
po box 165
gezira zamalek
cairo egypt

Expected us to send a huge order to Russia without paying first (HA HA HA HA!!!):
Max Popov
Kiyevskaja, 27/1
Khitomir Ukraine
262000 UKRAINE